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Breakfast for dinner is just the best, dontcha think? When my nest emptied, one of my greatest joys was realizing that I didn’t have to cook giant, time-consuming meals for a large group every night! At first, Bob and I went out to dinner a lot, but after awhile, we settled down and realized concern for our budget and our waistlines meant that we would have to eat at home for dinner at least some of the time. Back in January 2016, you may remember the interview I did with my friend Wendy Howard, an author, and Registered, Licensed Dietitian in private practice. In it, we discussed the transition Empty Nesters go through as the shift from cooking for a family to just cooking for two (or maybe even one). One of Wendy’s suggestions was to “get out of the mindset of what we typically think is a meal – chicken, starch, vegetable – and consider easier things for dinner like scrambled eggs with fresh spinach and tomatoes…” I want you to know that I took her advice, and we have been reveling in having breakfast for dinner as often as possible. However…

I also want you to know that I am not 100% sure that what I am sharing today would pass her nutrition test!  It’s my recipe for French Toast.  In my defense, I am making it with whole grain bread, organic eggs, and milk, but there are no spinach and tomatoes anywhere to be found! Usually, I pair it with a bowl of fresh berries sprinkled with stevia. Also, we use light syrup. Does that count? At all? It could be worse, I guess. I will tell you that when Bob sees that French toast is for dinner, he gets extremely excited. Like, extremely.

In trying to make this post somewhat educational (!), I researched the origin of French toast. Did you know it is not really French? (I was terribly disappointed by this, somehow!)  Historians have traced the recipe back to the ancient Romans and the early centuries of the last millennium. (I’ll be honest, I CANNOT imagine what kind of historians study the origin of French toast. Now there’s a job for ya.) I will tell you that while I was researching, I found many chefs who recommended stale bread, rather than fresh, in making this treat. (The word “treat” is going to get me in trouble with Wendy, for sure.)

Suzy’s French Toast

8 slices whole grain bread, preferably stale
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
2 eggs
½ c. milk
Butter for pan

Beat eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon in a bowl. Add milk and beat some more. Dip bread in mixture, coating both sides. Lightly grease a griddle with butter and cook bread over medium heat until browned on both sides. Top with fresh fruit and whipped cream or dust with cinnamon and drizzle with syrup or honey.

I would love to know your creative ideas for breakfast for dinner! Does your husband get as excited as mine?  (It is so cute.) Leave me a comment below and give me the scoop.






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