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woman in striped top, jeans, and brown booties sitting on a white railing

We all know those women. You know, the ones who make chic look effortless and casual. The ones who can wear the simplest thing, but somehow they have a sense of style that elevates their look. I’ve always wanted to be one of those women! What are their style tips and tricks? How do they do it?

I decided to find out—asking for advice from everyone to the woman in my Bible Study who is always so put together, to the stylist that I work with when I need some fresh inspiration here at Empty Nest Blessed. (And lots of people in between!) I’ve learned a bunch, and today, I’m sharing six style tips & tricks that will help you take your look to the next level. ????

Click any image or any pink link in the text for more information on anything you see!

Style Tip #1: Don’t Be Scared to Make a Statement

Long Sleeve Striped Tee | Fringe Hem Skinny Ankle Jeans | Belt | Statement Wood Bead Tassel Necklace | Earrings | Waterproof Lipstick (Latte Confessions)


I think a lot of women over fifty live in fear. I believe they’re afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They’re worried about looking like they’re trying too hard, or that other people will think they’re too old to step out there and make a style statement. Sometimes this manifests in fear of wearing color, wearing the latest trends, or wearing a statement piece of jewelry that will get them noticed.

At our age, many of us have had successful careers and raised our kids. What is there to be afraid of at this point, my friends? We should care less about what others think at this stage of our lives rather than more! If you like statement earrings, wear them! If you like a certain color, wear it as a pop in an otherwise neutral outfit! If you like sparkly shoes, wear them! Wear what you like! And don’t be afraid of what other people are going to think of you. (Chances are they’ll admire you and find you inspirational!) #goforit

Style Tip #2: Cuff Your Button Down

woman in pink cardigan standing next to a tree trunk looking to the side

Fitted White Button-Down | Pink Fringe Hem Cardigan | “Boost” Skinny Jeans | Navy/White Gingham Belt | Floral Statement Earrings | Waterproof Lipstick (Latte Confessions)

Whether you’re wearing a crisp white button-down, an on-point leopard print blouse, or rocking a fun plaid flannel number, unbutton those sleeves and cuff your shirt. If you’re wearing a cardi, sweater, or sweatshirt like I am in these photos, pull your shirt sleeves down below the cuffs of your outer layer, and fold them over the top. It’s a quick trick that makes a big statement!

BTW, do you have a basic fitted white poplin button-down in your wardrobe that you love? You need one that is fitted so you can wear it as a layering piece. (After all, you don’t want any extra bulk underneath whatever fabulousness you’ve got going on over it!) If you don’t have one you adore, I highly recommend this one. It’s machine washable, and if I hang it to dry, I don’t even need to iron it!

Style Tip #3: Push ‘Em Up, Shove ‘Em Up, Wayyyy Up

woman wearing blue sweatshirt that says "oh, yeah" in leopard print letters

Fitted White Button-Down | Leopard “oh yeah” sweatshirt | Fringe Hem Skinny Ankle Jeans | Red Suede Ballet Flats (not pictured) | Red Drop Earrings | Red Lipstick


I don’t know about the weather where you live, but here in Texas, we often have 20+ degree temperature swings in one day! To avoid having to change clothes throughout the day, sometimes a good sleeve shove is all you need to make it from dawn until dusk. ???? You probably remember pushing your sleeves up to just below your elbow back in high school. Well, today’s fresher look is to go above the elbow.

Here’s how to do it: Rather than pushing your sleeve up from the cuff, straighten your arm and start pulling little by little from the shoulder, working your way down to your elbow.

Bonus points for letting your shirttail hang out like the cool kids do!????

Style Tip #4: Master the Half-Tuck

Whenever I wear an outfit with a half-tuck, I get lots of DMs (direct messages) on social media asking me how to do it. Listen, I get it. Someone had to teach me! It’s not easy to do it evenly, and so it looks neat. Here’s my step-by-step tutorial.

woman in striped top demonstrating how to do the half-tuck with her shirt
Stick your index finger on the hemline of your top. Cover the tip of your finger with the edge of the hem.
woman in striped top demonstrating how to do the half-tuck with her shirt
Twist the hemline of the top around your finger.
woman in striped top demonstrating how to do the half-tuck with her shirt
Stick your finger into the waistband of your pants.
woman in striped top demonstrating how to do the half-tuck with her shirt
Arrange the gathers you’ve created in a flattering way. Adjust the sides for evenness.

