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Truth be told, I’m not a game person! ???? I’m not sure if I’m just too competitive, but I get too worked up to enjoy myself! Could it be that I just haven’t found the right game yet? My game-loving friends think so! I know lots of people love games, and I’ve wanted to do a post on games for a long time now! But I knew I wasn’t the right person to do it. So today’s post was written by my game-loving assistant, Natalie! (You can read more about her HERE.) I love her suggestions, and you will too! xoxo Suzy

Growing up, my family and I used to play games at least one night a week. Those nights are, to this day, some of my favorite memories—just laughing and competing with my parents and siblings. Now that I’m older, I realize how great game night is for truly bonding—whether you’re with family, friends, or other couples. Games can also be a fantastic way to get out of a rut if you need some new family entertainment ideas or a new idea for date night.

The benefits of playing games are unlimited. In fact, humans are born with an innate desire to bond with others, be social, have fun, and be challenged. Often when we get older, we lose that desire to play. The weight of the years can make us feel tired or lack energy, and sometimes societal “norms” make us feel like we aren’t supposed to play after childhood. But this is NOT true! In fact, according to Mike Sisson, a primal health expert, play is one of the things that keeps us young.

Play can mean staying active outdoors, but it can also include gathering your friends and/or family around the table for some old fashioned games! Suzy shared LCR (her family’s favorite game) in this post. Both of our families love to play LCR with dollar bills to spice things up! It’s SO much fun and creates a great atmosphere for lots of laughter (the best medicine and great for anti-aging).

No matter how big your group, there is something for everyone in this list! Scroll on for my favorite games—some new and some old—that are guaranteed to keep you laughing and make everyone stay at your house way too late!

1. Bananagramsbanangrams game

– Cost: $13.99
– Number of Players: 2-8
Bananagrams is not only fun but challenging in the best of ways! It encourages you to really think and expand your vocabulary. It’s an anagram game where players race against one another to build crossword grids and use up all of their letter tiles first. The cute banana-shaped pouch makes it ideal for travel!

2. Ladder Golf

two ladder golf displays

– Cost: $29
– Number of Players: 2+
– A friend recently told me about this great outdoor game! It’s inexpensive and so much fun! It can be played with two or more players, or with teams. Each player has several bolas (two balls connected by a string), and the object of the game is to wrap your bolas around the steps of the ladder. This is a perfect way to encourage your loved ones to get outside, get that Vitamin D, and improve your aim game!

3. Secret Hitler

secret hitler boardgame
– Cost: $35
– Number of Players: 5-10
– This game is not well known but one of the most fun and eye-opening games I have played with my family! Secret Hitler is a fast-paced and dramatic game full of deception and betrayal. The teams represent different political parties (don’t worry, the game isn’t really about politics!), and the players try to find out who the secret Hitler is and stop them in order to win! While this game will provide a great time, but be warned that you will find out who is good at lying!

4. Personalized Guess Who

personalized guess who game
– Cost: $99
– Number of Players: 2 (plus an audience)
– This personalized version really changed the game for us (no pun intended)! The rules of classic Guess Who still apply, but this time you are asking yes or no questions about your friends and family to see if you can guess who the other person’s character is. My family loved this game and laughed so hard playing it, but we had to add a rule: your questions MUST NOT be rude! Haha!!

5. Apples to Apples

apples to apples game

– Cost: $14
– Number of Players: 4-10
Apples to Apples is a super funny comparison game.  One player is “active” each round and chooses a “Description” card, and everyone else has to pick from their hand of cards to play a “thing” card that best matches the theme of that round. Once you see the cards everyone plays and debate over whose card should win, you will understand why this game is so much fun!
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Do you and your family or friends like to play games? I would love to know your favorite games for game night, so I can try them too. Please comment below!


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  1. Another fun idea is to form a couples’ dinner club – with games! My husband and I started a dinner club where we play 42 (a domino game that’s kind of an easier form of bridge) after we eat. We rotate homes, and we have 7 couples, so the host and hostess only play if one of the couples is out of town. Then that leaves 12 people to make up 3 tables to play. At the end of the night, there’s a winner prize and a loser prize. For maybe twenty years now t’s been a really great way to get together with friends!

    Thanks for all the great game suggestions!

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