How to Wear the Tie Dye Trend When You’re Over 50

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It’s just a little bit nostalgic, and a whole lotta fun! What am I talking about? Tie Dye, of course! It’s back in a big way, and it’s something that can be worn at every age, stage, and size.

If you still think tie dye originated with American hippies in the 1960s, think again! Tie dye was seen as early as 4000 B.C. in India! It evolved through Peruvian and Chinese cultures down through the years, with our modern version  popularized through hippie culture and the musical landscape of the psychedelic era. RIT Dyes began mass marketing of squeezable liquid dyes, introducing an accessible and individualistic method that allowed anyone to create their own, unique fabrics. This ability fed into the search for individuality, which was integral to the counterculture stance of the late 60s and early 70s. 

women in loungewear wearing tie dye over 50

Tie Dye Joggers + Sweatshirt Loungewear Set | Pink Bandana | Pearl Earrings

Pretty much everyone except for “Deadheads” (followers of the Grateful Dead) had turned their backs on tie dye by the mid-80s. Until recently, tie-dye was reserved for summer camp or a fun backyard craft project for kids. However, in Spring 2019, high fashion luxury runway shows began to show elevated forms of tie dye in sophisticated looks, and the trend reemerged in a big way.

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woman in pajamas wearing tie dye over 50

Pajama Short Set With Ruffle Detail

I can remember seeing photos of myself in tie dye when I was a little girl, and maybe that nostalgia is one of the reasons I’m so drawn to it today. I love that there are patterns and colors to suit everyone’s taste – from bright and happy colors, to muted pastels. You’ll find everything from tie dye and , to face masks and flip flops!

How to Wear Tie Dye

Incorporating a touch of tie dye (or more than a touch!) is an easy and trendy way to update your wardrobe this summer! But if you’re over 50, you don’t want to go overboard on the trend!

Tie Dye Over 50: Go With Subtle Hues

Of course, your friend Suzy likes to go big or go home ????, but if you’re not as color obessessed as I am, or if you’re looking for a more understated look, try a muted, pastel color palette.

Tie Dye Over 50: Two-Tone Look

If you don’t mind the bold colors, but you want to keep it simpler, look for a specific color pattern paired with a solid color, or with white.

Tie Dye Over 50: Accessory Game Strong????????

Coolly work in tie dye accessories and let them speak for themselves. Look for tie dye handbags, , earrings, , and silicone rings! ????????????????????

Tie Dye Over 50: Shoes For the Win

There are tons of tie dye shoe options, like these Keds®, Crocs®, Vans®, Skechers®, and Converse®! You can even find tie dye flip flops and ! ???????????? If you go with tie dye shoes, remember to let them make the statement, so keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Tie Dye Over 50: Try an Unexpected Touch

If you don’t mind a little attention, it’s fun to incorporate any trend into a surprising, whimsical place in your look! Try a tie dye ????????, a , a headband, or a !

woman sitting on the edge of a chair wearing tie dye tee and bright pink earrings

Tie Dye Over 50: Go All In

If you’re ready to bring the happy tie dye trend into your wardrobe in a bigger way, there are plenty of options for you! Look for tie dye , swimsuits, tees, midis, maxis, and more!

I’ve pulled together a bunch of cute looks at a wide variety of prices in the boutique at the bottom of this post! Hover over each item for pricing info, and click through for more information. (BTW, if you see something you like, I would encourage you to click through, because often the price that appears isn’t adjusted for sales and other discounts.) ????????

woman over 50 wearing tie die tee and pink jeans on a patio

Similar Tie Dye Tee (Mine sold out.) | Pink High Waisted Jeans | Fuschia Tennies | Pink Hoop Earrings

What do you think about the tie dye trend? How are you going to wear it? I had to excercise a lot of self-control while I was writing this post ???? because I found so much I loved! After much deliberation, I ordered these loose and comfy-looking shorts and this swing dress. I can’t wait to share them with you once they arrive!


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