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woman wearing SARTO by Franco Sarto Balinna Platform Loafer in midnight blue with black jeans

It’s no secret that updated shoes and accessories can freshen up your fall looks and bring your look up-to-date. This year, we’re finally seeing fashion leave loungewear looks behind and return to real style. 🙌 If you ever needed to know the trending shoe and accessory styles, it’s now, my friends!

Today, I’m sharing the shoe and accessory trends you need to know for fall 2022! Some of these are brand new, and some are updated versions of classic styles. I did my best to provide you with examples in a variety of price ranges!

To be fair, I need to let you know that if you missed my other 2022 fall fashion posts, you might not be quite up to speed on this one! Here are the links if you need a quick review:

As always, click through on any pink text link or image for more information or to shop. If you see a style you like, be sure to click through to see other color options.

Fall Fashion Trends: Trending Shoes

Last year, we saw lug sole shoes and boots burst onto the scene. Expect that trend to continue! This year, there are three major shoe silhouettes you need to consider adding to your closet: statement loafers, clogs, and western-style booties.

You’ll also notice one HUGE trend that encompasses all of those trending styles: white shoes! (To be fair, some of them are more of a “bone” or “ivory,” but for our purposes, I’m calling them “white.” They look fresh and bright, and I think we’re going to be seeing them all winter long!

Suzy’s Pro Tip: When it comes to shoes, Nordstrom, Zappos, or Sam Edelman are my preferred brands because they have free shipping and returns. I seem to make better decisions on shoes when I try them on in the comfort of my own home rather than in-store. It helps to walk around my house in them! Sometimes I even order the same shoe in two different sizes or widths and just send back whichever one doesn’t work!

If you’re not familiar with Sam Edelman, I’ll tell you that it’s a great brand for midlife feet! With on-trend styling, cushy insoles, and high-quality construction and materials, I really think you’ll like it too.

1. Statement Loafer

woman wearing SARTO by Franco Sarto Balinna Platform Loafer in midnight blue with black jeans

Balinna Platform Loafer in “Inky Navy”  (Click HERE for other colors.)

Pretty much any shoes with platform soles are trending this year. Read that: If you’re in the market for new sneakers to wear with cute sneaker dresses (Like THIS Gingham Dress from Draper James I own that is on big-time sale or THIS Smocked Flounce Dress I just bought at LOFT), be sure to buy sneakers with platform soles!

Loafers are hot, hot, hot! For the most updated look, shop for loafers with lug soles.

2. Clogs

woman wearing j.crew brown clogs

 Convertible Leather Clogs (Click HERE for other colors.)

As I told you in my post 2022 Trending Fall Fashion Styles For Empty Nesters To Fall For, clogs are back — big time! We saw clogs enter the fashion picture (or should I say re-enter!) last fall, and this year they’re back in a big way. In most cases, they have wooden, platform soles. This means that if you have plantar fasciitis or another condition that calls for firm-sole shoes, you’re in luck! 😂 Occasionally you can find a pair of clogs with a flexible, cork sole. If a flexible sole is important to you, snatch them up fast!

3. Western Style Booties

woman wearing avara carissa booties on a park bench

Carissa Booties (Use code SUZY15 for 15% off.)

The Western vibe is definitely trending when it comes to boots and booties! I’m recommending you stick with booties at this point because I feel like tall Western-style boots make a really strong style statement. (Plus they’re expensive!) Most western-style boots and booties have pointy toes, but they allow for extra room to accommodate that, so you’re probably fine sticking with your normal size.

I bought my Western-style booties from Avara. They aren’t leather, but I love the soft pliable material, the light, neutral color, and the price was great! Shipping is free with a $100+ purchase, and there is a small fee for returns. If you’re interested in other, similar options at Avara, you can check out their selection HERE. And remember, you can always take 15% off your entire Avara order when you use the code SUZY15.

Fall Fashion Trends: Trending Jewelry

Lots of the jewelry trends you already know and love are still good this year. Think anything gold (toned), as well as stackable bracelets, huggie-style earrings, and anything pearls. Beyond that, there are two big new trends you need to be aware of in the world of jewelry!

1. Chain Link

Schoolboy Sweater-Blazer (Click HERE for other colors.) | White Knit Camisole (Click HERE for other colors.) | ‘Ab’Solution Distressed Girlfriend Jeans | Similar Snake Print Belt | Western Inspired Booties (Use code SUZY15 for 15% off sitewide.) | Gold Huggie Earrings | Tory Burch Apple Watch Band (Click HERE for other colors.) | Abbie Strand Necklace | Bennett Tennis Necklace | Hestia Necklace

You’ll see chain link popping up everywhere! Look for it on shoes, in bracelets, in earrings, and definitely in necklaces. I suggest that you choose your favorite type of jewelry (earrings are my fave), and work in chain link there.

Suzy’s Pro Tip: Continue to stack your bracelets and necklaces this year! When you’re building a stack, look for various textures and sizes, and stack an odd number of them. (I usually do three.) If you have a hard time doing this, buy a pre-stacked set.

2. Turquoise

In my post, 2022 Fall Fashion Trends: Colors, Fabrics & Embellishments, I shared the five trending colors for fall. One of them is called, “Waterspout,” and it’s basically turquoise! The last time turquoise was big, it was paired with silver. This time around, gold is the metal of the moment. You’ll see turquoise and gold together in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Suzy’s Pro Tip: If you only buy one piece of jewelry this year, make it hoop earrings! They’re hot, hot, hot, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Fall Fashion Trends: Trending Handbags

Crossbody bags are still the bag of the moment, although the trend toward smaller and smaller bags (think phone-size) may be on its way out. Let’s face it, it’s hard to beat the convenience of a crossbody! When it comes to crossbody bags, the newest bags are “camera bag” shaped and they often have changeable straps! Here are the trending handbag shapes you need to know.

1. “Camera” Crossbody Bags (With changeable straps!)

If you have a crossbody that you love, and it has removable straps, you’re in luck! The newest fun handbag accessory is the crossbody handbag strap!

2. Crescent

Today’s crescent bag is roughly the same shape as the messy-looking “hobo” bag that was trending a few years ago. But this one is smaller, more structured, and meant to be carried in your hand or in the crook of your elbow.

3. Oversized Totes (aka “Shopper” Bags)

Buh-bye tiny bags. Make way for the big ole’ totes! If you like a big bag, you’re in luck! Right now, the bigger, the better! Look for them in all types of fabrics, from faux fur to leather (and faux leather, of course).

Suzy’s Pro Tip: A few specific styles are trending in each of these handbag categories, so if you’re looking for the most updated bag, think woven or faux fur!

Fall Fashion Trends: Trending Belts

When it comes to belts, you’ll see a lot less of the designer logo style this year. (Although this classic style will always be out there! This year the trending designer is Valentino!) Look for the return of belt bags, chain belts, calf hair belts, and good old classic leather belts (with gold buckles). The newest trend you’ll see in belts? The wrap belt!

Which shoe & accessory trends are you planning to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall? I’d love to know! Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments, okay?

Want to take another look at everything in this post? I’ve pulled them all together below for your convenience! Remember, many items have other color/pattern options, so click through if you’re interested in learning more!

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      So glad I’m not alone! Thanks for confirming turquoise and chains! I do a ton of research – including hitting the mall (!) – before publishing these posts, and I’m thrilled that they were a blessing for you!


  2. Wow – so many great styles! And I love yellow gold and am glad to see it everywhere. It’s always been my favorite! Your fashion posts are always so great!

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