How to Wear the Barbiecore Trend When You’re Over 50

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woman in anthropologie black maeve mock sleeveless turtleneck, spanx perfect pant, black sam edelman pumps, and amazon the drop Blake Long Blazer in hot pink

Barbie has served as a style inspiration for a long time, but never more than now! The Barbiecore trend is sweeping women’s fashion this year, and it shows no sign of slowing! Want to know what the Barbicore trend is and how to wear it when you’re over 50? Today, I’m telling you!

woman in sunglasses standing by a pool wearing black pants and pumps with a hot pink blazer

What is the Barbiecore Trend?

The Barbiecore trend is aligned with the Greta Gerwig-directed live-action Barbie film that is due to premiere in 2023. The film stars Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. Other featured actors include Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, and Kate McKinnon. See photos from the set HERE.

If there’s one color that encapsulates the essence of Barbiecore, it’s pink! (And the hotter, the better!) In fact, if you remember, in my post on 2022 FALL FASHION TRENDS: COLORS, FABRICS & EMBELLISHMENTS, I shared Pantone’s five fall colors for this year. One of them is called Rose Violet. Spoiler alert: It’s Barbie pink! Other shades such as bubblegum and fuchsia also embody the Barbiecore vibe.

Why You Should Wear the Barbiecore Trend

Ummm, because it’s fun and it will put you in a good mood! 😂 Let’s face it, there are lots of trends that are difficult to wear, depending on your body type. For example, with my small frame and flat chest, the current oversize blazer trend just hangs on my body and looks ridiculous. (Isn’t it great that at our age, we know our bodies and what works — and doesn’t work — for us?)

woman standing in talbots wearing ladylike cardigan

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Since hot pink isn’t typically known as a traditional fall color, this trend is so recognizable right now! Unless you really hate the color pink, you’ll find the Barbiecore trend is an easy one to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. No matter your age, stage, or size, you’ll be trendy and on-point if you just work in a pop of Barbie pink!

Don’t think hot pink is your color? Then choose a pink shade that you feel good in and go with it! (See below.)

How to Wear the Barbiecore Trend

woman in anthropologie black maeve mock sleeveless turtleneck, spanx perfect pant, black sam edelman pumps, and amazon the drop Blake Long Blazer in hot pink

Although we’ve seen plenty of celebrities wear it head-to-toe 😬, I think for most of us, it’s more realistic to wear one or two pieces at a time.
Suzy’s Style Tip: Keep the rest of your outfit neutral, as I did with all-black underneath my blazer.

Barbiecore Tops

A hot pink top makes a big style statement! Try denim or black on the bottom with neutral shoes or booties.
Suzy’s Style Tip: The freshest look right now is for the bottom of your pants to (approximately) touch the top of your shoe. That means if you’re wearing booties, then the ankle pants you see everywhere right now are the perfect length.

Barbiecore Bottoms

If you choose pink pants or a skirt, opt for neutral shoes and a more tailored top in a fabric like denim. (The tailoring will tone down the intensity of wearing pink on the bottom.)

Barbicore Dresses

Wearing a pink Barbicore dress is daring, but if you’re game for it, I say go for it! Go with nude shoes.

Barbiecore Blazers & Coats

Amazon The Drop Women’s Blake Long Blazer (8 color options. See them all HERE.) | Maeve Mock Neck Tank (4 color options. See them all HERE.) | Spanx Perfect Ankle Pants (free shipping/returns) | Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Toe Pumps (38 color options + free shipping/returns. See them all HERE.) | Kendra Scott Emilie Gold Stud Earrings in Plum Kyocera Opal | Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Lip Gloss

As you can see, this is how I chose to wear the Barbicore trend! My long, lean, fitted blazer is an Amazon best-seller and it comes in eight colors! (I also own it in black and “coffee bean“) The quality is really good and it fits TTS. I’m wearing an XXS, for reference. (I also think THIS quilted vest from Talbots is adorable!)

Barbiecore Shoes

pink western boots sitting in front of a bush with pink flowers
I’ve had these for about 10 years! (I am a Texas girl, after all!)

Similar Western Boots (free shipping/returns)

Let your shoes be your pop of color and watch the compliments roll in! You’ll find Barbiecore pink rain boots, booties, tall boots, western boots, pumps, loafers, and mules.

Barbiecore Accessories

At the very least, it’s time to pick up a pink handbag, belt bag, earrings, bracelet, ring, or necklace!

Barbiecore Makeup

Whether you’re wearing a neutral outfit or Barbiecore pink this fall, consider wearing a pink blush, a SHEER pink lip (matte or long-wearing hot pink might be a little much!), and /or pink nails. In the photos for this post, I’m wearing Dior Addict Lip Maximizer in Raspberry. It’s a long-time staple for me!

Barbicore Alternatives

Talbots Linen V-Neck Sweater | Nordstrom Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution High Waist Bootcut Jeans (free shipping/returns) | Similar Western Boots (free shipping/returns) | Pink Magnetic Apple Watch Band (11 color options. See them all HERE.)| Kendra Scott Emilie Gold Stud Earrings in Plum Kyocera Opal | Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Lip Gloss

If hot pink isn’t really your thing, that’s okay! Look for a shade of pink that you feel good in and incorporate it into your fall looks. You’ll still look on-trend! (I especially love THIS pink floral puffer vest from J.Crew Factory. It’s on sale!)
Suzy’s Style Tip: If you wear a lighter shade of pink, you can work in other pink accessories without it looking like it’s too, too much. That can be challenging with bright Barbie pink!

Want to take one more look at all of the Barbiecore items I shared in this post? See the boutique below, and click on any item for more information.

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