The Best Hat Style for Your Face Shape

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Did you know that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? We all know it’s important to protect ourselves from the sun’s damaging and aging rays! So today, we’re talking all things hats— because hats are showing up everywhere. That’s right! They’re not just for the beach anymore! And here’s the fun part: not all hats are created equal, especially when it comes to matching them with your face shape.

So, whether you’ve got a heart-shaped, round, oval, square, or oblong face, there’s a hat out there that’s just the perfect match for you. Not sure which is the best hat style for your face shape? Here’s help!

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Round Face Shape

To add some angles to those lovely curves, go for hats with tall crowns and angular shapes, like wide-brimmed hats or fedoras with sharp lines. They’ll elongate your face and create the illusion of length.

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Square Face Shape

Opt for a soft, slouchy floppy hat, or a bucket hat to round out and soften your more angular face. These hat styles will help soften your beautiful strong features.

Oblong/Rectangle Face Shape

I have an oblong, narrow face. For my longer face shape, I add width to balance and visually widen with hat styles with a wide brim. Good ones to try: a floppy hat or a backless sun hat with a wide brim to add width and dimension. The one below is a great example. It came home with me!

Scallop Trim Crewneck Tee | Eyelet Topper | Ultra Wide Leg Denim Trousers | Bow Detail Backless Floppy Straw Hat

Oval Face Shape

If your face is oval-shaped, you’re in luck! Pretty much any hat style will look awesome on you! Your balanced proportions mean you can easily rock a variety of styles, from fedoras to baseball caps. Feel free to experiment and have fun finding the perfect hat that suits you.

By the way, according to my friend and Talbots Senior Brand Stylist, Barb Benesh, baseball hats are trending for spring and summer! See her other spring and summer styling tips HERE.

woman over 50 standing in talbots store wearing chambray outfit with white cardigan

Crochet Brim Raffia Bucket Hat | Linen Johnny Collar Top | Linen Wide-Leg Pants | Knot Stitch Oversized Cardigan | Capri Leather Wedge Sandals | Leather Trim Geo Straw Tote | Rachel Sunglasses

Heart Face Shape

If you have a heart-shaped face (think Reese Witherspoon), select a hat with a medium brim that is wider at the bottom to help balance the proportions of the face. The best choices for you are a baseball cap, a fedora, a bucket hat, or a cloché.

Time and Tru Women’s Floppy Hat (Comes in other colors and is a GREAT price!)

I hope we’ve helped you find the best hat style for your face shape! Ultimately, if you feel good wearing it, it’s probably the hat for you! It’s not just about following the rules—it’s about feeling confident and fabulous in whatever you choose to wear. So, embrace your unique face shape, experiment with different styles, and find the hat that makes you feel amazing!

In the boutique below, we’ve rounded up all the hat styles for different face shapes! Click on any image for more information on pricing, color/print options, sales, etc.

Are you a “hat person”? Let me know in the comments!

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