A Career as a cabi Stylist + Why It’s a Good Empty Nester Job

Empty Nest Blessed by Suzy Mighell
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Have you ever considered a career as a cabi Stylist? I have! I told you in THIS post that before I started Empty Nest Blessed nearly seven years ago, I seriously considered it! , But I felt strongly that the Lord was calling me to share a broader message with empty nesters. I love fashion, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to talk about things aside from style as well. Things like travel and parenting adult kids are some of my favorite topics to share with you!

Still, statistically speaking, my fashion posts are your favorites, and so for me, having the opportunity to work with cabi as a #cabisquad Ambassador this past year has been such a fun “full-circle” moment! I think so much of this women-owned and women-oriented brand, and I’ve talked to so many women who tell me that working as a cabi Stylist is a fun and flexible career choice that has provided much-needed purpose in their midlife years!

cabi stylist showing looks from cabi's spring collection 2022

What Makes a Good cabi Stylist?

The best cabi Stylists I know are women who have a great sense of style and who believe in the power of a great outfit. They enjoy fashion and love helping others find their unique style. They want to build relationships with women and help them discover and strengthen their personal sense of style.

items from cabi's spring 2022 collection

What Do cabi Stylists Do?

Cabi Stylists work to build relationships with their clients, and they want to come alongside them to help them feel confident and well-put together every single day. After all, everyone gets dressed in the morning, and what we wear and how we present ourselves says a lot about our expectations for the day!

cabi stylist Amy Seago sharing fashion advice

Cabi Stylists offer guided styling experiences.

In addition to these styling events and services mentioned above, cabi Stylists also have the opportunity to earn through self-serve options for their clients.

  • All stylists are given a personal website where clients can make purchases anytime.
  • With the free cabi Tap app, clients get outfit and styling ideas and can shop on the go.
  • Cabi Stylists have the opportunity to curate personalized looks for clients via the Curated by cabi service.
a cabi fashion experience guest browsing current styles

Why Women Choose a Career as a cabi Stylist

The best cabi Stylists that I know have a heart for serving and supporting others. They want to build relationships and truly understand the needs of women, and they enjoy curating and styling fashion. Many of them were looking for flexible career options, and a career as a cabi Stylist just made sense — whether they started as a mom with toddlers or as an empty nester looking for a purpose once the kids left the nest.

The cabi Stylists I’ve talked to tell me the idea of liberating financial freedom and the opportunity to build a nest egg are great reasons to choose a career as a cabi Stylist. Several of them talked about how inspiring it was to be a part of a collaborative women-owned and oriented business that was supportive and encouraging.

a cabi fashion experice guests browsing current styles

Want to Learn More?

There are several ways to learn more about a career as a cabi Stylist.

The cabi Fall 2022 Collection

Did you hear the news? cabi’s Fall 2022 Collection launched last weekend! I had an opportunity to attend a virtual fashion show on Saturday, and I will tell you, it is an amazing collection.

I’m thrilled to let you know that cabi has invited me back as a Fall 2022 Ambassador, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the new collection with you in the upcoming months! As a member of #cabisquad, I don’t actually sell cabi clothing! Instead, my job is to support cabi Stylists, share styling ideas, and spread the word about this fantastic brand.

Be sure to check out the new Fall 2022 Collection, and be sure you’re following me on Instagram to see more of it in the upcoming months!

Suzy Mighell

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  1. So I’ve always wanted to know about the shoes the models in the catalog wear and could never get any additional information. Can you?

    1. Nylse,

      You are so right, Nylse, the shoes are always so cute! I think a professional stylist brings them to shoots for the models. Unfortunately, cabi doesn’t sell shoes.

      Great question, though!


  2. Thankyou Sizy for the career information. About being a Cabi. I remember you gave information about being a blogger . Who does your photography ? Do you have information about being a photographer for bloggers like yourself. Or anymore information about careers for emptynesters via virtual . That are financially secure and flexible. Thankyou for all you do. Also I love content about Adult children as well.

    1. Robin,

      Thank you for your kind words. Bob shoots all of my images on my iPhone 13Pro. (Or I shoot them myself using a tripod. My neighbors think I’m crazy! 😂) Most bloggers do the same.

      I’ve written on that topic before, but it’s been a while. I will do it again soon!


    2. Thankyou for your response I’m a emptynester looking for a home bed business career ideas vis virtual. If you or your readers have any advice I’m open . Thankyou

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