My Amazon Travel Must-Haves & Why I Love Them

Empty Nest Blessed by Suzy Mighell

One of the best things about being an empty nester is having the freedom to travel whenever you want! Like, every season is travel season! I know many of you are taking big family vacations this summer, just like we are! (I shared where we’re going and what we’re doing in THIS post.) Today, I’m sharing my Amazon travel must-haves with you!

15 Amazon Travel Must-Haves

  1. Foldable Travel Hangers & Drying Rack│These non-slip, lightweight, retractable hangers are fantastic for travel. I take mine every time we go for longer than a weekend. You never know what’s been in those hotel room drawers 😝, and hanging everything will reduce wrinkles and help you clearly see what you brought.
  2. Self-Cleaning, Water-Purifying, Reusable Water Bottle | I’ve saved a ton by foregoing those overpriced airport disposable water bottles! This UV-sanitizing water bottle ensures that my drinking water is always safe and clean. Bob has one in blue!
  3. Lightweight, Mini Blow Dryer│Those gross blow dryers at hotels can get too hot and damage your hair! I have an older version of this tiny (3.5″ x 5.3″) travel dryer that comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments + a dual voltage plug for international travel. Don’t let the size fool you! It packs a whopping 1200v of power.
  4. Jewelry Travel Organizer│Y’all know I love jewelry! This helps me coordinate all of my bejeweled accessories and access them easily. It’s great that it folds up like an envelope to slip easily into the room safe or your suitcase.
  5. White Noise Machine│No more waking up in noising hotels because people are slamming doors! This little machine masks all the sounds.
  6. Lightweight Packing Cubes + Cosmetic Bag│Packing cubes keep you organized and help you maximize space in your suitcase. This 8-piece packing cube set is an updated version of the set I use and includes a laundry bag, makeup bag, and shoe bag. Click through for color options.
  7. Fast-Charging, Portable Charger│This cute portable charger fits right in the bottom of the phone and it stays put! It charges from 20% to 60% just in 30 minutes! The sleek design means I can keep using my phone and it doesn’t get in the way! My favorite feature is the LED display that shows how much current power is left. That means I don’t have to guess whether need to charge it or not! So helpful!
  8. Electronic & Cable Travel Organizer│I’ve got different cords for my iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad! Not to mention other devices like my heated eyelash curler and my magnifying lighted compact mirror! Gotta keep them all organized!
  9. Airplane Pocket Organizer & Tray Table Cover│I used one of these machine washable organizers/tray covers even before Covid! I love how it provides storage for my reading material and water bottle and also covers the tray table when I open it for snack time 😋. Flight attendants always ask me about it!
  10. Handheld Garment Steamer│I’ve tried other, smaller steamers, but this steamer is the best! It goes with me on all of my trips and works on everything from cotton to silk.
  11. Magnifying Compact Mirror with Light│At our age, good lighting, and a magnifying mirror are must-haves! This little rechargeable number provides both!
  12. Handheld Luggage Scale│This lightweight digital scale comes everywhere with me! When I travel, I offload (gifts, products I use up, etc.) but I also tend to pick up new clothes, gifts, etc. No one wants a surprise upcharge at the airport!
  13. Toiletry Travel Bag with Hanging Hook│This baby holds a TON of lotions and potions. The quality is primo and the various zippered compartments keep me organized. I use one for hair products, one for dental 😁 products like toothpaste and teeth whitener, and one for body products like my compact travel razor, etc.
  14. Lightweight Packable Backpack│Bob and I both use these and we’ve taken them all over the world. They’re compact, light, and perfect for sightseeing, bike rides, or even as beach bags!
  15. Pashmina Shawl/Wrap│I freeze on planes and sometimes in, er, aggressively😂, air-conditioned restaurants. This lightweight wrap comes in about a billion colors and the quality and price are fantastic!

Amazon Travel Must-Haves: Runners Up!

  • Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow | This is a road trip Amazon travel must-have! You’ve probably seen this ergonomic inflatable upright pillow featured in the media! It rolls up compactly for storage, and it keeps your head and neck from falling forward when you fall asleep. (I hate it when that happens! 🤪)
  • Mesh Shell Bags | In May’s SO in the KNOW post, I shared a cute Etsy shell bag that my daughter customized for me and gave me for Christmas last year. If you don’t want to mess with personalization, etc. this set of 5 similar mesh shell bags is a deal! (They can also be used for small beach toys.)
  • Beach Towel Chair Clips | We love the breeze on the beach, but it can get crazy when your towel is blowing everywhere! These cool towel clips prevent that!
  • UPF 50+ UV Protective Umbrella | This ultra-lightweight and compact umbrella was a life-saver when we toured Italy, Greece, and Turkey a few years ago! It kept me cool and helped my sunscreen work overtime. Everyone asked me where I got it!
  • Tote Organizer | I lift this felt tote bag organizer out of one tote and put it in another when I travel! With slots for my phone, my iPad, sunglasses, wallet, and more, it helps me quickly put my hands on what I need.
  • Floating Waterproof Smart Phone Pouch | This clever pouch comes in handy at the beach, on the log ride at Walt Disney World (!), and when you’re kayaking, river rafting, etc. You can actually use the touch screen on your phone right through the pouch!
  • MQ All Natural Motion Sickness Patch | I discovered these 100% natural patches a few years ago because I am SO susceptible to motion sickness BUT the prescription patches and even the Less-Drowsy Dramamine make me so sleepy! (Like, I get motion sick when I snorkel! That’s how sensitive I am!) These patches work for me!

I’ve loved sharing my Amazon travel must-haves with you! All of the items I shared with you today, plus a lot more are in the Travel Essentials list up on the Empty Nest Blessed Amazon page. You can check out the full list right HERE or by clicking the link below.

shop the emtpy nest blessed amazon page

When you’re an empty nester, every season is travel season! I think it’s one of the very best things about the empty nest! Let me know where you’re headed next in the comments and if you have a travel must-have that you love, okay?

Suzy Mighell

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  1. We escape Houston heat every August. This year to northern Michigan! So many golf courses and hoping our house on Lake Michigan will catch the breeze in a small town- Petosky.
    I always take a hat -either foldable or better type to toss in the car. Best- Scala or Wallaroo.

    1. Jeanell,

      Your summer trip sounds wonderful! Enjoy northern Michigan! I’ve heard it’s incredible! Thanks so much for sharing your hats! Yes, I’m big on hats as well! (My faves just don’t come from Amazon, so I couldn’t include them!)

      I’m grateful to you for reading and commenting, sweet Jeanell!


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