I’m Sharing a Life Update + a BIG Announcement!

Empty Nest Blessed by Suzy Mighell
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Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve shared a life update, and so much is going on with me that I just decided it was time! I wish I could sit down and chat with each of you! Since that’s not possible, just think of this as the next best thing😁. Today I’m spilling the tea on all kinds of random stuff! Let’s goooooo!


couple wearing mom and dad hats holding a sonogram picture and standing on the beach
This is my middle son, Weston & my beautiful daughter-in-law, Sarah.

YES, IT’S TRUE! I am beyond thrilled to let you know that Bob and I are going to be grandparents! The baby is due in January, and, aside from some no-fun morning sickness for sweet Sarah, everyone is healthy and feeling so blessed! This precious little one will be the first grandbaby and the first great-grandbaby for our family, and we are rejoicing.

Drop your best ideas for our grandparent names in the comments, okay! 🙌🎉🤸‍♀️💃

Coming Up on ENB

I continue to struggle with work/life balance, and with all the changes coming, I’m working to do a better job of organically working ENB into my life, rather than approaching it as a job that I show up to and do every day. (That’s how I have been approaching it for the past six years.) That means there may be fewer blog posts but more organic sharing on Instagram and Facebook Stories and in the Empty Nest Blessed shop on the Shop LTK app.

If you don’t have the app, you can download it HERE. To learn more about how to shop via the app, check out THIS blog post. Also, if you don’t want another app, or if it’s too confusing for you, don’t worry. I get it. You can always shop my looks or anything else I share on THIS page of the ENB website. (You might want to bookmark it!)

Beyond that, I’ve got a post and YouTube video with Dr. Lori Stetler on what you can do about the skin on your neck & décolletage, and I’ll be sharing about a fitness and wellness program designed specifically for people 50 and older and endorsed by AARP! I’ve been using the workout videos to gain strength, and Bob’s been using it to lose a little weight. I can’t wait to share!

Suzy Mighell

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  1. Congratulations to the soon to be grandparents! My name is Gigi (pronounced with a soft g sound)
    My first grandson named me that as soon as he started talking! You will love being a grandma, it’s so much fun! Erin is due in December with her first, we are so excited!

    1. Lisa,

      That is a sweet story and I love that your little guy named you himself! So excited for Erin! I held HER when she was a baby!

      What precious times. Feeling Empty Nest Blessed, for sure!


  2. Congratulations Suzy! You will love having a grandchild! I go by Meme but think you are a Glamma! P.S. have fun spoiling 😉

  3. I don’t have any children, so no grands either. My best friend is GiGi and her husband is called Poppy. Another good friend goes by Nonni with her grands.

  4. I’m Grammie…easy to say and wonderful to hear! My SIL is Mimi and my besties are Omi and Yaya

    1. Deb,

      What great names! Thank you for those suggestions! I love them! Bob keeps saying that women’s names are easy to come up with but he can’t think of anything original and yet fitting! Every day I make an outlandish suggestion just to make him laugh. Today it was B-Pa!


  5. Suzy, Congratulations!! That is so very exciting! Praying for health. What joy! Debby

  6. Congratulations on the arrival of your first grandchild! How exciting for you and your family!

  7. CONGRATS!! Being a grandparent is the best. You will be amazed just how much more love your heart can give! my grandson is just learning to talk so what first came out of his mouth was Tee Ta. That stuck around for awhile and then it changed to BowBa. Why? Im not sure! Lately, it is sounding more like Grandma so I’m excited. For awhile I joked that maybe I should just be Boba Tea! One of my children called my Dad Crap Pa And my grandson is calling my husband Poo Pa. 🙂 :). My point here is…..your Grandchild will name you!

    1. Cassie,

      Your comment had me laughing so hard I was crying! That is so fun! I guess by naming ourselves we’re trying to get out in front of the mayhem! hahaha But as you said, it will be what it will be! Thanks so much for your encouraging words! (Also going to suggest Poo Pa to Bob in all seriousness and see what he does!🤣)


  8. Suzy!
    I KNEW after I read the intro that the “maybe most excited news ever” must be about a grandbaby! Congratulations!
    Rex and I go by “Teddy and Honey.” I have some friends that go by “Minnie and Max,” and “Lollie and Pops.” But I know you and Bob will come up with the perfect names that just fit you!

  9. Congrats on your new grand blessing!!
    We have 5 blessings now – Lolly and PopPop time is so special!

    1. Paula,

      Aw, thank you, sweet Paula! I love Lolly & PopPop! Bob likes that name but I keep calling him “Tank” just to mess with him. Hahahaha (SO not him!)


  10. Congratulations on the upcoming grandmother role!! So very excited for you and Bob and your family!!

    1. Carol,

      Thank you, sweet friend! I’m sure you and David are close behind us! They told us by letting us open a gift that contained a tiny Baylor onesie!


  11. Congratulations on becoming first time grandparents!! It is a new love!!! Our grandkids call us Bella and Granddaddy. Which sometimes they call me Belli Belli or bell bell and my husband, G daddy! Ha! Thrilled for you all!!!

    1. Paula,

      Thank you so much! Bella and Granddaddy – that’s precious. Love that your grandparent names have nicknames too! (We’re huge on nicknames in our family!)


  12. Hey, Suzy!!!
    Big congratulations to you and Bob on the new little one coming in January!! 👵🧓❤️ What an exciting time and great blessing for your entire family!! So amazing!!
    I’m Gigi ( or The Geege! 😂)and my husband is Papa. He has been called Papa by our children from the beginning, since our oldest would not say “dada” or “daddy”. Somehow she latched on to “Papa” though! You’ll find the name that’s perfect!
    Enjoy your travels to Bermuda! Been there twice and really enjoyed it…beachy, yet British!!😊
    Blessings to you!!❤️

    1. Betsie,

      Thank you so much! We are thrilled and looking so forward to this sweet new stage in life! I love your grandparent names!

      Excited about Bermuda! Beachy & British – two of my favorite things!!!

      Grateful for your kind words!


  13. Congratulations, Suzy!

    Our first grandbaby was born in April. Such an exciting time; wish they lived closer. We are Grams and Grandpa.

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