2023 Fall Shoe Styles | 7 Trends to Know

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woman wearing SARTO by Franco Sarto Balinna Platform Loafer in midnight blue with black jeans

It’s no secret that updated shoes and accessories can freshen up your fall looks and bring your look up-to-date. This year, we’re finally seeing fashion leave loungewear looks behind and return to real style. 🙌 If you ever needed to know the trending shoe and accessory styles, it’s now, my friends!

Today, I’m sharing the fall shoe styles you need to know for 2023! Some of these are brand new, and some are updated versions of styles we saw last year. We did our best to provide you with examples in a variety of price ranges and definitely favored brands with free shipping and returns (or at least reasonable shipping & free returns)!

As always, click through on any pink text link or image for more information or to shop. If you see a style you like, be sure to click through to see other color options.

To be fair, I need to let you know that if you missed my other 2023 fall fashion posts, you might not be quite up to speed on this one! Here are the links if you need a quick review:

woman standing in talbots wearing ladylike cardigan

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Where to Shop the Fall Shoe Styles

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to shoes, I seem to make better decisions when I try them on in the comfort of my own home rather than in-store. It helps to walk around my house in them! Sometimes, I even order the same shoe in two different sizes or widths and just send back whichever one doesn’t work!

When it comes to trending fall shoe styles, there are a few places I really love to shop!

  • EASY SPIRIT – I love them so much that I did an entire post about how good they’ve been for my aging feet! The post featured several styles from their fall line, and I went into more detail about why I love this brand! You can read it HERE. Plus, they generously offer a 20% sitewide discount exclusively for Empty Nest Blessed followers. Just click through my links and use the code ENB20 at checkout! (BTW, you can even stack that discount code on top of other sales! Amazing, right?)
  • ZAPPOS – Not many people know this, but Amazon owns them! They offer free shipping/returns and carry a wide variety of styles and sizes.
  • SAM EDELMAN – This is a great brand for midlife feet! With on-trend styling, cushy insoles, and high-quality construction and materials. You’ll especially love their classic Felicia ballet flats (back in style this season!).
  • TALBOTS – Made for midlife women, with comfort and quality top of mind.
  • JAMBU – This is my favorite site for “empty nest adventure” shoes! They kindly offered an exclusive discount code for ENB followers! Click through on my links and use code ENB20 for 20% off sitewide (may be stacked on top of other sales, but not other coupons).
  • NORDSTROM – As you know, they have a huge selection of cutting-edge styles, ranging from designer brands to their own affordable in-house brands. Plus, they always offer free shipping/returns!
  • NATURALIZER – Great styles! This is a fantastic place to shop for your over-50 feet! Free shipping & free returns when you drop off with Happy Returns.
  • VIVAIA – Known for their sustainability, I really like the look of this brand, although I haven’t tried them yet! If you have, let me know your thoughts, okay?
  • BIRDIES – They don’t work on my wide feet, but they are known for their comfort.

Fall Shoe Styles to Know

About two years ago, we saw lug sole shoes, boots, and booties burst onto the scene. Expect that trend to continue. (See below!) It really is THE predominant trend this year! Beyond that, though, there are a few other major shoe silhouettes you need to consider adding to your closet.

  1. Statement Loafers (Back from last year.)
  2. Mules/Slides/Clogs (Back from last year.)
  3. Western Style Booties (Back from last year.)
  4. Super Pointy
  5. Mary Janes
  6. Ballet Flats
  7. “Grandpa” Sneakers

You’ll also see a lot of metallic shoes and booties this year! Here are a few of our favorites!

1. Lug Sole

Madden NYC Chunky Lug Booties ($32!) Also in black. | Madden NYC Rhinestone Chain Lug Sole Booties ($30 dupes of THESE Gucci booties!)

\We started seeing this trend the past year, and it’s really come into its own this year! Look for lots of lug sole booties, and this year, lots and lots (and lots) of lug sole loafers (both with tassels and without tassels)! You’ll also see lug sole mules and lug sole Mary Janes.

