My Daily Hair Care Routine + 4 Springtime Hair Care Tips

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Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get that hair ready for sun, fun, and (Yes, I’m gonna say it…) humidity! 😬 As we turn the corner and head toward warmer weather, I’m thinking about lightening up, pumping up the shine, and protecting my hair against humidity. How about you? I thought it would be fun to take you through my daily hair care routine and share my best springtime hair care tips along the way!

Springtime Hair Care Tip #1: Get a Fresh Trim

If you haven’t had a cut in a while, it may be time to schedule one for spring! Experts say you know it’s time for a trim if:

  1. You have split or dry ends.
  2. You see breakage and thinning.
  3. Your hair feels rough and dry to the touch, even after conditioning.
  4. You’re growing out your gray or growing out highlights. (A trim can help blend those varying shades.)

If you don’t have a stylist you love, consider finding a new one! Ask friends whose hair you admire for a recommendation and make an appointment for a consultation. Most good stylists will do those for free, and it will give you a chance to see if the stylist is a good listener, is attuned to what you’re looking for, or even has a new styling, cut, or color idea for your hair.

Springtime Hair Care Tip #2: Find the Right Shampoo & Conditioner

woman over 50 showing hair biology vivid and protected shampoo and conditioner

If you don’t have a shampoo and conditioner you love, it’s time for a switcheroo! I’m such a fan of Hair Biology haircare. It’s formulated for the unique hair needs of women over 45

Just like the skincare products we use when we’re over fifty are different from those we used in our thirties, our haircare products need to be different too! As we age, it’s critical that we use haircare that works with our changing hair biology! We need to replenish the nutrients and protein our hair loses as we age and infuse it with things like biotin, well-known to support strong, healthy-looking hair.

This year, Hair Biology came out with a new, sulfate-free Vivid & Protected line, made specifically for colored hair. It’s no secret that I color my hair! With a warm undertone to my skin and a dad who is a redhead, I’m all about red highlights in the fall and reddish-golden highlights in the spring! My highlights blend with my grays, giving my overall color dimension and movement.

I use the Vivid & Protected shampoo and conditioner every time I wash. Since I work out 5 days a week, I typically wash every day or every other day. Since I started using the Vivid & Protected line, I’ve noticed that my color doesn’t fade out—it stays truer to the color I paid for at the salon.

Springtime Hair Care Tip #3: Deep Condition 2-3x a Week

woman over 50 showing hair biology deep

If you aren’t regularly deep conditioning your hair, you need to be! Regularly deep conditioning two or three times a week can help prevent extreme dryness, which leads to split ends, and eventually breakage. I use Hair Biology’s Color Sealing Mask to keep my hair healthy, discourage breakage, and encourage pliability and strength.

The Color Sealing Mask seals the hair surface, which helps protect from color fade-out and keeps my color vibrant longer! It’s sulfate-free and moisturizing, which means it’s a great product if your hair is coarse, gray, or color-treated, like mine. It weightlessly nourishes my hair for more volume, shine, and hydration.

Springtime Hair Care Tip#4: Get Your Shine On & Combat Humidity

woman over 50 showing hair biology argan oil taming serum

I’ve been on a quest for shiny hair all my life! As we age, changing hormones cause the oil glands in our scalp to shrink, preventing our body’s natural oils from reaching our hair. This decreases hydration and inhibits shine. (Fun fact: Hair has no oil glands of its own, so it needs the oils made in the scalp to help it stay hydrated.)

I found what I was looking for in Hair Biology’s Argan Oil Taming Serum! It’s my favorite product in the entire Hair Biology line! It’s designed to absorb weightlessly and nourish dull, dry hair, combating frizziness. It’s infused my hair with shine and helped strengthen it against damage. It’s my secret weapon against humidity, smoothing and taming the unruly flyaways that can make my curls look wiry and dehydrated.

To use, I shake it and pump a few drops into the palm of one hand. Then I rub my hands together to distribute the product evenly. Next, I lightly scrunch my hair from mid-length to the ends. Next, I attach the diffuser to my blow dryer and scrunch to encourage the curls.

woman over 50 showing off her hairstyle after applying springtime haircare tips

As the weather changes, our hair care should change too! I hope you’ve found my springtime hair care tips helpful! I’d love to know your favorite tips for springtime hair. Warm weather is ahead, my friends!

hair biology vivid and protected shampoo and conditioner, color sealing mask, argan oil taming serum

Hair Biology products are only available at or at Target stores. (Read that: They’re well-priced, easy-to-find, and so convenient to pick up on your next Target run!) If you haven’t tried them yet, I encourage you to consider incorporating them into your spring hair care routine.

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  1. Hi, Suzy! I’m a big Hair Biology fan, too! I recently discovered the Argan Oil Taming Serum and absolutely love it! I was getting so frustrated with those wiry gray hairs that just wouldn’t cooperate.😂 The serum has been the answer. I just wanted to back you up on the recommendation. Thanks for all the fun and informative content!👏🏻

    1. Angie,

      Isn’t it the best? I’m so glad you agree and that you love it too. It tames gray flyaways, humidity frizzies, and even hair that’s been damaged by too much color! Thank you so much for sharing your endorsement!


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