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Did anybody else have a crazy April? For me, it was one of those months when I looked at it right from the beginning and said, “Uh-oh!” 😮 I was correct, and it was wild! So here it is, the beginning of May, and I’m sharing what I learned and loved in April. 🫠 There’s lots of good stuff, I promise!

I’m such a warm-weather lover, and I’m thrilled to see the sun coming out after a month of spring showers! On my Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ll see my love for dresses (use SUZY15 for 15% off!) coming through in a big way! If you’re not following me there, I hope you will! I’m actually sharing a DARLING $25 Amazon dress in today’s post!

As always, click the pink text links or any image (including the collage above) for more information.

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What I’m Learning


Did you know that the average American consumes 281 eggs per year? They’re an affordable, source of protein! Not only that, but the yolks contain vitamin D, which most people are deficient in. Here are a few egg facts you may not realize:

  • If you store your eggs pointy side down, it will help keep them fresh longer!
  • Unwashed eggs can stay on the counter for several weeks. Washed eggs must be refrigerated and can last up to two months.
  • Hens lay eggs with a protective layer called a “bloom” that seals the pores on the egg to keep bacteria from entering.
  • Farm fresh eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol,1/4 less saturated fat, 2/3 more vitamin A, Two times more omega-3 fatty acids, and three times more vitamin E than store-bought eggs.
  • You can tell if an egg is fertilized because there will be a white “bullseye” on the yolk.
  • The breed of the chicken will determine the color of the egg. Although there’s a perception that brown eggs are healthier, the color actually has no bearing on how healthy the egg is!

Interesting Stats on Adults 65+

Did you know that more Americans are turning 65 this year than at any prior time in history? (That’s 4.1 million, to be exact.)

Here’s some interesting info on this group (per the Retirement Income Insitute):

  • They’re wealthier than older Americans in prior 65+ groups. (Median income $410,000.)
  • They’re healthier than ever before and expected to live another 20+ years. More adults 65+ reported meeting federal physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and strength training. This has helped reduce the risk of falls, cardiovascular disease, depression, and Alzheimer’s.
  • A growing share are divorced. (The 65+ divorce rate has tripled since 1990.)
  • 20% of them are still working.
  • More adults 65+ report living with a sense of “purpose,” whether that’s connected to their work, volunteering, or family.

Stopping Useless “Alerts” on Your Phone

Getting too many alerts from social media sites? You’re not alone. These sites assume you’ll keep your default settings. Not this girl! Here’s how to take control back:

  • Instagram: Once in your account, go to Settings>Privacy>Notifications and customize the notifications you want to receive.
  • Facebook: To turn notifications off from a specific account, hit the three dots next to a post from that account. Select “Turn off these notifications.” To turn off categories of notifications, go to Settings>Notifications
  • X: To silence notifications from people you don’t follow, people who don’t follow you, or other types of accounts, go to Settings>Notifications>Filters>Muted Notifications.
  • LinkedIn: Click the three dots on a post and choose “Turn off this notification type” or “Turn off notifications from your network.” You can also go to Settings>Notifications to edit specific alert types.

What I’m Loving

This collage is clickable for details on anything you see!

1. Darling Amazon Designer-Inspired Dress

Beth and I both fell hard for THIS easy breezy summer dress from Amazon! The A-line style is so figure-flattering, and it can be worn as a dress, open as a topper/jacket, or as a swimsuit coverup! There are tons of prints to choose from. You can see them all HERE. I ordered one and told Beth to order one on me as well! (It’s that cute!)

2. Yummy $5 Candles

I don’t have to tell you that all candles are not created equal! Some smell great in the store, but they just don’t smell when you burn them. That always makes me crazy! 😩 Lemme tell ya, these VIRAL $5 candles from Walmart’s BHG (Better Homes & Gardens) line smell wonderful! There are 7 in the line, so you could buy the entire line for only $30! 😂 I bought the Caribbean Sea Breeze scent for my back patio and lit it on the day I hosted our April family Birthday party. Even outdoors, it smelled delish! (To see a behind-the-scenes look at the birthday party, check out THIS video. To shop my party decor, click HERE!)

3. Wireless Garage Hub

No more worrying about whether you closed the garage door! Have your Amazon packages delivered right inside the garage with Amazon Key-in Garage Delivery! Yes, REALLY. Download the free myQ app,  which will walk you through the setup and installation. No more Amazon packages sitting on the front porch while we’re gone! Read more about how it works HERE.

4. Solar Powered Tent Stakes

Attention campers! This is such a bright idea!💡Upgrade your campsite with these genius solar-powered tent stakes! Even when the campfire goes out, you’ll still be able to see your way around. One charge lasts up to 20 hours!

