2023 Spring & Summer Accessories — Styles to Know & Love

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This season, look for a rainbow of joyful accessories to add a daring dose of color to every one of your looks! We all know that accessories are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update an outfit! This year, the statement accessory is BACK, and in bright, bold, happy shades that pack a big style punch! Today, I’m running down the 2023 Spring & Summer Accessories you need to know!

You’ll see rich, saturated shades everywhere you look this year — especially when it comes to accessories! So get ready to add a daring dose of color, and watch the compliments come your way! Especially look out for the floral💐motif in accessories, whether in jewelry, handbags, hats, or other accessories.

Before we jump in, let me encourage you to read my main 2023 Spring & Summer Style Trends post and my 2023 Spring & Summer Shoe Styles post. They will give you the background you need! You’ll learn this season’s trending styleshot colorsmust-haves, and more!

As always, click the pink text links or any image (including the collage above) for more information. Also, remember that most of the shoes I’m sharing come in multiple colors (as well as neutral shades), so if you like a style, click through for available colors, potential sale prices, etc.!

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is having a moment! (Again!) This year, think big, bold, and colorful!
Suzy’s Pro Tip: Be careful not to overdo it by going big with your necklace, bracelets, AND earrings! My advice is to pick one of those and be bold — while keeping the rest of your accessories simple (or non-existent).


Look for bright statement-making necklaces featuring colorful beading or flowers.


Comfortable stretch bracelets are easy-to-wear and easy to get off and on! Pick up some affordable bracelet sets to add to your stack. Semi-precious stones make a big style statement, and the quality is there.


Ready to go big with your earrings? Go for it! But don’t worry! If you feel more comfortable in studs than JLo hoops 🤣, you can still make a big style statement this year! Keep your earrings small(ish), but colorful. Check out THESE, THESE, or THESE.

Colorful Caps

If you’re a “hat person” (You know who you are!), you’re in luck this season, because hats are showing up everywhere. That’s right! They’re not just for the beach anymore! Pick a style that looks good on your face shape, and go for it! You’ll find baseball caps, bucket hats (the trendy hat this year for the Gen Zers!), floppy hats, cloche hats, and fedoras.
Suzy’s Pro Tip: If you’re not a big “hat person,” don’t spend a lot of money on a hat! (But do consider getting one to protect you from the sun’s rays.) I’ve got lots of options for you that are under $20!

Not sure which type of hat is best for your face shape? Here’s help:

  • Round Face Shape: Angular, rather than rounded, styles work best. Choose a fedora or a cloché.
  • Square Face Shape: Opt for a fedora, a soft and slouchy floppy hat, or a bucket hat that will soften and round out your more angular face.
  • Oval Face Shape: If you have an oval face, you’re lucky! Almost any hat shape will suit you. You can experiment with different styles and find the one that you like the best.
  • Heart Face Shape: Select a hat with a medium brim that is wider at the bottom to help balance the proportions of the face. The best choices for you are a baseball cap, a fedora, a bucket hat, or a cloché.
  • Long Face Shape: Select a wide brim or floppy hat or a backless sun hat with a wide brim to add width and dimension to your slender face.

Ultimately, if you feel good wearing it, it’s probably the hat for you!

Happy Handbags

Carry a little bit of sunshine everywhere you go this year, no matter what style of bag you choose. (Pretty much anything goes!) Look for statement-making clutches, colorful crossbodies, or ’90s-inspired shoulder bags. Pretty much any style goes! You’ll find quirky shapes and fun textures (like straw, raffia, knotted net, or beading) trending this year. Especially be on the lookout for convertible handbags, that go from pretty top-handle bags to a crossbody just by adding a strap! (And that strap…it may well be a chain link!)

Textured Totes

If you prefer a bigger bag, this is a good season for you because totes are trending this year. Look for crochet totes, knotted net totes, or some other texture that makes them unique.

3D Elements

Finally, look for bags with 3D elements. (Yes, I’m talking about something protruding, like flowers!) This trend is coming in hot for fall 2023 too!

Statement Sunnies

Pick your favorite color. Pick some sunnies. It’s as simple as that this year!

Whew! If you’ve made it through my comprehensive 2023 Spring & Summer Style Trends post, my 2023 Spring & Summer Shoe Styles post, and this one, you are definitely equipped to shop for spring & summer! Leave me a comment and let me know how you’re planning to update your wardrobe this year, okay?

Want another look? I’ve put together all of the shoe styles I shared in this post and more in the boutique below. Click on any item you see for details, color options, pricing, and more!

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