How to Spot & Scam Emails & Texts & Protect Yourself Online

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I want to help you spot scam emails and texts! There’s a lot of bad stuff going on out there in the world wide web, and you can’t be too careful, my friends!

How to Spot Scam Emails & Scam Texts

Scams are on the rise! I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been a target yet! Do you? Here’s how to spot the red flags, so you don’t fall for a scam email or a scam text.

Scammers are getting more sophisticated, and you should know that recreating a company’s branding, logos, or letterhead is easy. Don’t be fooled just because an email or text looks legitimate. Listen to your gut and look for these red flags:

How to Spot Scam Emails

  • The email suggests a relationship that doesn’t exist.
  • The email is trying to tug at your heart strings (think a foreign orphanage, etc.), think twice.
  • Beware of emojis in the subject line or body of the email. (Legit companies don’t do this, but scammers know it will get your attention.)
  • The sender uses ALL CAPS. (Again, scammers know it will get your attention.)
  • Check out who the email was sent from. If it’s a financial institution (even a real one) that you don’t use, it’s probably not legit.
  • Check out who the email was sent to. If it was sent to multiple email addresses, that’s a red flag.
  • The email asks you to “confirm” an account number or some type of personal information by clicking on a link.
  • The email has spelling mistakes or bad grammar. Legitimate emails from reputable companies are checked and double-checked before they are sent.
  • The email was sent at an odd time of day or night. A weird time may suggest the email originated in a foreign country.

How to Spot Scam Texts

  • Beware of a request for you to text your phone number or other personal information.
  • Look for language in the text that is unnecessarily urgent.
  • You wake up to the text first thing in the morning. Scammers from other countries may send texts from their time zone, which would be while you are sleeping. (Plus, they know you may not be thinking clearly early in the morning.)
  • Watch for spelling mistakes or poor grammar, suggesting that the text did not originate in an English-speaking country.
  • The link the text asks you to click isn’t actually associated with the company that supposedly sent the text.
  • Beware of texts that were sent to multiple phone numbers.

What to Do if You Suspect You Received a Scam Email or Scam Text

If you’re unsure about an email or text, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THE LINKS!

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  • Google it. Try something like: “AT&T text scam.” (I did this today, because I’ve been getting those!)
  • Read carefully (especially emails), because grammar and spelling mistakes are the most common giveaway.
  • If you get an email or text from an unfamiliar company (no matter what it says or how urgent it sounds), look up the company online and send customer service a note to confirm. If the email is a scam, they are often aware of it’s existence and may already be taking action.
  • If you get “security alert” email or text from a credit card company or bank, contact them by phone to confirm that it was really from them.
  • Report it to the company. Be kind to others and save someone else from getting scammed.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Be careful out there, my friends!

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  1. Hey Suzy! My friend ordered a matching full size refrigerator and upright freezer for their newly remodeled kitchen last September. They were told they would come in January, which seemed loooong at the time. January came and went, and they were told April…..April came and went and then they got a call finally in July that they were in stock and ready to be delivered!! They had their old units in the garage, so they had a very open kitchen for those months and it felt cramped when they finally were installed!! All that to say, you aren’t alone in the shipping delay issue!!
    Enjoy your time in FL!

    1. Betsie,

      That is a crazy story! So happy that I’m not alone! My washer finally bit the dust earlier this year – it was a front loader. All I could get at the moment was a top loader, so that’s what we got! Now my washer is about half as tall as my dryer! It’s hilarious!

      Thank you for making me feel better! Hahaha!


  2. I’ve been waiting for my floor to ceiling windows and sliding door since April and was just told last week they had to order the door from another company and it will be 12 more weeks! Nine months total!! We will see!!

  3. Suzy
    Love the black & white plaid top outfit!
    Also all the great info on scam emails & the bike cup holder & Vanicream info. Glad you are feeling better.

    1. Suzi,

      Thank you so much for taking a sec to let me know you appreciate it! Sometimes I feel like I’m shooting in the dark when I don’t hear anything from anyone, so it means a lot to me!


  4. I’m loving this post so much! You always offer the best of everything! Glad to hear you’re on the mend and you look fantastic as always in all these styles.

    1. Helena,

      Well, you are just the sweetest. Thank you! That means so much to me.

      The kindest thing you could do is to tell others about ENB! I’m so thankful for you!


  5. Yes, I can commiserate with all the delays! Currently looking at dining room tables and the delivery date for most is anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Talked to someone yesterday who’s going to be waiting eight months for her table. Hope you get your new furniture soon!

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