A Girly Baby Shower for my Daughter-in-Law | All the Details!

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woman wearing coral cashmere sweater and pink ruffle neck top under standing in front of a photo wall with pink flowers and ivy

Back in late November (the Saturday after Thanksgiving, to be specific), I joined with some other family members and hosted a baby shower for my daughter-in-law! We all love beautiful Sarah so much, and honoring her, as well as celebrating the first grandbaby in our family, was such a privilege!

Back in June, when we were all in Sanibel Island together, Sarah & Weston told us they were going to have a baby! Their baby girl is due any day now, and we’re so excited! I loved hosting a baby shower for my daughter-in-law, and today I’m sharing all the details and taking you behind the scenes.

The Hosts

I joined the other ladies in my extended family to host the shower. Preparing together was so much fun.

Two women resting their hands on a pregnant woman's stomach
The Grandmas-to-be!

three women in front of ivy photo backdrop wall
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law. The baby’s Great Grandmother and Great Aunt!

The Color Scheme

Since I love true pink (think Pepto Bismol 🤣), my niece is a hot pink lover, and Sarah is more of a blush girl, I decided from the beginning to go with various colors of pink for the color scheme.

Stroller | Fingertip Towel (Monogrammed at Forget Me Not in Dallas.) | Floral Disposable Guest Towels (Similar)

I ordered three shades of pink roses: pale pink, medium pink, and hot pink. (One dozen of each.) I mixed them up and spread them in various rooms around the house!

I also ordered two balloon garlands in three pink shades. I got one 8′ long for over the front door and one 12 feet long that I used in our family room over the French doors. I wanted to have a company do a balloon arch, but didn’t want to pay the price! Then I thought about doing a more affordable DIY balloon arch but decided I didn’t have the time and it would stress me out! So I ended up getting a balloon garland at Party Bazaar here in Dallas.

The Invitations

I don’t have a photo of the exact invitations (lots of personal information on there!), but THIS is the one I chose! I used Vistaprint. They had a great selection of baby shower invitations. If you’re shopping around, I also recommend the baby shower invitations on Zazzle and Minted. My advice would be to find one you like on each site and price compare.

The Decor

As you can see, our house was already decorated for Christmas, so with the flowers, balloons, and the gifts themselves (not to mention my colorful furniture), we didn’t need much more!

pink roses in acrylic centerpiece

24″ Rectangular Acrylic Floral Centerpiece

I’ve shared this amazing 24′ rectangular acrylic floral centerpiece with y’all so many times! That’s because it is the best hostess helper! I use it for every single occasion we host! All you do is grab grocery store flowers, cut them down, and place them in one of the 18 holes. For a closer look, click HERE to watch my Instagram Reel about this pretty piece!

The Food

Food table from baby shower

Pink Paper Napkins

Since the shower was at 2 pm, we didn’t want anything too heavy! All of the hostesses contributed to the food, and I provided the serving pieces. I wanted to step it up from disposable plates, so I pulled out my wedding china for the guests to use! (It worked perfectly with our color scheme!) I purchased THESE pink napkins.

The Menu

Chicken Salad in Phyllo Cups

fruit skewers and chicken salad
Chicken Salad in Phyllo Cups and Fruit Skewers

Phyllo Cups

My sister used Chicken Salad Chick‘s Classic Carol Chicken Salad in phyllo cups.

Fruit Skewers

I speared pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries on pearl-embellished long cocktail toothpicks. I’ve used these beautiful toothpicks for lots of special occasions in our home and whenever I have to take an appetizer somewhere. They always snag compliments, and people constantly ask where I got them! I’m linking to the 200-pack. (Trust me, it’s the size you’ll want because they’re that pretty, and you’ll want to keep them on hand! You’ll eventually use them all!)

Veggie Shooters

baby shower food
Veggie Shooters

My clever sister-in-law used spears of colorful celery, carrots, red and yellow peppers, and cucumbers in clear shot glasses. She placed a generous spoonful of Ranch dip in the bottom and added colorful cut veggies stuck into the top.

I added the paper doily underneath on top of the silver serving tray for aesthetics! Paper doilies in various sizes are another one of those inexpensive hostess helpers I recommend keeping on hand. I not only use them for serving, but when guests come, I always add one to the bottom of the wastebasket in the powder room 🤣. They just look nice and dress things up a bit!

Individual Bundt Cakes

veggie shooters and individual bundt cakes on serving platters
Veggie Shooters and Individual Bundt Cakes

My mother-in-law ordered Individual Bundtlets Bundtlet Bundle from Nothing Bundt Cakes – She ordered Strawberries & Cream flavor, so they’d be pink!

Water Bottles

Custom Water Bottle Labels

I ordered these custom water bottle labels to dress up regular plastic water bottles. They were so pretty, but I was disappointed that they didn’t fit all the way around the bottles I’d bought. If you order, you’ll want to buy your water bottles first, measure the circumference, and check the measurements of the labels to make sure they’ll fit all the way around!


pink punch in punchbowl

Multi-Functional Glass Punch Bowl

My fabulous sister shared the recipe for a pretty pink punch. It was delicious and so pretty! the guests loved the fizz and the colorful floating fruit. (And the sherbet, of course!) We served it in crystal goblets from this (similar) Multi-Functional Glass Punch Bowl.


