Mighty Health Review | A Health & Fitness App for People Over 50

Empty Nest Blessed by Suzy Mighell
woman standing in front yard with with 2 dogs on leash wearing mighty health sports bra & shorts making a muscle
Hahaha! Proof I don’t use Photoshop! (See that loose skin wrinkling up on the side of my tummy?) You’re welcome, friends! 😂

What if I told you there was a health and fitness app that is designed just for empty nesters? (Well, it’s really for anyone 50+.) It’s true! Mighty Health is the first exercise, nutrition, and wellness app designed specifically for people over 50.

When I discovered Mighty Health, I knew I had to try it out and review it for you! After a long recovery from a herniated disc last year, I’d lost strength and overall fitness. I’ve written a lot about health, fitness, and wellness in the past, but that slowed down in the past year as I focused on my recovery. I’d been looking for a focused program to help me get back to where I was pre-injury. I knew it needed to be gentle because I didn’t want to risk reinjury.

When Bob heard about Mighty Health, he decided to sign up too! He wanted to lose a few pounds, so we downloaded the app and started the program. Today, I’m sharing an honest review of the Mighty Health app.

About Mighty Health

Founded in 2018, CEO James Li started Mighty Health when his dad had to go through emergency heart surgery and struggled to get his health back on track. Li realized that the healthy lifestyle apps and programs that were available were all geared toward people under 50. He decided to do something about it and created Mighty Health.

Mighty Health’s pedigree is impressive. Backed by prominent investors, including AARP, NFL Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana, the owners of the Sacramento Kings, and Y Combinator, the app is the first of its kind! It’s an evidence-backed platform developed in conjunction with a research team of physicians from Columbia, UCSD, and more.

Their results are impressive too. In their first three months on the program, average members lose 15 lbs and triple their exercise activity Wow!

What is Mighty Health?

It’s the first exercise and fitness app exclusively designed for individuals over 50. It offers workouts on demand (all led by trainers who are 50+ 🙌), diet plans, and personal coaching. There’s also a supportive community of other users that you can engage with if you so desire. In the words of the creators of the Mighty Health program,

Not only is the program geared toward people in midlife, it is more than just an eating plan, or an exercise guide, or a self-improvement resource. Mighty Health is all-inclusive and addresses each of these areas, to help members achieve their fitness and health goals as well as create a healthy lifestyle that they can take with them as time goes by.

How Mighty Health Works

The app is fairly user-friendly, but I would say it takes some practice to figure out completely. The good news is that your coach is just a text away!

How It Works

mighty health app conversation with coach

After signing up on the app, you’re given a personal health coach that designs a fitness and nutrition program designed to help you meet your specific goals. Your coach is a real person, who will help you develop healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits, and keep you on track. The coaching is done over text, (rather than within the app itself), along with the option of phone calls.

How It Works On a Daily Basis

screenshot of a new mighty day

Each day when you get up and log into the app, you’re see 3-5 personalized tasks that are geared toward helping you live a healthier life. These may be learning-oriented, or they may be a workout or nutritional tip.

mighty health app your mighty day landing page

Your goal is to make every day a “Mighty Day,” which is a day where you’ve completed all of your tasks. The program rewards you for consistency! (But if you miss a task on a given day, don’t worry! It’s automatically rescheduled to the next available day in your program.)

Mighty Health Motivation

mighty health app community page

If you’d like to engage with other app users for support and motivation, you have access to a community chat group. When people post their struggles and victories, it’s always so encouraging! You also have the option of messaging your dedicated coach anytime, day or night, for personalized support.

Mighty Health Nutrition

One of my favorite things about Mighty Health is their simple-but-effective approach to nutrition. They use an easy-to-understand red/yellow/green color-coded system to help you know which foods to eat regularly, sometimes, and rarely. You log your food into the app (multiple studies have shown that itself is helpful to weight management). The app assigns it a color, and tracks your overall nutrition. There is no need to log in amounts or brands, and there are no recipe suggestions.

To be fair, I will tell you that one of the (few) things that disappointed me about Mighty Health was that there was no mention of the importance of hydration in a weight management and wellness program. Studies have proven over and over again that water intake plays a critical role in wellness. It keeps your metabolism functioning efficiently, helps your digestive system function efficiently, and can even suppress your appetite. I wish Mighty Health integrated a way to track water intake, but for now, you’ll have to monitor that on your own!

Mighty Health Fitness

mighty health app - workouts screenshot

I was really impressed with Mighty Health‘s approach to fitness and movement. The pre-recorded video workouts are easy on the joints. and there are workouts available for all fitness levels. They offer everything from yoga and chair-based workouts to strength training and HIIT cardio.

