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Empty Nest Blessed by Suzy Mighell

If you’re an empty nester, it’s not like you’re retired or something! 😄 In fact, far from it! The empty nesters I know are busy doing everything from starting businesses to caregiving for their elderly parents or grandkids! (And everything in between!) 🙌 When I meet Empty Nest Blessed followers, I am always amazed! You inspire me, challenge me, and encourage me when I hear what you’re doing.

I’m constantly learning and growing, too, and every month, I share what I’ve been learning & loving in my empty nest. This month, I’ve got lots of good stuff to share! From an easy and efficient way to store the recipes you find online to the way you can keep water from dripping down your arms when you wash your face, I’m spilling the tea! 🫖 Let’s get you SO in the KNOW!

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What I’m Learning

Online Recipe Storage

Have you ever looked up a recipe online, only to ditch the entire thing because you had to scroll for eons before getting to the actual recipe? (Or is that just impatient people like me? 🤣) Turns out there’s an app for that, and you can do it on your laptop or tablet, too!

  • On your laptop or tablet, copy the URL for the recipe page you’re on, paste it into the blank field at, and then hit enter. The recipe ingredients and steps will be clearly displayed.
  • Get the Just the Recipe app for Apple products on the App Store HERE
  • Get the Just the Recipe app on Google Play HERE

Speaking of Recipes…

Have you heard about the viral Cottage Cheese Cookie recipe? It’s packed with protein, it’s gluten-free, and has no refined sugars. It tastes like cookie dough and has a dough-like consistency. Not only that, but it’s easy to make and only has 7 ingredients!

Cottage Cheese Cookies

1 cup 4% milkfat cottage cheese (I use Lactaid’s lactose-free since I can’t have dairy.)
¼ cup pure maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup almond flour (I use rice flower because nuts are a migraine trigger for me.)
2 Tablespoons melted coconut oil
½ cup vanilla protein powder
½ cup chocolate chips, plus more for topping (I use white chocolate chips because chocolate is a migraine trigger for me.)

  • Preheat oven to 350°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • In a blender, add the cottage cheese, maple syrup, and vanilla. Blend on high until smooth.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine flour and protein powder. Add coconut oil and cottage cheese mixture. Stir until combined.
  • Fold in the chocolate chips. (Optional!)
  • Scoop dough onto a prepared baking sheet using a cookie scoop and use a spatula to flatten the cookies a little so they’re in a cookie shape. Add a couple more chocolate chips on top of each cookie if you want.
  • Bake for about 15-16 minutes or until the bottom of the cookies are golden brown. Let cool for a few minutes on the baking sheet then transfer to wire racks to cool completely. Enjoy!


Every month, my pals at Joy Creative Shop create a FREE printable that they share with the world! This month’s printable is a helpful Login & Password Keeper. You can download it HERE.

While you’re on the site, you’ll want to check out the gWRAP Bag! This ingenious gift wrap solution was recently featured on the Back-to-School Oprah’s Favorite Things List at Oprah Daily!

The gWRAP Bag is a flat bag that will elevate your gift wrap game with style and simplicity! To use it, simply open the bag, slide your gift inside, fold it over at the top, and seal it with the cute included to/from stickers. There’s an everyday version and a holiday version, and the bags come in either packs of 8 (2 of each size) or packs of 16 (4 of each size).

A (Cool) Spot for Registries

Did you know that Etsy now has gift, bridal, and baby registries? Yep! It’s true. Most people don’t know it, but I want to help ENB readers be SO in the KNOW, so I just had to let you in on it!

If you’ve got a bride-to-be or an expectant mama in your family, they might want to consider registering at Etsy. If you need a gift for someone special, and you want an alternative to mass-produced baby and kids items, Etsy is a fabulous place to shop!

Etsy is also the spot where Martha Stewart curates her seasonal collections. To see her Fall Favorites, click HERE.

It’s Time to Get Organized!

GOHQ Speaker image

Coming up September 11-15, I’m going to be a part of an exciting virtual conference! I’ll be collaborating with over 100 other experts who will share tips, tricks, advice, and secrets on everything from time management, budgeting, and meal planning to decorating, decluttering, and downsizing. The best news? Tickets are FREE for a limited time!

Get Organized HQ Virtual is a 5-Day Online Event that is a one-stop shop for everything life + home organization! It starts Monday, Sept. 11, and centers around practical, real-life strategies to help you create a life and a home with more peace and less stress. (And who doesn’t want that?)

On Tuesday, September 12th at 9:00 AM ET, I’ll speak on Time Management for Empty Nesters. Without kids’ schedules to keep us on track and help us set boundaries, many empty nesters struggle with time management. I’m going to share lots of time management tips and tricks in my session!

