100 Father’s Day Gift Ideas—for Dads of All Ages & Stages

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Yikes! Didn’t we just have Mother’s Day? 🤣 Well, don’t look now, but Father’s Day is just around the corner! It’s June 16 this year, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you with Father’s Day gift ideas for everyone on your list!

COLLAGE ABOVE: Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer | Blackstone Adventure Ready 2-Burner 22″ Propane Griddle | Men’s PFG Slack Tide™ Camp Shirt | Wood Phone Docking Station | Beard Grooming Set | Personalized Fishing Lure | UPF 50+ Hat (Bob wears his on the golf course, while gardening, etc.) | Hey Dude Shoes| Lead It Like Lasso | Copper Rain Gauge | All-In-One Garden Tool Set and Stool | Personalized Golf Gift Set

Lots of empty nesters are part of the sandwich generation, so gifting can get a bit overwhelming at times! The sandwich generation is the generation “caught in the middle,” — meaning many midlifers are supporting both senior adult parents and adult children (and maybe even grandchildren), whether financially, physically, or emotionally.

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Basically, what I’m getting at is: When holidays like Father’s Day roll around, you might just have a lot of amazing men from different generations to shop for! No worries, sweet empty nesters! We’ve put together nearly 100 Father’s Day gift ideas for everyone on your list. From senior adult parents to your empty-nest-hubby to the son-in-law who just became a father, we’ve got you covered.🙌

As always, click any pink link or image (including individual items on the collages) for more information or to shop!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For New Dads

It can be so much fun to shop for a new dad—whether you’ve got a son, son-in-law, nephew, or close family friend, we’ve got fun gift ideas to celebrate this exciting new season in his life.

For more ideas for young adult dads and new dads, check out the items below. See the full list of Father’s Day gift ideas for men of all ages at the bottom of this post!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Midlife Dads

I still love shopping for my husband for Father’s Day! Although we’re empty nesters, I love to show my appreciation for his hard work and the years of dedication and love he continues to give to our (now adult) kids. If you’re looking for a gift for your husband, brother, brother-in-law, or another midlife dad, check out the gift ideas below!

For more ideas for midlife dads, check out the items below. See the full list of Father’s Day gift ideas for men of all ages at the bottom of this post!

What I’m Giving Bob for Father’s Day

Bob is so into the Dallas Stars hockey team, which is making its playoff run this year! I found a team jersey that I could have personalized with the name of Bob’s favorite player, Joe Nieuwendyk. He played for the Stars from 1996 to 2002. It’s going to be a perfect Father’s Day gift!

I think fan gear makes a great Father’s Day gift, and Fanatics is my go-to spot! Click HERE to browse!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Senior Adult Dads

I am so grateful to still have my dad around. Senior adults can be challenging to buy for, but they love being remembered. They’re bound to appreciate some of the awesome gift ideas below!

For more ideas for senior adult dads, check out the items below. See the full list of Father’s Day gift ideas for men of all ages at the bottom of this post!

If you’re an Amazon fan (like me!), or you have to ship Father’s Day gifts this year, know that we have a whole bunch of Father’s Day Gift Ideas up on the Empty Nest Blessed Amazon page. Some of them are also on this list, but some of them are original Amazon finds! Click the graphic below to head right there! 👇

father's day gift ideas Amazon

Do you have a go-to Father’s Day gift idea to share? Was there a certain item on our list that you really loved? If so, leave me a comment and let me know, okay? And know that you can always access the ENB Father’s Day Gift Guide at the very top of the blog in the navigation bar. On mobile, tap the “Father’s Day Gift Guide bar at the top of the blog.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddys out there! We love you! 🤗 What you do is absolutely critical in your kids’ lives (no matter what their age)! Head to the very bottom of this post to see all 100 of our gift ideas for dads!

Click on any image you see below for more information or to shop!

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  1. As always Suzy you make life so much easier to shop for every occasion. I found many great gifts for Father’s Day this year in this post. Thank you so much for pulling it all together and finding unique items that will be perfect for Father’s Day.

    <3 Nancy

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