I’m Opening Up and Answering Your (Great!) Questions

Empty Nest Blessed by Suzy Mighell

I haven’t done one of these posts in so long! A few weeks ago, I took to my Instastory and told people they could ask me anything. I meant it! I’m a pretty open book with y’all, and I truly consider you my friends! Serving you here at Empty Nest Blessed is what I’m all about, and answering your questions is a big part of that. It helps me know what you want to know, and even informs future posts!

Let’s dive in and get to it!

Answering Follower Questions

Are you ready for grandchildren and do you think any of your kids will start a family soon?

My middle son is my only married one! He and his wife got married right after college, just like Bob and I did! They’ve been married 5+ years now, and they have two precious pups, so we have two granddogs! We lost our sweet pup right after our nest emptied, which broke our hearts, so we love having granddogs. Our son is finishing his MBA and our daughter-in-law just started grad school, so I’m not sure where things stand with that. (And I would never ask!)

What vitamins & supplements do you take?

Since I have lupus & celiac disease, my doctors mostly guide me when it comes to supplements. For example, since my lupus is exacerbated by UV rays, I’m militant🤣about sun protection. That means I miss out on Vitamin D! My rheumatologist monitors my levels and guides me. In addition to Vitamin D, I also take:

You can check out all of my supplements in one spot HERE.

How did you meet your husband?

It’s a funny story! I met Bob because I was dating his roommate at Baylor and one of my sorority sisters broke up with her boyfriend right before a big event. I set her up with Bob, telling her, “He’s the sweetest guy ever!” We double-dated for that event. A few months later I broke up with his roommate and Bob asked me out!

What did you do before blogging?

I was a stay-at-home mom, president of the Parent Council at my kids’ school, and an active member of several non-profit boards! I led Bible Studies and often traveled as a speaker to speak to women’s groups!

Speaking is still one of my favorite things to do! I get asked to be on podcasts quite often, and I love to do that. Just this week, I was a guest on the My Side of 50 podcast. I talked about building a great relationship with your adult kids! You can listen to my episode HERE and check out some of my other podcast appearances HERE.

If you’re interested in having me come speak to your group, you can check out THIS page on the ENB website.

What are you reading right now?

This may surprise you, but in order to keep up and learn new things that I want to share with you, I read several periodicals! I read the Wall Street Journal pretty much cover to cover on the weekends! I also like Real Simple and Consumer Reports, which I ordered on Amazon. (Amazon’s magazine subscription prices are so good!) I also read AARP magazine. 🤣 I also just finished Empty Besting, by a mom of quadruplets, Kristi Huss. She became an empty nester in a big way, all at once! It’s an inspirational book about women that have inspired her as she embraces the empty nest.

When we’re in the midst of our couples Bible Study like we are right now, I usually work on that in my spare reading time! Right now we’re studying THIS book and we love it!

What are you and Bob streaming right now?

Bob and I just started The Chosen. I love it! Bob keeps saying he’s a little bored because he already knows the ending! 🙄😁

Is there anything you’re doing right now to prepare for the holidays?

Oh. My. Word. That question just made me stressed! 🤣 I am hosting Thanksgiving this year again and just praying that my new table (which we ordered in January!) makes it here in time! I am SO not the hostess with the mostess! I have always felt like all women are supposed to love hostessing and be great at it, and the fact is, I’m not great at it and I just don’t like it! I have a blog post draft I’m working on called “Bad Hostess Tips” that’s basically going to be about my hostessing hacks. Hahaha!

Other than that, I have ordered my holiday gift wrap from Joy Creative Shop! This year I’m going to try to be one of those people that I’ve always admired that has all of the gifts color-coordinated under the tree! Joy Creative Shop made it easy because their holiday gift wrap is already coordinated! (Like I kinda feel like I cheated, it was so easy!) Here’s what I ordered. (It’s pretty much any wrap that had pink in it! 😂)

It seems like you have colors you crush on every season! What color(s) are you loving right now?

woman wearing jcrew Cashmere puff-sleeve mockneck sweater and jeans with brown booties standing up leaning against a hammock

Cashmere Puff-Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater (comes in other colors & some are on sale) | cabi Cinch Skinny Jeans | Suede Block Heel Booties (Fit TTS. Take 40% off with code GOBIG) | Tory Burch Reversible Logo Belt | Acetate Earrings (Take 40% off with code GOBIG) | Sunglasses

I love this question so much! I do that, for sure! Of course, I always love pink. (THIS hoodie is one of my recent faves!) But without a doubt right now it’s teal! I already bought THIS cashmere sweater from J.Crew, and I just ordered THIS long tunic sweater from WHBM. I’m about to order THIS teal cashmere crewneck sweater from Land’s End. (I love Land’s End for quality cashmere at affordable prices. The quality is primo and they have great sales!) I’m also eyeing THIS unique cashmere turtleneck!

over 50 woman wearing jcrew pink ribbed cashmere relaxed crewneck sweater in colorblock and distressed Levi jeans with taupe suede booties holding a Gucci purse standing on a brick path

Pink Ribbed-Cashmere Relaxed Crewneck Colorblock Sweater (A splurge! J.Crew rarely puts cashmere on sale.) | cabi Cinch Skinny Jeans | Taupe Suede Booties (60% off!) AMAZON Dupes HERE | Crossbody | Pearl Initial Necklace | Chain Link Necklace | Sparkly Drop Earrings

Thanks for submitting such great questions! You can always ask me anything! Email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP!

Suzy Mighell

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  1. YOU are a treasure!!! I just love your IG, your ENB emails…I love it all. I have to say SOMETHING today because, altho’ I entertain a recurring fantasy of setting a gorgeous table and pulling off a carefully choreographed event, it’s just never going to happen. I’ve owned countless books & magazines, pinned everything about doing it all…it’s just not a strength I haven’t uncovered. I don’t have whatever it takes and I need to find peace with that. FORTUNATELY, I am blessed with two daughters who both enjoy executing amazing holiday events in their own homes. (Clearly not a genetic trait) I LOVED reading that you, too, kinda/sorta share this same angst. Just makes you more loveable-if that’s possible? I mean, I even stress when 3 friends come over to play cards and I have to figure out if my snacks and drinks “look right”/are being served nicely/cute dishes etc. Self inflicted stress, I know. ANYHOW. You’re fabulous. I can’t wait to read “Bad Hostess Tips” -Keep being YOU!!! You bring many a smile to my world. Happy Weekend.

    1. Diane,

      Oh, my word, your sweet comment made my day and maybe my week and even month! Words of encouragement are my love language, and I’m so grateful for yours!

      I struggle to the same extent even when someone comes over for coffee! It’s so silly, I know, but I’ve just had to realize that I can just do the best I can and trust that my heart for serving comes through. It’s always a spiritual exercise for me to get my eyes off myself and to focus more on serving!

      My family and friends always argue when I tell them I’m a bad hostess. They don’t understand that it’s something I just don’t enjoy, even if I can (sorta) pull it off! I’m okay admitting that! I decided (as I do so often!) to just confess and acknowledge it, and make fun of myself. Thus, bad hostess tips are coming your way!!

      I’m so grateful for you!


  2. Love that you love “The Chosen”! Best series ever! I’ve watched each episode in Season one at least 5 times and discover hidden biblical treasures every time. Please keep watching even if Bob doesn’t 🙂

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