Accessorizing My Home Office (And I’m Not Done Yet!)

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Y’all I am having the MOST fun accessorizing my home office! When I pulled the trigger and decided to go all in on the pink & white, I knew I needed my interior designer to help me so it didn’t look too much like a nursery for a little girl! ???? She keeps using the word, “elegant,” which is not a word typically associated with yours truly. (Cute. I get a lot of “cute.” But not “elegant.”) ????

home office fabrics

I wasn’t planning to do this post, but when we started putting together a REEL for Instagram (Check it out HERE!) on this very thing, I knew you’d like it too!

My office is still in process, and the new rug gets delivered today! Beyond that, my desk is in, and I’m expecting my beautiful gold and glass etagere (sold out – see similar here), any day now. (I included it in the above clickable collage at the top of this post.)

Two things to remember:

  • The price for my desk and etegere are not the prices I paid, because my designer got it at her trade price. Everything else is the price I paid.
  • Don’t trust the colors! I’m definitely not the best photo editor. ???? If you want to see the true color, click through and look on the retailer’s site.

Click any pink text link or image for more information!

pink coffee table books

London in Bloom | All in Good Taste | Whiskey In a Teacup

pink coffee table books and gemstone bookends

Dyed Agate Bookends (several colors available) (London in Bloom | All in Good Taste | Whiskey In a Teacup

pink coffee table books and pink leopard print ginger jar with silk pink peonies inside

Light Pink Leopard Print Ginger Jar (this is the small size, also comes in medium & large) |Silk Pink Peonies | (London in Bloom | All in Good Taste | Whiskey In a Teacup

kate spade bow lamp with white shade

Kate Spade Bow Lamp

acrylic monogrammed tissue holder

Monogrammed Acrylic Tissue Box 

acrylic monogrammed coasters from wellbowed

Monogramed Acrylic Coaster

pink tea infuser mug

Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid | Monogramed Acrylic Coaster

pink monogrammed candle

Monogram Refillable Candle Holder and Pure Beeswax Candle (Multiple Color Options — I bought one in navy blue for Bob’s office.)

gold and white rolling rack

Gold and White Rolling Rack | Non-Scratching Gold Hangers | Non-Scratching Gold Pants Hangers

I hope you liked this quick post! I’m usually so content-heavy because I want you to learn something ????, but these light and breezy posts are fun too! Let me know if you agree and you’d like to see more like this!

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Suzy Mighell

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  1. Yes, I’ve always liked shopping and “favorites” posts (especially since I’m looking for ideas on how to help my daughter with her first unfurnished college apartment). I’m constantly searching for inexpensive furniture, decor and dupes.

    1. Kelly,

      Good to know! I’ve got a “Splurge & Save” post coming up either next week or the week after! It’s fashion dupes – and we found some good ones!

      Furnishing that first apartment is a big deal! I’ve done it. Twice! (But for boys, so you know…???? Easier!)

      Thanks for your comment and I’m so glad you liked the post.


  2. Suzy – Yes to more light and breezy posts! I love your content posts, but really like to be able to breeze through and check out your finds!

    Nancy <3

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