2023 Fall Accessory Trends to Know + New Makeup Shades to Try

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We all know that the right accessories can update your look in a flash! That’s why this is always one of my favorite posts to write when I’m covering the trends of any season! (You tell me it’s one of your favorites, too, and I’m so glad! 😊) Today, we’ve rounded up the top 2023 fall accessory trends, including jewelry, handbags, lipstick 💄 and nail polish💅. (Because, after all, aren’t your lips and nails accessories too?!)

If I could sum up the 2023 fall accessory trends in one phrase, it would be, “Go Big or Go Home.” Yep! Think the return of statement necklaces, statement earrings, oversized handbags, and a few more that might take you by surprise! We’ve done our best to give you examples of the trends at a wide variety of price points.

As always, click the pink text links or any image (including the collage above) for more information.

Fall Accessory Trends: Trending Jewelry

Lots of the jewelry trends you already know and love are still good this year, but I’m going to focus on the newest styles we’re seeing on the horizon! Also, know that gold is still the predominant metal, but we are starting to see silver reemerge, so if you prefer silver, go for it! Also, it’s worth noting that, thanks to the popularity of chocolate brown, we’re also seeing a lot of tortoiseshell jewelry, which pairs beautifully with that hue.

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1. Cuff Bracelets

The oh-so-wearable cuff bracelet is back! Beloved for the strong style statement it makes, you’ll mostly find gold cuffs, with a few pretty silver cuffs thrown in for good measure! Also, be on the lookout for tortoiseshell cuffs, as I mentioned above. Here are our favorites in gold and silver.

If cuff bracelets bug you because they’re so big, or you struggle to get them off and on comfortably, no worries. I found a few that are ideal for you.

Suzy’s Pro Tip: I know you love your bracelet stacks (Me too!), but I wouldn’t recommend buying any new ones this year. I’d stick with a cuff bracelet for a fresher look.

2. Brooches

I don’t know about you, but I have the sweetest memories of my grandmother wearing beautiful brooches when I was growing up. I love that brooches are back, and Talbots, especially, has a great collection of brooches this season! (Including some adorable seasonal ones!) I predict this trend will be big this holiday season. (Which is great because brooches are priced right for gifting!)

Suzy’s Pro Tip: If you only buy one piece of jewelry this year, make it a brooch. They’re hot, hot, hot, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Look for one that represents YOU! Like, if you love owls, consider THIS one. If you’re a big football fan, consider THIS one! Love to ride your bike? I’ve got you covered with THIS one! Golf? Here ya’ go! Let your personality shine!

3. Statement Necklaces

cabi Gold Dream Weaver Necklace | cabi Silver ID Necklace

When I saw this trend was back, all I could think of was that the designers at Chico’s were rejoicing! Already known for their statement-making jewelry, the peeps at Chico’s never really backed down—even in the past few years when the trends went to more delicate jewelry. 🤣

4. Statement Earrings

Alina Earrings (Use code SUZY15 for 15% off when you click through THIS link.) | Chime Earrings

Look for big, dangly earrings in either gold or crystal. They’re everywhere!

Not a fan of big statement earrings? That’s okay! If you prefer studs, I’d encourage you to go a little bigger and try the “statement stud” microtrend.

4. “Girly Style”

According to the style experts, thanks to the giant Barbie trend this summer, women remembered how great it was to be a girl! And they’re not ready to stop! Amidst mostly being statement jewelry, look for girly bows, pearls, butterflies, hearts, and flowers. (Often, you’ll see these incorporated into the “statement” trend as well! See HERE, HERE, and HERE!)

Fall Accessory Trends: Trending Handbags

lululemon belt bag in black sitting in front of a white bowl filled with apples

Lululemon Belt Bag (Click HERE for other colors.) This is last year’s version, so the logo is black. This year’s version has a silver logo (that I like much better)!

Don’t worry! Your beloved crossbody bag is still good this season. (I’m thinking it’s in the “classic” category now!) You’ll also see plenty of belt bags. If you’re looking for gifting or for casual wear, I’d recommend THIS classic one from Lululemon. If you want a nice, leather one, go with THIS one at Nordstrom or THIS one from Banana Republic. If you want a designer version, try THIS nylon one from Tory Burch. If you want to go really high end, try THIS one from Gucci.

1. Elongated Bags

One of the most interesting trends from the fall runways was the emergence of the elongated bag. It’s most often (but not always) shaped like a rectangle. Since it’s a new trend, you’ll most likely be seeing more of it in upcoming seasons. If you want to be on the cutting edge, snatch one up now!

2. Slouchy Bags

These are great relaxed handbag silhouettes, and they hold a lot! For the most updated look, find one in woven leather or metallic.
Suzy’s Pro Tip: While they’re probably not the best for dressy occasions, these bags are great for everyday use.

3. Oversized Bags

Buh-bye, tiny bags. Make way for the big ole’ bags! If you like a big bag, you’re in luck! Right now, the bigger, the better! You’ll see lots of extra large tote bags, but also extra large clutches and slouchy bags too!

4. Bucket Bags

The bucket bag seems to drift in and out of style! This year, it’s definitely in! If you’ve already got one in your closet, it’s time to dig it out!

4. Top Handle Bags

I’ll admit, ladylike top-handle bags are my favorites!

Fall Accessory Trends: Lipstick & Nail Polish

Of course, it should go without saying that you should wear the colors you feel best wearing! Please don’t wear a lip or nail shade that doesn’t make you feel fabulous! That said, here are the trending lip and nail colors for fall.

Fall 2023 Nail Polish Shades

This year’s trending shades are warm and rich shades. Look for shades that reflect the color palette of the season, like these. You can find them all at Ulta, but they’re less expensive on Amazon, so I’ve linked them there. See them all in one place on the Fall 2023 Nail & Lip Colors list on my Amazon shop.

Fall 2023 Lipstick Shades

Again, these are the trending colors! Find one you feel pretty wearing, or just stick with your tried and true!
Suzy’s Pro Tip: The most important thing is that your lip color complements your skin tone! Don’t feel you have to necessarily match your outfit!

The trending lipstick shades for fall range from earthy tones to deep, vibrant shades. Pick one you like and give it a try!

Which fall accessory trends are you planning to incorporate into your wardrobe this year? I’d love to know! Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments, okay?

Want to take another look at everything in this post? I’ve pulled them all together below for your convenience! Remember, many items have other color/pattern options, so click through if you’re interested in learning more!

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  1. Suzy,
    I love pins/brooches and you’re right, the ones from Talbots are always so nice. I have several.
    The statement necklaces and cuff bracelets are not my thing but, as you said we should wear what makes us feel good.
    I always love your posts on things. You are so thorough. I’m already looking forward to your holiday gift guides-ideas for the guys especially.

    1. Juliet,

      Thank you for your kind comment! I’m so glad you like the post and have some brooches you can pull out and style this season! They’re so much fun and a great way to show your personality!

      We are working hard on the gift guides all month long! Thanks for your input! Men can be hard; you’re so right! We’ll do our best!


  2. Loved your grandmother comment on the brooches, because I try to wear them but feel elderly lol! I will keep trying! Thanks Suzy!

    1. Cathy,

      This trend is so big this year, I think you’ll see all ages wearing brooches!

      Also, sometimes I have to remind myself that I am older now too! I feel you!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!


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