Style Tip #5: Work Those Accessories For All They’re Worth

woman in black sweater with yellow shoes and purse walking towards the cameras

Polka Dot Twofer Sweater | Gray Stretch Ankle Pants | Similar Gold Pumps, HERE or HERE | Gold Croc Embossed Clutch/Crossbody | Similar Tassel Necklace | Citrine Stud Earrings | Waterproof Lipstick (Latte Confessions)


Accessories are the place to work in:

  • Trendy patterns like snake or leopard. (I’ve been wearing these snake booties and these cushy leopard ballet flats on repeat right now.)
  • Of-the-moment colors that don’t flatter your skin tone.

Style Tip #6: Wear Sneakers with Just About Anything

woman in black monogrammed dress by a restaurant patio

Black Knit Swingdress (with or without monogram) | Black & White Slip-ons (only $9!) | Colorful Statement Earrings | Black Band Watch | “Off Duty” Raffia ToteWaterproof Lipstick (Latte Confessions)


Slip-on sneakers are easy to wear and super cute, but the newest look is a lace-up sneaker. (Like these Allbirds that I cannot get enough of! They’re so comfortable!)

woman in blue floral dress on a restaurant patio

Floral Shirtdress (only a few remain, similar pink one HERE) | Navy Blue Lace-Up Sneakers | Earrings (less expensive HERE) | Waterproof Lipstick (Latte Confessions)


Sneakers and Slip-ons are officially fair game with everything from dressy work pants to your favorite dress. It might feel weird at first, but trust me, the comfort of this look will win you over quickly!

woman wearing camo dress riding a bike

Camo Tee Dress (with or without monogram) | Gray Lace-up Sneakers | Green Fringe Earrings | Apple Watch | Lip Plumper Gloss (Sun Diego)


Did you learn a few new style tips and get some new ideas? I sure did as I was researching it for you! As you can see, I’ve worked to incorporate these style tips into my photos the past few months in anticipation of this post. ????

What are your favorite tricks when you want to up your style game? Leave me a comment and share, okay?





Photos by Megan Weaver.

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6 Style Tips & Tricks


Suzy Mighell

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  1. Morning, Suzy. Two questions: 1) I love your long statement necklaces, but I’m a 36DD, so I always feel like long chains fall off the edge of the shelf and swing free, so to speak, emphasizing what I’ve got. Any tips for necklace selection in that case? 2) There’s a version of the front tuck I love, where the whole front of a button-down gets tucked in flat and the tails are left to hang free in the back. This requires a button-down with a deep split seam at the sides. When I see the look online, the shirt is usually Comme de Garçons or something equally eye-wateringly expensive; have you perchance come across less luxe alternatives?

    1. Hi Tina,
      Thank you so much for reading and for such good questions! For the shirt, I would try this one:
      It is longer in front than in the back, but it may still work for you! Scroll through all of the photos before you order to get a 360 view! If you don’t like it, try this one: Hopefully one of those two will work for you! (But you may have to try a few!)
      Okay, with the necklaces, I would go for a layered look that hangs above the bustline. The inexpensive way to do this is to combine a few you already have (yes, you can even mix metals!), or if you want something that’s already layered for you, you might like this one: (coin necklaces are huge right now) or this one:
      I hope that helps!
      xoxo Suzy

        1. Tina,
          You are just the sweetest! Thank you! I’m so glad you’re here.

  2. Girl, I need a video tutorial on that front tuck! LOL. You make it all look so effortless. Love all your styles and smiles!

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thanks so much for your comment! I just put one on my Instastory!

  3. Love all these tips, Suzy! I’d like to add “stand/sit up straight and exude confidence – even if you have to fake that confidence for all it’s worth”!

    1. Cherie,
      That is brilliant – and we could all use the reminder! Attitude is so important!!!
      Thank you so much!
      xoxo Suzy

    1. Martha,
      I’m so glad you found it helpful! Thanks for taking a minute to leave a comment and thank me. That’s so sweet of you and I really appreciate it!
      xoxo Suzy

    1. Wendy,
      Yay! You are so welcome! There’s a video tutorial on my Instastory too! (But it will disappear by about midday tomorrow!)

  4. Thanks for all the great tips! I’m working on adding more color to my wardrobe. Somehow I’ve ended up with most of my clothing either black, navy or charcoal.
    Question about pushing sleeves above the elbow – won’t that permanently stretch out the cuffs on the sweater/sweatshirt?

    1. HI Lori!
      Thanks for your great question! I haven’t really had that problem, but that could be because I pretty much machine wash everything (including cashmere)! If it gets stretched out, it is always fine after I wash it. I hope that helps! Thank you so much for reading and following Empty Nest Blessed!

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