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Will you splurge or will you save? You decide!
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The best designer lookalikes? Oh, yes, please! While I love sharing longer, informative, and helpful posts, I know sometimes y’all enjoy a quick and light post! Me too! The deep, content-rich ones are great, and I’ll never stop bringing you those, but sometimes we just need something fun and shiny to browse, right?

Today, I’ve rounded up some of the best designer-inspired items I could find! Some of them are simply designer-inspired knockoffs, but a couple of them are basically indiscernible from similar designer designs. These aren’t counterfeits!

Most of you know that making and selling counterfeit items is illegal. I’m not in any way promoting the purchase of counterfeit goods! That takes money right out of the hands of legitimate businesses.

So what’s the difference between a counterfeit and a knockoff?

Counterfeit items actually have copies of a brand or designer logo or symbol on them. Counterfeiters purposefully make them identical to the original product. Designer lookalikes, or knockoffs, on the other hand, merely resemble the original item closely. They don’t have the exact design or the manufacturer’s distinctive marks, and the quality is probably not as good. It’s not illegal to make or sell designer knockoffs.

This time, I took things a little bit further! After consulting some of the best beauty bloggers I know, I rounded up the best makeup dupes for you as well! That’s right! Beauty brands do the same thing as clothing brands. They duplicate the formulas of the “designer” makeup brands, and come up with their own alternative!

Enjoy this fun post full of the best designer lookalikes, dupes, and designer-inspired items I could find! As you browse, keep gifting 🎁 in mind! It’s fun to give things like a designer-inspired super soft scarf that looks really similar to a designer cashmere scarf!

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collage of splurge or save items
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