5. Weightless SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer

This weightless, hydrating moisturizer is just what your thirsty face needs for summer! It absorbs quickly and provides SPF 40 protection. I use it on my face, neck, and hands, and I love the fact that it’s not goopy or sticky! To learn more and order, click on your preferred retailer:

6. Upgrade Your Mascara

I am hard on my mascara, and I have high expectations! I expect it to (1) stay put when I put on my mascara; (2) last through my daily nap; (3) not flake off; (4) come off with my favorite facial soap and my reusable makeup remover towelettes. I’ve tried them all, but for years, swore by Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. But there’s a new favorite in town! After trying Laura Geller’s Kajal Longwear Mascara, I’m never going back! I just found out that it’s out of stock, but I urge you to join the waitlist and order when it’s back in! Really. It’s THAT good.

Can’t wait? Order the Kajal Collection, which includes the Kajal Longwear Mascara, Kajal Longwear Lip Color in (universally flattering) Dahlia, and Kajal Longwear Eyeliner in Black. I ordered this collection and so I own all three! Want to see me using this set? Click HERE!

7. Setting Spray for Summer

Now that the temps are quickly rising, a reliable setting spray is a must-have to keep your makeup from melting off in the summer heat! E.L.F.’s Power Grip Dewy Setting Spray is my fave! It helps my makeup last for hours and leaves my skin with a natural dewy glow that isn’t greasy. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid, squalane, and green tea seed oil for an extra boost of hydration, which I love. Learn more an order at E.L.F. HERE or at Ulta HERE.

8. Washing Machine Cleaner

A lot has changed with washing machines! HE (high-efficiency) models use less water and require high-efficiency detergent. Since they use less water, they’re not as good at rinsing out the buildup of detergent and grime. This can cause clothing to smell! If you have hard water, and you don’t have a water softener, this is an even bigger deal.

I was skeptical, but after a repairman told me differently, I started researching. It turns out it’s true, and you need to use not only a washing machine cleaner but also a dishwasher cleaner!

9. Cutest Bike Helmet

Even if you’re a recreational bike rider like me (See my adorable and affordable pink bike HERE.), you know you need to wear a helmet. But bike helmets are so, um, not cute! Enter this cutie patootie $15 bike helmet that looks like a hat! (Bonus points for sun protection, right? 🙌)

With a wide brim to help with visibility and sun safety, combined with impact resistance, and shock-absorbing protection, this lightweight, breathable hat/helmet is just what you need for those after-dinner bike rides!

10. Charcuterie to Go!

Got a road trip, a picnic or a beach day coming up? Check out this darling divided snack box that doubles as a serving tray. With a lid and handle, this food-safe plastic container has 8 compartments. Love this!

11. Convertible Bed

Get ready for the funniest sleepover at Grandma’s! Take the grandkids straight to the land of Nod with these fun air mattresses. These are perfect for little overnight guests, trips, and more! Click through for other designs and colors!

12. Dual Travel Organizer

Lotsa compartments for the win! The pouch on the top of this chic vegan leather bag holds toiletries and makeup. (It’s lined with wipeable nylon in case of spillage.) The bottom section has spots for all your jewelry. These come in two sizes and can be monogrammed for a personal touch. What a great Mother’s Day or graduation gift idea!

12. Lined Eyelet Blouse

Here at ENB, we love a good Amazon find! This 100% cotton eyelet blouse has a lined bodice and comes in 20 vibrant colors. (Click HERE to check them out.) It looks so high-end! Don’t forget to check the coupon box for 10% off right now!

I hope you feel SO in the KNOW! Please let me know what you think of my finds in the comments!

Thank you for sharing my content!
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  1. How do you find all this stuff!

    Can’t wait to check out the candles from Walmart.
    The bike helmet is a great idea too. My husband and I have been bike riding recently and I’ve already had a couple of close calls so a helmet is something I definitely need.


    1. Juliet,

      You’ll look so cute—and be safe (!)—in the bike helmet, and you’ll love the candles!

      I’m so glad you liked the post! Thanks for letting me know!


      1. Hi Suzy!

        Thank you so much for your “So in the Know” post! I learned that I need to buy Affresh for my washing machine and DW. I thought the cleaning cycle on my washing machine was sufficient to clean it. So, thank you for educating me! I love the Supergoop Unseen facial sunscreen you introduced me to so I will have to try the moisturizer soon. I will also have to try the LG mascara you recommended too.
        I ordered an Amazon lined eyelet blouse because they looked so cute and I can’t wait to receive it. Thank you for your many recommendations; you always find such cool things that are very helpful or really elegant and chic! I really appreciate all that you and Beth do here! I hope your talk went well yesterday. Your dress that you wore to it was so pretty—just beautiful on you!
        Congratulations to Beth on her son’s upcoming wedding! I hope all goes well and that she has a wonderful time at the wedding! I know she will look beautiful in all of the elegant dresses you presented!
        Thanks again to you both! Have a wonderful day!


        1. Hi Rita,

          Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m so happy to hear that you found the “So in the Know” post helpful. Suzy and I enjoy researching and discovering all the products and ideas we share in this post each month.

          I really appreciate your sweet words about my dress and good wishes for my son’s wedding. I haven’t picked a dress yet but have it narrowed down to a few.

          We are incredibly grateful to you and all our wonderful ENB followers!


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