Snuggle Up in Style With Cute & Affordable Holiday Pajamas

Empty Nest Blessed by Suzy Mighell
woman in green and white polka dot velour pajamas with word Merry on shirt and pink socks sitting on an ottomanPin

Tis the season to be cozy! Whether you’re sipping cocoa by the fireplace, trimming the tree, or cozying up for a holiday movie marathon, there’s something magical about slipping into festive holiday pajamas.

Joyspun Women’s Stretch Velour Pajama 3-pc. Set with Socks | Dani Gold Enamel Framed Drop Earrings

This cozy stretch velour 3-pc. set comes with matching fuzzy socks! It’s under $20 but looks WAY more expensive because the word “MERRY” is embroidered rather than printed or stickered on the top! To see more of this darling set, check out the reel I posted on my Instagram! (Be sure you tap it to give it a like, and make sure you’re following me!)

There are several other versions of this cute 3-pc. set—including a gray pair with the word “PEACE” embroidered on the top, and a black pair with stars and the words “GOOD NIGHT” embroidered on the top. What a fabulous gift idea!


While I love the chance to “sleigh” (I crack myself up!😂) the fashion game and glam up for a festive gathering, I have to admit that I’ll trade it any day to stay in by the fire and snuggle up in comfy pajamas!

In today’s short post, we rounded up all the cutest holiday pajamas that we could find! SO many of them are on sale right now, so be sure to click through on the images below when you find a pair that catches your eye! Whether you’re looking for coordinating family pajamas or silky feathered pajamas for a girls’ night, there’s a pair you’ll absolutely love in this post!


We had so much fun looking for all the best holiday pajamas. Here’s where we shopped: (The links below go right to the holiday pajama sections on each site.)


In the boutique below, we’ve rounded up all our favorite holiday pajamas. Click on any image for more information or to shop.


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woman in green and white polka dot velour pajamas with word Merry on shirt and pink socks sitting on an ottomanPin
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  1. Everything you’ve shown looks nice but I’m going to be honest, I think Christmas pajamas are a waste, or at least buying new ones yearly are. I mean, who wants to wear them before Thanksgiving or after Christmas? One pair would last me forever.
    Who can afford to buy those every year??

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