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Well, I wasn’t able to get a SO in the KNow post up in February! Sorry about that. I could blame it on the short month, but really, I think it has to do with being on the go a lot that month. Time just got away from me! But have no fear, I’ve been accumulating some cool info to share with you all along the way, and I’ve got a lot of great tea ☕ to spill today.

In fact, I have so much to share that we’re going to, um, pretend it’s February! Expect another SO in the KNOW post for March in a couple of weeks! With the first day of spring on March 20 this year, there’s so much I want to share with you! After all, it’s important to keep learning and growing when you’re an empty nester, and I’m here to help you do just that! Here’s what I’m learning & loving in my empty nest right now.

What I’m Learning

I’ve learned so much this month! Let’s dive in, shall we?

Get Organized Affordably

Do you watch Get Organized With the Home Edit on Netflix? On the show, “expert home organizers Cleo and Joanna help celebrities and everyday clients edit, categorize and contain their clutter to create stunning spaces.” If you haven’t seen the show, maybe you’ve read their best-selling book, The Home Edit Life: The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything. (They’re coming out with a new one called The Home Edit: Feel-Good Organizing later this week! Pre-order HERE.)

Cleo and Joanna make organizing fun and colorful! The products they use on the show to help organize clients’ homes are NOW available at Walmart! If you’ve been meaning to get things organized now that the kids are out of the nest, or if you’re downsizing right now, these are the products you need! You can browse The Home Edit at Walmart HERE.

Speaking of Getting Organized…

Joy Creative Shop Spring Cleaning Printable

My pals at Joy Creative Shop have produced another one of their popular FREE printables. This month, it’s a Spring Cleaning to-do list! (Download it HERE.) While you’re at the Joy Creative Shop website, you might also want to take a look around! Remember you can take 10% off your entire Joy Creative Shop purchase with the promo code ENB10. My favorites for spring? Their scallop collection! More installments to that sweet collection coming soon!

Staying Cozy At Home

I know I’m not alone when I say that home has become more precious to me in the past two years! It feels more like a refuge and a place where I can take care of myself. Along the way, self-care and cozy “at home” products have become more important to me too! I’m not alone in that!

Did you know that between 2019 and 2020, Google searches for self-care-related products increased 250%? It’s true! Where do most of those searches lead? Amazon, of course! Self-care products make great gifts for loved ones, and Easter and Mother’s Day are right around the corner, When I learned recently that Amazon had a special category just for “Cozy & Wellness” products, I just knew I had to share it with you! I thought you might like a direct link, so HERE it is!

How to Pick the Best Sunscreen for YOU

With warmer weather on the way, it might be time to buy fresh sunscreen! Sunscreens are required by the FDA to remain at their original strengths for at least three years. But dermatologists say to pay attention to that expiration date! When you hit it, it’s time for a new bottle.

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Supergoop and its amazing sun protection products! An ENB follower asked me the other day if Supergoop was an offshoot of Gweneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop. That’s a great question! The answer is no. Supergoop was founded in 2007 by Holly Thaggard, after one of her friends was diagnosed with skin cancer. Her background was in teaching, and her objective was to build a brand that would encourage people to make healthy choices in their daily regimen. Supergoop ​is the only prestige skincare brand completely dedicated to UV protection. 

I don’t know about you, but I always used to think of sun protection as an extra step, but with Supergoop’s products, it doesn’t feel like an extra step, but rather, a normal part of my beauty routine. I think a lot of women think their tinted moisturizer or foundation with SPF is enough, but according to dermatologists, to apply it as generously as you should to get the needed protection, you would need to over-apply so much that it wouldn’t look natural! What I love about Supergoop is that the products absorb into your skin and disappear completely while delivering hydration with good-for-you ingredients. 

Here are my favorite Supergoop products and why I love them.

  • Unseen Sunscreen SPF40 – One of the best-selling sunscreens in the world, this totally invisible, weightless, scentless sunscreen has a velvety finish that layers well under makeup, and is full of antioxidants. I use this on my face and neck every day!
  • Play Sunscreen SPF50 – This water and sweat resistant body and face sunscreen is hydrating, goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave a residue. Bob loves it too (but prefers the SPF 30 spray version for speed of application!), and now it’s all he’ll use! I use Play Sunscreen on any body parts that will see the sun (!) every single day.
  • Lipscreen SPF 40 – This invisible, non-sticky gloss adds SPF 40 protection to any lip color you use. (Or to your bare lips!).
  • (Re)setting Refreshing Mist SPF 40According to experts, if we’re outdoors, we should reapply sunscreen every two hours! (Less often if you’re indoors all day.) This setting mist is perfect for reapplication and it won’t mess up your makeup. I use it in the afternoon if I’m headed out to do errands, meet friends, or for a photo shoot. It’s weightless and the mist is very fine, so it won’t leave your face drenched!
  • Healthy Glow Sunless Tan SPF 40 – This is honestly the only self-tanner I use! The spray application can get messy, so I get into the (dry) shower, spray into my hands, and apply like lotion. The color is natural and buildable, and I’m protected. When I reach the desired level of tan, I just switch over to Play Sunscreen for a few days.
  • Shimmershade Eyeshadow SPF 30 – This is the very first eyeshadow with SPF 30! IT comes in four shimmery shades. While I think it’s a little too shimmery for everyday use in the winter months 😂, it’s great for a beach trip! I own all four shades!

Not sure which Supergoop SPF product is right for you? Take THIS quick QUIZ to find out.

What I’m Loving

1. Gal Pal Deoderant Remover

gal pal deoderant remover sitting on marble countertop

The Gal Pal Deodorant Remover Sponge is a wardrobe must-have, friends! It instantly removes white deodorant streaks from clothing with no water! I keep mine in my bra drawer! All you do is rub the affected area to remove deodorant streaks. If it doesn’t completely come off, dampen the sponge, squeeze out excess moisture, and repeat.

