Introducing the 2022 cabi Fall Collection

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I’m thrilled to be back again this season as a #cabisquad Ambassador! Cabi is a brand that believes that clothing should be liveable and should reflect the wearer’s personal style. According to the cabi design team, when we get dressed, we should go for a mix of “playful sophistication and easy swagger.” I love that! Cabi is a brand I think so much of and the 2022 cabi Fall Collection is an outstanding collection that I’m thrilled to share with you!

Rosy Top | Cavalier Cardigan | Button Fly Straight Jeans

What is cabi?

Cabi is a unique fashion brand created by women for women. I’m such a fan of this brand because from the initial design of a garment to when it arrives on your doorstep, they’re committed to excellence. They’re also committed to connection—believing that connection gives women confidence. From there, cabi believes all you have to do is to add in a killer outfit, and a woman can get ready for the day with the confidence to contribute to the lives of others and make a difference in the world.

Simply put, cabi pretty much believes clothes can change lives.

The power of a great outfit, y’all. I’m here for it!

Checkout Blazer | Round Trip Blouse | 5th Avenue Jean | Boss Belt | Stellar Earrings | Stellar Necklace

How cabi Works

Anchored by the belief that clothes are so much more than fabric and thread, with cabi, you get your own personal Stylist who gets to know you and recommends pieces that fit your body and lifestyle. That’s right! True to the cabi mission, each piece of cabi clothing has a relationship behind it. Whether you prefer to shop with your girlfriends or get styled one-on-one, cabi styling services are always free and designed to meet you right where you are in a setting that is comfortable for you.

Just to clarify, I am not a cabi Stylist! I don’t sell cabi clothing. I’m just an ambassador for the brand! To learn more about how it all works, you can check out the Styling Services page on the cabi website.

Replay Top | Tuxedo Leggings | Black Serenity Tee (over shoulders) | Flashback Earrings | Flashback Necklace

The Inspiration Behind cabi Fall Collection

With patterns inspired by natural landscapes, and fabrics that feel like a breath of fresh air, the cabi Fall Collection has something for everyone! It’s full of dramatic silhouettes that will inspire you and leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the world!

Black Serenity Tee | Cool It Crop | Flashback Earrings | Flashback Necklace

Whether you’re looking for casual looks, mix-and-match styles to wear to work, or something for your next dressy occasion, you’ll find it all in this season’s collection.

Head to my Instagram page for more on the 2022 cabi Fall Collection! To check out the entire collection for yourself, click HERE.

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