To learn more, see exactly who is speaking, and claim your FREE TICKET (+ surprise bonuses!), click HERE!

Netflix Rec

Bob and I are having the best time watching the docuseries Quarterback on Netflix! It follows NFL quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota on and off the field from the beginning of the 2022 season to its conclusion. There’s lots of cool BTS info on everything from their family lives to how they prepare for games and deal with injuries.

I love that we have a series that we can watch together! Even if you’re not a huge football fan, you’ll enjoy this series, I promise. (Also, bonus points if you ask your husband to explain some of the football terminology to you! 🏈)

Since we’re on the topic of football! Be sure you didn’t miss the ENB Guide to Game Day! We’ve got everything you need to look adorable for game day. In fact, this guide had such a great response that we’re expanding it to include game day looks for men and tailgating tools, accessories, and decor! (Watch for those early next week!)

What I’m Loving

1. Amazon’s Best-Selling 2-Piece Set

Have you noticed that 2-piece sets are trending? This one went viral this month, and I think it’s so cute! (Dontcha love it when clothing is perfect for at home but works for errands too?) It’s a cool knit rayon, and the top is waist-length, with cap sleeves. The pants are high waist and taper slightly through the pleated ankles. The set comes in lots of colors, and it’s perfect for early fall! Click HERE to see more!

2. Fabulous Family Game

I’m always on the lookout for great games that the whole family can play during the holidays! This game was created by the always-fun Holderness family. (Follow them on Instagram!) It’s definitely family-friendly, and pretty much guarantees lots of laughter and creativity! Click HERE to learn more. #inmycart

3. Perfect Grab-and-Go Makeup

Forget carrying multiple makeup products in your bag—Ilia’s best-selling Multi-Stick does the job of several beauty products for just $36! I just discovered this product and love that one quick swipe gives me buildable color on my lips and cheeks! (Several people I know even use it on their eyelids as a creamy eyeshadow!) You can apply it right from the twistable stick or dab it on with your finger like I do. I love that it’s formulated with hydrating ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil, and it comes in 13 pretty shades. Get it from Ilia Beauty HERE or from Sephora HERE.

4. Johnny Collar Sweater

One of the big trends we’re seeing for Fall is the Johnny collar! A Johnny collar is an open, short V-neck and a flat, often knit collar on a top or sweater. It’s so flattering because it’s essentially a v-neck, but the collar directs attention up to your pretty face! I just bought THIS one with ¾ sleeves and feminine detailing at 25% off for $59.62 at Talbots (The 4 colors & the features made it worth it for me!). THIS one is on sale for $45 at Banana Republic Factory. But this one is just $36 on Amazon. (All of the brands I just mentioned have them in multiple colors, so click through if you want a specific color!)

5. Medication Must-Have

After having the cap from a medication bottle pop off on a flight recently and create a big mess🙄, I knew I needed a new solution! Enter this perfect pill organizer! It comes in 6 colors, and each daily pill container is 2.56″ x 2.56″ x 0.67″. Both the outer and inner containers snap closed for security, and the pillboxes are made of food-grade plastic. (The outer container is made of ABS plastic, BPA-free, and safe for medical use.) It’s 10% off right now! Details HERE.

6. Crinkle Cutter

This stainless steel chopper makes cutting through even hard-to-chop veggies like potatoes and carrots easy! (Not to mention, it makes them pretty! 😄) It’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe, shockproof, and durable. My favorite way to use it?
Crinkle cut a potato and put it in the air fryer with a little salt! 😋

7. The Most Amazing Gift

When my son and daughter-in-law got married last month, one of Abby’s bridesmaids gave her the most elegant gift! It’s a personalized bottle of Kérastase L’Huile Original Hair Oil. In case you haven’t heard of Kérastase, here’s what you need to know: It’s the world’s leading luxury professional haircare brand. Owned by L’oreal, the brand has been around since 1964. Its science-based products are formulated with high-performing hair care ingredients to provide personalized, luxurious care for all hair types. Their best-selling product is their iconic L’Huile Original Hair Oil, which is made of a blend of argan hair oil, camellia oil & marula hair oil.

The shine-inducing award-winning hair oil (and reportedly other Kérastase products as well) are used by the Princess of Wales (#hairgoals)!

