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If you’re like me, when your kids were growing up, you poured your life into them. After all, raising kids is a serious, sacred responsibility! There was a lot I set aside while I focused on them for all those years. I know you did that too. When my nest emptied, I went through a significant time of adjustment and grief. When things settled down and I came out of the fog, I looked around and realized I had some serious catching up to do. I needed to refocus on who I was as a wife, a mom of adult children, and especially as a woman. In that spirit, I started Empty Nest Blessed – to help women like you, and me (!), to take a step back, reassess, and to move forward with intentionality and purpose into the next season of life.

I want to come alongside you in the empty nest season of life and encourage you in areas where you feel like you need a friend. Not sure what’s in style anymore or how to wear the trendy looks in an age-appropriate manner? Look in the mirror and realize you’ve neglected your skin, your fitness, or even your health? Look across the table at that man you married and realize you need to reprioritize your marriage? I feel ya’. Or maybe you’re a single mom and you feel alone as you struggle in this new phase of life. I cover all of those areas and much more on Empty Nest Blessed. (To read specific posts on the empty nest, click HERE. For resources that can help you as you adjust to the empty nest season of life, click HERE.)

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