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Suzy Mighell


  1. StyleDahlia
    May 10, 2019 @ 11:12 am

    Great article. I had no idea concealer should go on after foundation ????

    • EmptyNestBlessed
      May 10, 2019 @ 11:43 am

      Isn’t Bebe just a font of knowledge? I quiz her every time I see her! Hahaha! Thanks for reading & commenting! xoxo Suzy

  2. Laura Beth
    May 10, 2019 @ 11:32 am

    Hi Suzy, thank you for all of the information! It is all so helpful!
    Could you tell me what you use to remove waterproof mascara as well as all of your makeup?

    • EmptyNestBlessed
      May 10, 2019 @ 12:45 pm

      Hi LB!
      So glad you found the post helpful! Bebe recommends Rosehip oil ( for waterproof mascara removal. Lately I’ve been using Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Oil ( to remove all of my makeup, including mascara. (I usually don’t wear waterproof, but it works on that too.) Also, Micellar Cleansing Water ( Hope that helps! So glad you asked! xoxo Suzy

      • Laura Beth
        May 11, 2019 @ 7:06 pm

        Thank you so much!!!!!!

  3. Lori
    May 11, 2019 @ 7:29 am

    Another great article! I am loving my 3 new eye creams/serum from your last post. Interested in the MFE hydrating concealer now. Was wondering if you now prefer one of these foundations to the IT Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer? Getting ready to purchase new as I’m almost out and would love to know! Thank you, Suzy!

    • EmptyNestBlessed
      May 11, 2019 @ 8:28 am

      Lori, I still adore that IT Cosmetics product, but it is full coverage! I also have the Make Up Forever Water Based foundation Bebe talks about in here, but that’s the only one I’ve tried so far! I like it but am concerned about SPF so I may try the one that she recommended with SPF in it. I do need a lighter one, for sure and was just thinking this morning that I need to shop my own post! ???? ???? ???? Lots of these recommendations were products she had never told me about before – because now we’re such pals we end up talking about our families when we’re together instead of makeup! Hahaha! Hope that helps! Thank you for reading and for this good question! I’d love to know what you try and what you think! xoxo Suzy

  4. LeAna
    May 12, 2019 @ 12:41 am

    Concealer on top off foundation?? I need to find the color correction first. Thanks!

    • EmptyNestBlessed
      May 12, 2019 @ 7:49 am

      The color corrector is easy to order, so don’t worry! I’m so glad you learned something! Thanks for your comment. xoxo Suzy

  5. Rebecca
    May 20, 2019 @ 8:24 pm

    Hi Suzy! I was excited to read your post on makeup tips from your friend Bibi…. she has tips that we can all benefit from and you look great in the pictures!….however , I have recently decided to support cosmetic companies that do not test on animals,and there are so many to choose from! Have you tried any cruelty free make up or hair care products?….your hair is so pretty, is there a tutorial? I have wavy hair and would love to know your styling routine!

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