Best of all, the bottle can be custom engraved for gifting! ⬇️

personalize bottle of Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Oil

Apparently, Abby’s mother-in-law-to-be oohed and aahed over it quite exuberantly 🤣, because Abby gave me a personalized bottle of my own for my birthday! (I was so excited!) 💗#myhairhasneverlookedbetter #itsmellsdelish

8. Saving Face (and Wet Arms)

Maybe I’m the only messy face washer among us! 😆 These ingenious microfiber wrist towels are super absorbent, and they’ve been a face-washing game-changer for me. 😂 They keep water from trailing down my arms (and onto the floor) when I’m washing my face at the sink. If you’re a hot mess face washer 🙋‍♀️ (some would call it thorough…😆), then trust me, you need these. (They’re just $6.59 for an 8-piece set.)

9. Affordable Silk Pillowcase

I’ve been sleeping on a silk pillowcase for years, and I just bought THIS one to use at our Waco loft. The benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase are well-documented:

  • Silk fibers are significantly less absorbent than other fibers, so they help keep your skin’s moisture and expensive face and hair products where they belong.
  • Silk can help reduce friction, which reduces stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin.

If you don’t want to pay $89 for the original SLIP silk pillowcase, it’s understandable! This 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase dupe is just $22 right now! Dermatologists, hairstylists, and beauty experts recommend sleeping on silk, and at this price, I recommend it too!

10. Gift for Girls (of all Ages)

It was just a little over a year ago that Lululemon’s affordable (you don’t often see those two words next to each other in a sentence 😂) Everywhere Belt Bag just about broke the internet. It was only available in black and a few other hideous colors, yet it sold out in minutes every time it was restocked!

Fast forward to today, and the adorable—and still just $38—belt bag is fully stocked in the cutest colors and patterns imaginable. This is just what you need for those fall walks. Plus, now you’ve solved the problem of what to get your daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas! 🎁

11. Sunners for Runners

girl with hair in ponytail wearing Goodr OG Sunglasses in color Flamingos On A Booze Cruise

Goodr OG Sunglasses (Shade is called “Flamingos On A Booze Cruise“🦩😂 but lots of other colors available HERE) | Personalized Earrings

My daughter, Becca, is a runner, and she turned me on to these super cute sunglasses made just for runners! Goodr sunglasses were voted The Best Performance Sunglasses By Athletes Around The World. They won’t slip. They won’t bounce. And they’re polarized. And inexpensive. 🙌 Thanks for the tip, sweetie! 

12. Faux Leather for Faux Fall

I hope you checked out my recent post on 5 Ways to Dress for the Fall Transition (When it’s Still Hot Outside!). In it, I went beyond the typical “wear darker color in lightweight fabrics” advice we’ve all heard, and I gave you some solid tips that will help you sweat 😂 through the transitional season with style! One of my 5 tips? Lean Into the Incoming Fall Trends. (I also listed the trends we’re seeing so far, so you’ll definitely want to check out the post!)

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing this year is faux leather. During this warm transitional season, we’re not only seeing faux leather dresses and faux leather mini skirts, but also lots of faux leather shorts. The only problem? Most of the items are shorter than many women over 50 feel comfortable wearing!

When I found this pair of 10″ long high waist faux leather shorts, I knew I had to share them with you! They have a relaxed leg fit, and they’re machine washable. Oh, and did I mention they’re on sale? 😁

13. Book Rec

I’ve just started this good book that was recommended by a dear friend! Tom Lake: A Novel by Ann Patchett is a Reese’s Book Club Pick, and the story (told by the 57-year-old narrator to her three daughters) alternates between a Covid-sheltering family’s cherry orchard and a very special season of 1980s summer theater in rural Michigan. Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you that the book celebrates the joys and anxieties of first love, family, and the consequences of fateful choices. This is not a faith-based book, so there are some adult themes, issues, and situations, but I still think it’s a good read. 📖

14. Adorable Athleisure Skort

Athleisure-wearing errand do-ers and pickleball enthusiasts alike have snatched up this darling 14″ Amazon skort in droves this summer! With a slimming profile that includes a high waist flat front to hold you in and a flirty pleated back, you may need this in more than one color! It’s in my cart in black and green! It has high-end detailing like multiple pockets to stash items like your phone, an inner drawcord for an adjustable fit, and silicone leg grippers to hold the legs in place. See all 9 colors HERE.

Now you’re in the KNOW! What did you find most helpful in this post? I’d love to know! Please leave me a comment and let me know!

I get so many of my ideas for this monthly post from friends and followers I meet along the way! I’m so grateful for that! I’d love to hear what you’re learning and loving in your empty nest right now. Leave me a comment or drop me an email at [email protected], okay?

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  1. Hi Suzy, I bought the pill organizer back in the fall to use for my trip to Israel and it was exactly what I needed. I’ve been wanting a new pair of non-slip sunglasses for my morning walks with our new puppy, so I’m giving Goodr a try in gray. Thanks for all of the great recommendations – keep ’em coming!

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