The 2023 Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide

Empty Nest Blessed by Suzy Mighell

I am beyond excited to present the 2023 Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide! It’s such a labor of love for me to put this together because I believe that a well-selected gift is a tangible way to show our precious ones how much we love them. Thank you for letting me help you do that!

It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously. I shop for my loved ones from this gift guide, so I only include items I would give to them. (Or, let’s be real, something I want one of my loved ones to get for me!)

The collage above is clickable for more information and represents only a TINY portion of the nearly 1000 items in the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide!

What Do You Meme? Party Game(for the whole family!) | Book Nook™ Reading Valet | JBL – CLIP4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Custom Socks | Miller Phone Crossbody | Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit | Personalized Charger Decal | Large Personalized Tote Bag | Votive Candle Set | Scuff House Slipper | Rippled Cuff Bracelet | Portable Cereal Cup | Round Dutch Oven | Caribou Cocoa Buddies | Womens Plaid Poncho | Smart Bird Feeder with Camera | Personalized Airpods Case | Collapsible Suitcase | Customizable Vertical Address Sign Planter | Flying Skirt Tissue Box | Razor Crazy Cart Shuffle | 8pcs Set Fried Egg Rings | Frigidaire 6 Can Mini Fridge / Bluetooth Speaker | Scalloped Beaded Clutch | Build-On Brick Mug | Luggage Travel Cup Holder | Pavé Pisa Bracelet | Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven | Screen Magnifier for Smartphone



This holiday season, you’ll see lots of holiday gift guides out there, but I don’t think there will be others customized just for empty nesters like mine! Being empty nest blessed means you may be a part of the sandwich generation—you have young adult kids; you may have senior adult parents; and, if you’re really blessed, you have grandkids as well! My gift guide will give you ideas for those groups and more.

Why Shop the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide?

Well, first of all, because I’m an empty nester, just like you! I’ve got senior adult parents I love, and my kids range in age from 27-31. I’ve been married to my husband for 36 years, and I’ve got two daughters-in-law and one grandbaby👶! Not only that, but I have nephews and nieces who are teens and college students, and two very crazy and fun granddogs🐕🐕!

We’re in it together, my friends!

If all that didn’t convince you to shop the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide, maybe this will: One of my primary love languages is gift-giving, and I’m actually one of those crazy people who shop for the holidays all year long. (So embarrassing!😂) I’ve been carefully curating this content for months—just for YOU! This year, I’ve been blessed to have my assistant Beth, (also an empty nester) helping me select gift ideas for the gift guide. That has been a blessing, and she’s had some fabulous ideas!

How to Shop the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide

As we put together the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide, there were times when we ran into a dilemma! Often, we had a tough time deciding which category was the best fit for a specific item! For example, where to put this NEST Grapefruit Wall Diffuser set. At just $38, it’s a great value (especially for a NEST Fragrance item!).

It’s certainly something I would love, so I wondered if I should put it in the Gifts for Her category. But it would make a great gift idea for a college kid, a young adult, a senior adult, or even as a hostess gift! What to do😬? It finally landed in the Gifts for Her category, because I knew everyone would check that one out and discover it there!


We didn’t want to repeat gifts from gift guide to gift guide, but some were just TOO good, and we did it anyway! A great example is the hilarious “My Brain is Like 80% Song Lyrics” Unisex Tee. It ended up in Gifts for Teens, Gifts for Young Adults, AND Gifts for Him. (Mostly because I got it for both Bob and my 31-year-old son last year😄, and they both loved it! (BTW, it comes in more color options than I’m sharing below!)


All that is to say, each and every category is probably worth your browsing time! I don’t want you to miss any gems! I’m telling you, there are several gifts I want in the Gifts for Young Adults category, like these Vintage Soft Cargo Sweatpants from GAP and this cute Leather Tassel Zipper Pouch! The Who in the Room Game I want to get for our family this year ended up in the Gifts for Young Adults category! 😳🤣


If you’re shopping for friends, your prayer group, hairstylist, nail tech, yoga teacher, etc., start in the Gifts for Hosts & Hostesses category and the Stocking Stuffer categories. Everything is under or around $30 in those categories. (But you might want to look in the Gifts for Her Gift Guide too!) Also, the Custom Gifts category is full of thoughtful, personalized gifts (at every price point) for everyone from your BFFs to your grandkids, so don’t miss that!

Use the links below to view each category. I hope you’ll find perfect gifts for all of your precious ones! I’d love to be a resource for you, so if there’s anything specific that you’re looking for and you don’t see, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’d love to help you!

When to Shop the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide

I’m launching my holiday gift guide today to help you get a jump on your holiday shopping. If you aren’t ready to deal with your holiday shopping yet, that’s fine! (Let’s be real; we’ve got another big holiday 🦃 coming along before we give our full attention to Christmas! Right?)

Starting Friday, November 3, you can access the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide throughout the season via the navigation bar at the top of the website (desktop, laptop, or tablet). If you’re on your phone, tap the Holiday Gift Guide banner at the top of the home page, and then click on the guide you need to shop.

For optimal viewing, I recommend viewing the Holiday Gift Guide on either a laptop or tablet. It can be hard to see all the details of each item on a phone! If you see something you like, definitely click through to check out color options, current sale prices, and any special discounts.

We’ll add to the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide as new things pop on our radar in the coming weeks, so check back frequently! We’ll also be sharing posts here and on Instagram and Facebook throughout November and December that will give you more ideas for gifts, as well as relationship advice, tips, and some of my personal holiday hacks.

My Hope for the Empty Nest Blessed Holiday Gift Guide

Running around from store to store probably isn’t the best way to get into the holiday spirit. It’s somewhat inefficient, and you can overspend on impulse purchases! (Or maybe that’s just me😄!) Our hope is that the ENB Holiday Gift Guide will help you shop online from the comfort of your home at a time that’s convenient for you! 

As empty nesters, we have so much to do during the holiday season, and I want to help you make the next two months peaceful and joyful for you and your family. The idea is that this gift guide will allow you to spend less time running around and more time focusing on the true meaning of the season and the relationships that mean the most to you.

Thank you for being an ENB subscriber and for shopping with my links! When you do that, it never costs you any extra, and it’s the way I get paid (and pay my team)! Shopping with Empty Nest Blessed lets me continue to do this job I love, and I am so grateful!

Early access to this gift guide is one way to show you how grateful I am for you!

May your Empty Nest be Blessed this holiday season!🎄

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Teens

Gifts for Young Adults

Gifts for Grandkids

Gifts for Senior Adults

Gifts for the Home

Hostess Gifts

Custom Gifts

Stocking Stuffers

If you love to shop on Amazon for gifts (and who doesn’t?), be sure to check out my curated Gift Guides on the Empty Nest Blessed Amazon page! Bookmark the page so you can easily come back, or type in your URL window at any time to navigate to the page.

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