Servings: 18-20 cups
Cost to Make: $8 – $12

2 Liter Bottle Sierra Mist, Sprite, or 7-Up, chilled
2 Liter Bottle of Club Soda, chilled
1 Frozen Fruit Punch can or pink lemonade (12 oz.), thawed in the fridge
1 Frozen Pineapple Juice can (12 oz.), thawed in the fridge
6-8 Scoops Raspberry Sherbet Ice Cream (Can really use any flavor of sherbet.)

Fresh or frozen raspberries
Pineapple slices (canned or fresh)

1. Pre-scoop sherbet and place it on a baking dish lined with plastic wrap. Freeze. Add sherbet just before serving, so it remains frozen in the punch.
2. In the punch bowl, combine the two frozen juice cans (thawed). Pour in Sierra Mist and Club Soda and gently stir until combined.
3. Add pineapple slices and raspberries and top with scooped sherbet just before serving. (The sherbet keeps it chilled!)

Keep in mind that once the sherbet is added, the punch will be sweeter. Add cold water or ice if you want to cut the sweetness.

Photo Wall

woman over 50 wearing hill  house home pink ruffle neck top and coral pink cashmere sweater standing in front of an ivy and pink flower photo backdrop

PHOTO BACKDROP: Pipe and Drape Kit | (Similar) Gray Background Curtain | Ivy Garland Pack | Similar Pink Flowers | Safety Pins (for attaching ivy to back of background curtain) | Floral Wire (for attaching flowers to ivy)

MY OUTFIT: Ruffle Neck & Wrist Print Top (Under sweater.) | Coral Pink Cashmere Crewneck Sweater | Spanx Perfect Ankle Pants | Black Suede Booties | Black & Gold Earrings

My precious 16-year-old niece was in charge of this, and she really delivered!

The Activities

Sarah’s sweet mama came in from out of town for the shower. I asked her to be in charge of games and activities. Everything she planned was so special!

Book Signing

She bought the book When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul Turner for Sarah to read to the baby, and all of the guests signed it as they entered. Such a precious keepsake!

Diaper Signing

Sarah’s mom bought a package of newborn diapers, and a pack of colorful markers, and everyone wrote notes on them to encourage the new parents! Everyone wrote such fun and creative things! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “In the twinkling of an eye…we will all be changed.” (A silly paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 15:52!)
  • “You’ve got this, Dad!”
  • “Poop happens!”
  • “You’re doing a great job, Mama!”


Sarah’s mom ordered THIS printable Mommy or Daddy Guess Who Game from Etsy, and it was a big hit!

The Favors

blush pashminas for baby shower party favors

Blush Pashminas


For the favors, I wanted to gift something that the guests and hostesses could take with them as a reminder to pray for Sarah, Weston, and the baby. I found these pretty and affordable blush pashminas on Etsy, and the quality was great! I had a few leftovers, so I sent those to family members out of town who were unable to attend.😊

The baby shower for my daughter-in-law was so special, and it was a precious opportunity to tangibly show love to her. It was wonderful to bring Bob’s side and my side of our families together, and we had such a sweet time planning and working to make it a special afternoon for Sarah.

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Suzy Mighell

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    1. Mary,

      How kind of you to say! Sarah felt loved and honored, and that was the most important thing!

      I’m so glad you liked the post and took a minute to let me know! Thank you!


  1. You really put your heart into hosting this shower. <3 Beautiful, meaningful, and memorable! Loved the book! God bless your journey as a grandmother. Thank you for sharing so many details which translate to other special occasions. I am ordering the long acrylic vases for my daughter-in-laws.

    1. Louine,

      Thank you for your kind comment! I was so happy to share our sweet family shower with you all, and I’m so glad it gave you some ideas.

      Yep! That acrylic vase!!!! Your daughters-in-law will thank you many times over the years! It’s a life-saver hostess hack, for sure!

      Thanks so much for reading Empty Nest Blessed!


  2. Wow, Suzy, what a gorgeous baby shower you hosted for your precious and beautiful DIL, Sarah!! I loved all of your marvelous decor, food and outfit! What a special day it was for everyone involved! I hope and pray baby girl arrives safely and that Mom, Dad and baby girl are all well and happy as well as grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and all of your loved ones! What excitement and joy await all of you!
    I must add some of your lovely decorations to my party closet—the pearl picks, pink and floral napkins, adorable acrylic vase and glasses for the veggies and dip. I love your doilies ideas too—my dear, late Mom taught me to always have some on hand for extra zuzz (sp?). What clever and doable food ideas—love them and I can’t wait to try the raspberry punch too! Your blog truly inspires and uplifts me! Thank you so very much (I just recently discovered it and get so many wonderful ideas, especially your outfit and decorating ideas!)!!! You are truly a dynamo and a gem! Happy Grandmama-ing!!! Peace, Love and Joy, Rita

    1. Rita,

      What a lovely comment! Thank you so much. You warmed my heart! I’m so glad you got some fresh and fun ideas! The raspberry punch is DE-LISH, and you will love it!

      We are so excited about this next adventure, and it means so much that you are sharing our joy, Rita! Thank you for your kindness and beautiful, encouraging words!

      Thank you, most of all, for reading Empty Nest Blessed and sharing it with others!


  3. So pretty, fun and exciting! (And we have the same china!) 🙂

    Super exciting that you will be a grandmother soon!!

    1. Carol,

      You do? What fun! If we ever need to have a giant party, we can share!!! So glad you enjoyed the post. I’m very excited!

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!


  4. You are totally the hostess with the mostess, my friend ❤, A+ classy shower given by all. Love it! Congrats on your grand baby!
    Thanks for all these great ideas and gift suggestions.

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