Basically, what I’m telling you is that every other trending type of shoe you see in this post is probably available in a lug sole! 🤣 Um, you probably need to buy something with a lug sole to update your look this year! I think THIS pair of shearling slipper meets lug sole loafers look especially cozy, and I love THESE dressy lug sole booties.

2. Statement Loafers

woman wearing SARTO by Franco Sarto Balinna Platform Loafer in midnight blue with black jeans

Balinna Platform Loafer (Navy no longer available.) Click HERE for other colors or HERE for SIMILAR Navy loafers.

As I told you in THIS post, the preppy look is back this year! That means that loafers are hot, hot, hot items! Of course, lug sole loafers are everywhere, but if that’s not your thing, there are lots of other styles to choose from, like pointy-toe loafers, for example! For the most updated look, shop for loafers with some sort of embellishment!

My favorite loafers of the season are THESE beautiful Mirror Lug Sole Dress Pumps (see below) from Easy Spirit! They look great with jeans, slacks, and dresses or skirts! Plus, you can take 20% off with code ENB20.

Easy Spirit Mirror Lug Sole Dress Pumps (Use code ENB20 for 20% off!)
These chic loafer pumps feature a breathable design, flexible sole, arch support, and a memory foam removable footbed. | Josie Top | Director Trouser | Director Jacket | Ornament Belt | Dream Earrings

3. Clogs, Mules & Slides, Oh My!

woman wearing j.crew brown clogs

 Convertible Leather Clogs (Click HERE for other colors.)

We started seeing clogs reemerge back in 2022, mostly characterized by wooden, platform soles. Those are still around, which is good news for those of you who need to wear stiff-soled shoes because of foot issues like plantar fasciitis.

This year, however, the new clog is all about comfort. Yep! Think classic Birkenstocks, with super cozy additions like shearling lining and fun colors like pink! Even Tory Burch has come out with a Birkenstock dupe (complete with a designer logo, of course)! Also look for versions with other embellishments like THESE chain link Birkenstock-style clogs. Check out THESE affordable Sherpa Birkenstock dupes and THESE inexpensive ones from Target.

Of course, Birkenstock-style isn’t the only style of clogs/mules/slides (pretty much interchangeable verbiage!) you’ll see. Look for mules in lots of different styles:

4. Western Style

Sam And Libby Brighton Western Bootie | Time and Tru Western Slouch Boots

The Western vibe is definitely still trending when it comes to booties! Most western-style booties have pointy toes, which by themselves are a hot trend this year. No worries about fit and comfort, however, because the styles allow for extra room to accommodate the pointy toe, so you’re usually fine sticking with your normal size.

woman posing in front of the henry restaurant wearing a fall dress and boots

Sydney Boots | Lydia Dress | Carina Bag (Camel sold out, see it in black HERE) | Alina Earrings

I bought my Western style boots from Avara. They aren’t leather, but I love the soft pliable material, the light, neutral color, and the price was great! You can take 15% off your entire Avara order when you click through on my links and use the code SUZY15. (Discount code regenerates every 90 days!)

You’ll also see the western style trend in mules, and even in this season’s trending colors, like THESE olive western style mules or THESE in chocolate brown.

5. Pointy Toes

Pointy toe shoes are here to stay for a while, so it’s time to embrace this trend in some way, shape, or form, my friends! First of all, let me say that if you’re anti-pointy shoes because you think they’re trying to force your toes into the points 😂, I’m going to encourage you to reconsider! As I told you above in the section on western style boots, pointed to shoes are made to accommodate your feet. The actual point at the front isn’t meant for your toes! It’s empty! They should fit you like any other shoes! 😄

woman's feet wearing easy spirit emila shoes

Easy Spirit Emilia Ankle Strap Pump (Use code ENB20 for 20% off your entire order!)

Look for pointy toe shoes in multiple colors and styles, including many of the ones we’ve already mentioned! I love THIS chic ankle-strap pump (above), which I shared with you on THIS post about how to care for your aging feet. It’s easy to walk in, thanks to the block heel, and it comes in five colors, including this pretty blue suede.