Trainers over 50 lead all of the workouts, and they’re taught in casual settings, like the trainer’s back porch! Both Bob and I find this a refreshing change from the other fitness apps and programs we’ve used. We use the phone app most of the time to view our workouts, but you can also download the Mighty Health app onto your tablet, which makes workouts a little easier to view.

If a workout is too difficult or too easy, no worries! The trainer gives suggestions during the workout that help you level up or level down on the exercise. You can change your workouts or the day of the week you want to do them, making it easy to adjust and fit into schedule. Your coach will also provide guidance and advice on this.

It’s no secret that the fitness industry caters to a younger demographic and the over 50 demographic is underserved. For me, the workouts geared specifically for our demographic were (and continue to be) a big benefit of Mighty Health. With the changes in our bodies that come with aging, we’ve all had to make changes to our fitness routines. I love that Mighty Health knows its target market, and levels workout routines for our age group.

woman standing near a bench on a walking trail with 2 dogs on leash wearing mighty health sports bra & shorts making a muscle

You can also sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch to the app, enabling you to track your steps and the rest of your wellness journey in one convenient place.

Our Experience

Bob and I have both benefitted from the Mighty Health app. Bob lost weight and, thanks to the color-coded system, we both became more aware of the value of the types of food we were eating.

After completing physical therapy for my herniated disc, my back was better, but I’d lost strength and cardio fitness along the way. The Mighty Health workouts have provided a way to slowly but surely regain the ground I’d lost. Bob and I have even done some of the workouts together!

Is Mighty Health Right for You?

Once you hit 50 (and sometimes even before), your body starts to make you aware of the fact that you are going to have to pay more attention to your health than you may have previously. We all want to be able to move without pain and have the energy, strength, and stamina to make the second half of our lives meaningful and fulfilling! I’m right there with you.

Whether you’ve been diligent about healthy habits, have let things slide, or had an unexpected wake-up call, it’s never too late to pay more attention to your health. To do that, you need the right tools. Mighty Health provides that.

How to Get Started With Mighty Health

Mighty Health offers a Free 7-Day Trial. During that time, you can connect with your coach and explore the personalized workouts and nutrition plan. Beyond that, monthly plans are available for $29/month. There is no long-term commitment, and you can cancel anytime.

Mighty Health also offers highly-discounted annual plans, which are ideal if you’re serious about making a commitment to your long-term health and wellness. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. They have generously offered Empty Nest Blessed followers a 60% discount on an annual membership. To take advantage of this offer or to learn more about Mighty Health, Click HERE and use code ENB60 at checkout. You have to check out online, and not on the app.

woman standing in front yard with with 2 dogs on leash wearing mighty health sports bra & shorts

Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments. I have been so excited to share Mighty Health because I know it’s a tool that will be so beneficial to so many. It’s been wonderful for us.

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  1. Love this! I started really working out more consistently since COVID but adding weights and running and walking more and eating better — and can’t wait to look at mighty health! You and bob always look beautiful! Thank you for all you do! 😇
    Love your post! Love your workout outfit too— where did you buy it! Have a blessed day!

  2. Good morning! I checked out the app today and when I clicked on the 7 day free trial, the price was $180, a 50% savings over the regular cost. Is there a code that I need to enter to get the 60% off?

    1. Terri,

      I inadvertently left the promo code out of the post. I am so sorry! I’ve fixed the problem, but made work for you. I feel terrible! Please forgive me.

      I contacted Amelia at Mighty Health ([email protected]) and she said you should be able to cancel right away since it’s 7 days free. If you’re unable to do that, please contact her and she will pass it along to support so we can get it taken care of.

      Again, I am so sorry!


    1. Kay,

      Great question! It was the strength training that was (and continues to be) the most helpful to me. With my herniated disc, even walking was painful for weeks, and sitting was excruciating! So I lost a lot of strength everywhere else. Building that back up has been what I’ve focused on with the Mighty Health workouts!


  3. Hi Suzy,
    I loved learning about this app. I’m going to have to look into it. Also, reading about this app reminded me a while back you shared an app that can be helpful for our elderly parents. I can’t find that post. Do you happen to remember that post and could you remind me where to look?

    1. Kellie,

      Oh, no! You stumped me! I am so sorry, but I can’t remember. I looked back at a year’s worth of SO in the KNOW posts and didn’t find anything, so I may have shared it in a weekend post. I feel terrible! Do you remember specifically what it was for? Caregivers? Something for the elderly parent to download and use? That might jog my memory!


      1. Oh goodness I hate you have her to spend time looking. I feel like it might be a post that he the best apps for elderly. And maybe one was an app where I can always see where they are….but I’m not sure. It might have been a post about technology….Apple watches….I just can’t remember. It’s ok. I can google apps myself. But I always trust your research! 🥰🤩

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