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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to grab my friend, Debra, and attend an in-home cabi Fashion Experience! It was a night out with the girls and a party atmosphere that was all about friends, fun, and fashion. And I had a blast!

On cabi Stylist Amy Seago: Jigsaw Top | Scholarship Blazer | White 100% Boyfriend (Jeans)

On me: Bloom Top | Easy Pullover | The Skinny (Jeans) | Baseline Scarf

Throughout this post, I’ll be sharing a few more looks from the 2022 cabi Spring Collection (To see others, check out THIS post.)

REVERSIBLE Celebrate Dress (It’s oh-so-flattering thanks to the ruching in the center!)

The cabi Mission

Cabi is a brand that was created by women for women. They’re committed to connection—believing that connection gives women confidence. Simply put, cabi pretty much believes clothes can change lives! With a killer outfit, a woman can get ready for the day with confidence, ready to contribute to the lives of others and make a difference in the world.

Helping women thrive is at the heart of everything cabi does as a brand. As a company, they believe that when we are in relationship with one another, we’re better—whether we’re doing life together, helping each other explore our personal style, or building businesses alongside each other. They believe that a woman’s true style—whether in fashion or in life—is best discovered when she’s connected with other women.

two women at a cabi in home show

On a Thursday night in April, I grabbed my sweet friend, Debra, and we headed out for a night of shopping and fun! We made some great friends, tried on some beautiful clothes, and had an amazing time!

Big cabi fan Erin, was our hostess for the evening. She opened up her home, invited her friends, and was kind enough to let us crash the party. After introductions, chit-chat, and refreshments, cabi Stylist Amy Seago got things going by handing out catalogs and pens, encouraging all of us to mark our favorite looks as she shared, or follow along on the cabi tap app.

cabi stylist Amy Seago sharing fashion advice

Amy is holding the Swish Pullover in her right hand| Over Amy’s left shoulder is the Serenity Tee | Amy is holding the Wrap Skirt in her left hand

Amy shared the hot spring trends and showed how cabi interpreted those trends in a wearable, fashion-friendly manner, focusing on pattern mixing and styling ideas for various pieces. One of my favorite things about cabi is the way they design styles with on-trend color palettes that coordinate with one another, making it fun to play with fashion and imagine new ways to put things together.

On Left Display:

On Right Display:

After sharing multiple outfit ideas from cabi’s Spring 2022 Collection, we all had pieces picked out that we wanted to try on. Once Amy finished, it was time to browse! Our hostess pointed out a few rooms and bathrooms she had designated as try-on spaces, and everyone descended on the clothing rack!

After trying things on, modeling them for friends, and getting great size and styling advice from our cabi Stylist, people checked out with Amy. Checking out was easy! The most difficult thing about the entire process was deciding what to buy and what to skip!

Cabi provides free delivery and returns, so size adjustments can easily be made simply in consultation with your personal cabi Stylist. The next day I received a sweet note from Amy with confirmation of my order and information about the estimated delivery timeline. (Cabi is experiencing a few supply-chain issues, just like most major brands.)

Queue Tank | Button Fly Short | Mixed Stitch V-Neck (sweater)

Want to Host Your Own cabi Fashion Experience?

If you want to gather a group of friends and host either an in-home or virtual cabi Fashion Experience, you can click HERE for more information. Hostesses receive some great Hostess Incentives!

Other Ways to Shop cabi

Many thanks to our hostess Erin, my friend Debra for making the evening extra fun, and especially to cabi Stylist Amy Seago for making cabi fashion personal and confidence-building for so many women (including me)!

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  1. To tell the truth, I fall in love with such atmospheric parties as in-home cabi Fashion Experience because they are the best way to spend your time in a relaxed setting with your friends and be filled with unforgettable emotions. I think that Cabi has such an original idea and brings a really significant message to the masses. I think that it is really important for a clothing brand to inspire people and stand out with its unique concept between others. Without any doubts, Cabi performs these tasks to a great extent and I completely share their policy that a woman’s true style is best discovered when she’s connected with other women because cohesion makes a great difference for women. You can open the wonderful sides in each other and help each other to manifest yourself which is really important. I fell in love with all these clothes because it seems to me that they all help you to shine and the color scheme is so harmonious.

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