More traditional? If you’re looking for a great pair of pumps, I can’t recommend any more highly than Sam Edelman’s classic Hazel pumps. I own them in black, navy blue suede, and nude.

If those are too high, know that there are darling kitten toe pumps and kitten heel mules everywhere this year as well! Talbots has THIS pretty kitten heel pump with chain link embellishments in several suede shades. If you’re into flats, check out THESE darling pointed toe slingbacks and these animal print ballet flats.

If you’re not looking for leather, you might want to check out Target’s reasonably priced pointed toe pumps with memory foam insoles. I love THIS trending cherry red!

Feeling trendy? Check out THIS slip on metallic pointy toe mule or THIS pointy toe loafer that also encompasses the metallic trend, this preppy pointy toe tassel loafer mule, or THIS pointed toe Mary Jane mule.

6. Mary Janes

The classic, ladylike Mary Jane style is everywhere this season! Even Princess Kate has been favoring the lovely style lately! You can find casual, chunky Mary Janes (code ENB20 for 20% off), dressy black patent block heel Mary Janes (code ENB20 for 20% off), lug sole Mary Janes, ballet flat Mary Janes, metallic Mary Janes that would be great for the holidays, and lots of Mary Jane flats that are great for everyday wear!

7. Ballet Flats

Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats (5 colors!) | Pink Cashmere Crewneck Sweater | Amazon Long Denim Skirt (Stretchy, no embarrassing slits, and cute frayed bottom)

In another return to ladylike classics, the ballet flat has made a strong comeback for fall 2023! We love them because they have flexible soles and they’re a sweet feminine addition to today’s longer skirts and midi dresses as well as any kind of pant. In the photo above, I’m wearing Tory Burch’s Minnie Travel Ballet Flats. They’re easy to travel with because they’re lightweight and can fold in half for packing! They come in 5 fun colors!

We’re seeing lots of metallic ballet flats, making this an easy-to-stand-at-a-party-in holiday shoe! Check out THIS metallic ballet flat in silver at Target! I’m also a fan of Easy Spirit’s stylish and comfortable ballet flat for everyday wear (take 20% off with code ENB20). Check out some of our favorites below.

8. “Grandpa” Sneakers

Sooooo, here’s what happened with this (kinda weird!) trend! Earlier this year, designer brand Balenciaga came out with THIS pair of super chunky sole, orthopedic-looking sneakers. They went viral. Gen Z picked up on the trend, and the rest is history!

The good news is that these shoes are made for the over-50 crowd. They’re comfortable as all get out. The bad news is that they’re super ugly. 🤣 If I were you, I’d stick with last year’s chunky sole sneakers that I recommended. They’re still good this year too!

I hope you found some fall shoe styles that you like! Lots of these are on sale right now, so click through on any of the styles you see in this post or below to check for other colors, prices, etc.

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  1. Wonderful post! I ordered the navy patent leather loafers that you’re wearing in this post. I, too, have wide feet and I love that they come in wide! Excited to try them.

    1. Nancy,

      I hope you love them! I don’t know if you got them in patent, but if you did, know that patent leather takes a little longer to mold to your feet than regular leather shoes, so they might be a little stiff at first! I wore mine around the house for a day or so (Nightgown! Workout clothes! 😂), but then they felt great!

      Thanks so much for letting me know! Have a good weekend!


  2. So many fun shoe styles for fall! I am a fan of so many of these (and some I still need to try, like those booties!), I absolutely love ballet flats and statement loafers!

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  3. I have always liked loafers and still have one pair that I wore in high school (back some time ago). I must say that I do not really have the occasion to wear heels. I also do not usually wear them because of a few reasons–I am taller than my husband in bare feet and I also must wear a compression garment on one leg due to a health issue. I love wearing mules and clogs. For me comfort is key. I do like boots as well. It seems that riding boot style has returned to in status–though I have worn mine when the outfit allows.
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