A Dermatologist Answers Your Skincare Over 50 Questions

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woman over 50 dressed in pink robe surrounded by medical grade skincare applying skincare products in white bathroom looking into rose gold riki loves riki skinny mirror

After my recent post where I ran down the medical-grade skincare regimen for women over 50 that the dermatologists at the Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics designed, you all were full of questions. Me too! I posed most of them to Dr. Lori Stetler in an Instagram LIVE back in March, but it seemed like that Q&A just brought up more follow-up questions!

So I asked Dr. Stetler if she would be kind enough to answer them here so they would be easy for you to refer back to in the future. Before we get started, let me give you a little background information.

  • You can watch the Q&A I did with Dr. Stetler up on my YouTube Channel HERE. (Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss other videos I post.) It’s the perfect thing to put on in the background while you’re getting ready in the morning!
  • To educate yourself on the key skincare ingredients for women over 50, check out THIS post. (And then go to your bathroom and check out the labels on all of your products!)
  • To check out the medical-grade skincare regimen the dermatologists designed for women over 50, check out THIS post.
woman over 50 dressed in pink robe surrounded by medical grade skincare applying skincare products in white bathroom looking into rose gold riki loves riki skinny mirror

Remember, these are your follow-up questions! For answers to the more basic questions, check out my Instagram LIVE video with Dr. Stetler HERE. Okay! Let’s dive in. (The questions are in italics.)

Some of the products in Suzy’s regimen seem to be a little pricey. How can we
stretch our skincare budget?

We understand all skincare budgets are not created equal. At our practice, we focus on a few key
we believe will deliver optimal results for your specific skincare needs. There are
product categories, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens, that are available online or at
your local CVS that are very effective – check the ingredients for your skin type. We encourage you to have a candid conversation with your provider to create an effective regimen
that meets your budget while helping you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

When you put together the regimen for women over 50/Suzy, I noticed no recommendation for a toner. I wondered if that was left out intentionally or if it’s not really necessary. I always read that it was crucial to help balance the PH of your skin after cleansing. What
are your thoughts on that?

We understand some women love their toner, and it’s perfectly okay to include it in your
skincare regimen. However, it’s best to limit toner application to once or twice a week
because they tend to dry out the skin.

I’ve never had a hard time picking out a skincare regimen, but my whole
face has changed so much this last year. I did add in a prescription-strength Tretinoin, which has
totally changed things up. Now, I
can’t seem to find the right system that works for
me. I can afford more than drugstore-type products, but not super high-end! Do you have any

A personalized skincare regimen is truly the way to go. It’s best to make an appointment with an
aesthetician or a dermatologist, and get a customized treatment plan
that addresses your current
skin needs and specific concerns. Ask your provider to suggest a few key products in your daily
regimen where it makes sense to spend the majority of your skincare budget, and which drug-
store products will serve you well.

What is the appropriate wait time between products for the morning routine? Can any of
the products be combined and applied at the same time? (I’ve heard that some can and
some can’t.)

It’s best to apply one product at a time to achieve the best result. Typically, wait 30 seconds to
one minute
(ensuring the product is absorbed into the skin) before applying the next product. As
a general rule, layer your products thinnest (serums) to thickest (creams).

Should you mix up your products periodically? Like switch brands/ formulations of
serums after you use a bottle or stick with one thing

Find products you like and that you will commit to using. You will see more benefits with a few
quality products rather than mixing them up.
Technology is constantly changing in the
development of skincare products. If new formulations of your go-to products are released, that’s
when it may make sense to switch.

How often should we get a facial? And what type of facial do you recommend for women
over 50?

You can indulge in a facial once a month if you prefer, and yet more than this has no proven
. Depending on your specific skin needs, you may consider having a facial every other
month or every three to four months. The HydraFacial is my absolute favorite for all ages and
skin types. It’s fantastic for exfoliation, hydration, and deep cleansing.

Suzy: I recently had a HydraFacial at DCDA, and I wrote a blog post all about it! You can read it HERE. We’ll also filmed some of it and put it up on my YouTube Channel. You can watch it HERE. (Be sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, so you don’t miss out on future videos!)

What are the skin changes that leave certain areas looking like the skin on an
orange or the cover of a golf ball?? This is something I am noticing on my chin. Is it best
treated with products, or are treatments the way to go? Can it be prevented?

The orange peel texture occurs mostly because of the chin muscle’s repetitive muscle activity,
which leads to repeat dimpling of the chin. Botox helps to relax the chin muscle. For more
advanced cases, adding filler improves the overall contour of the chin. If the dimpling is deeper,
treatments involving a CO2 laser may be recommended.

Why are necks so difficult? How is the skin on our necks different than the skin on our

Necks have thinner skin, less collagen, and less elastic tissue – this makes the neck at greater risk
for scarring and tricky to treat. Several factors contribute to an aging neck, including
genetics, muscle movement, and sun exposure. One thing to remember – extend your sunscreen
application to protect your neck
and hands too.

Are there any products that actually help with jowls, or am I destined for my dad’s jowls
which have already appeared? Am I going to need to plan on a cosmetic procedure?

The jowls are tough, and we’ve yet to see a miracle product that addresses this common concern.
Treatments that are recommended early are fillers to lift the jawline. Kybella helps dissolve chin fat, which improves the appearance of the jawline. Thermage, a skin tightening
procedure, is recommended if the jowls are more pronounced. The next step is plastic surgery.

As a woman in my 80s, I’ve noticed that the pores on my nose seem to be getting bigger
and becoming more noticeable. Is there anything I can do about that?

This is a challenging problem to address. Unfortunately, as we age, it’s normal to see an increase
in the size of pores
on our nose, as well as on other areas of the face. The nose, which is a fixed
structure, seems to be the first place we notice this unwelcomed occurrence. If the pores are
clogged, your dermatologist may prescribe tretinoin or a series of light laser facial treatments.

woman over 50 dressed in pink robe surrounded by medical grade skincare applying skincare products in white bathroom looking into rose gold riki loves riki skinny mirror

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Here’s the regimen that the dermatologists at DCDA designed for women over 50. These are the products I’ve been using exclusively for the past month. I will share an honest review once I’ve been using them for 2-3 months. To see the order in which they should be applied and how much time to wait in between each product, see THIS post.

I’ve linked each of these products in the Dermstore Online Store.

Suzy Mighell

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  1. Fabulous post Suzy! It touched on two of my least favorite aging issues with myself, such as jowls and neck. The information provided is so helpful and something I can address with my skin care specialist. Thanks for doing this!

    Nancy <3

    1. Nancy,

      You’re always so great about giving me feedback, and I so appreciate it! I am with you – the jowls and the neck are the WORST! I’m going to attack those with Dr. Stetler later this year as best we can, so it will be fun to share that with everyone and really see what can and can’t be done!

      Thanks for being such a faithful follower, Nancy! I appreciate you!


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