2. Dewy Skin Mist

We’re ALL after dewy skin that’s not shiny but looks hydrated and youthful. Right? Last month I told you about THIS shine spray that would infuse your hair with shine and luster. Think of this as a similar product, but for your face! Shake gently and spray the fine mist on your face after applying your makeup for an instant dewy, luminous (but not shiny) look. You can use it throughout the day to rehydrate. I always spray this on right before date night or if we’re headed out to our couples Bible Study or dinner with friends. At Sephora HERE. At Amazon HERE.

3. Eyeliner Blending Brush

I’m just gonna say it. Gals, at age 50 plus there are two beauty rules you probably need to know. Number one, you need to wear a little eyeliner or eye pencil at the base of your upper lash line to make your lashes look thicker. (We lose lashes as we age.) Number 2, you need to blend that harsh line. It will soften the lines that you create with your liquid eyeliner or eye pencil, leaving a more natural look. This eyeliner blending brush is exactly the tool you need!

4. CZ Initial Pendant Necklace

CZ Initial Necklace | Knit Black Lounge Dress from my recent Spring Dress Styles post. (Comes in several other colors.) | Black Drop Earrings

This CZ Initial Necklace was $49, but now it’s 30% off, so it’s just $34.50! (Free shipping/returns.) The baguette stones look real! and I love the delicate and feminine chain. When you click through, it may look like there are only a few letters still available, but that’s incorrect! Use the dropdown menu by clicking the down arrow that looks like THIS 🔻 to find your letter.

5. So Slimming, No-Stain White Girlfriend Jeans

Okay, okay, so I know your closet is probably full of white jeans. Me too! But when I saw THIS pair, I knew I had to have them. First of all, the cut is classic and clean, and they have a slimming panel built right into the front to keep everything looking slim and trim. 🙌 Second, the ankle length means they will work great with anything from pumps to flip flops. But most importantly (at least if you’re a spiller like me 😬), they feature Stain-Repel, Bright-White™ technology, which means that the white color will stay true for up to 20 washes (no yellowing! 🎉) and they will repel water-based spills. This is a game-changer, y’all! Available in sizes 00-20. Check them out HERE.

6. Colorful Kitchen Clips

Have you heard of Cook with Color? They make colorful, beautiful, modern kitchen accessories to match your kitchen! That’s right! My kitchen is not pink, but you know I’m pink-crazed! When I jumped on Amazon to order some more chip clips, I discovered this fun brand! Check out their brand page on Amazon and see what you can find to brighten up your kitchen!

7. Detachable Dickey

Fake collars used to be a wardrobe staple back in the day! A friend recently recommended this 100% cotton, under $10 dickey when we were talking about the weird temperature fluctuations we get here in Dallas. It comes in white, black, and pink.

8. Nail Strengthener

Think of this as a personal trainer for your nails! With the harsh winter air and nearly non-stop handwashing, you may find your natural nails need a little between manicure TLC! This conditioning treatment creates bonds to lock in moisture and flexibility. Brush on two coats to let your nails rejuvenate between manicures. It creates a protective barrier against daily wear and tear (i.e., typing, texting, sanitizing, etc.). Choose from pink and violet. I noticed a difference after just three days!

9. Spring Cardigan

I’m always in search of a good cardigan. They’re the layering piece we just can’t do without, but a good one isn’t always easy to find! The tricky thing about cardigans can be the length. The sweet spots are (1) below the hips/booty and (2) waist-length. If they hit in between, they can cut you off in a weird place and make you look larger than you are. When I found this waist-length fitted, v-neck spring-weight cardigan that comes in seven colors, there was much rejoicing! 🙌🤸‍♀️💃 The quality is good, it’s the perfect weight for spring, and the colors are beautiful. For more info, click HERE.

10. Pearl Apple Watch Band

woman's wrist with an apple watch with a pearl apple watch band on it

Pearls are THE accessory trend for 2022, and I’m so excited! They’re an easy and inexpensive way to dress up all of your looks! We’ve been working on a pearl clothing, shoe, and accessory post for weeks, and I was going to publish it this week, but I needed to get this SO in the KNOW out, so we pushed it to next Tuesday. I think you’re really going to love it. 😀 Here’s your sneak peek! This sweet pearl Apple watch band is inexpensive and oh-so pretty!

11. Let’s Talk Tulle (Ribbon)

9 tulle ribbon rolls of various colors sitting on a countertop

Most empty nesters are big present wrappers! I am. From Valentine’s gifts for kids to birthdays, Mother’s Day, and more, I feel like I’m always wrapping or mailing gifts! I’ve got the best gift wrap hack for you! When I’m on the go, packing gifts in my suitcase, or sending things through the mail, it can be tough to keep my bows looking fresh and perky. Enter tulle ribbon! I’ve literally tossed all other bows, and this set of 9 tulle ribbon rolls is all I use!

12. Decorative Tray

Kate and Laurel Lipton Decorative Tray with Polished Gold Metal Handles, Soft Pink with coffee table books and monogrammed candle on top

Lacquered Wooden Tray with Metal Handles (other colors available) | COFFEE TABLE BOOKS: Yves Saint Laurent: The Complete Haute Couture Collections * Welcome Home: A Cozy Minimalist Guide to Decorating and Hosting All Year Round * London in Bloom | Monogrammed Candle Holder | Pink Leopard Print Ginger Jar | Pink Peonies

In my continuing quest to find office decor I love, I found this pretty Kate & Lauren Lipton soft pink decorative lacquered wooden tray on Amazon! It has gold metal handles, comes in a variety of colors including polished wood, and you can choose between gold and silver handle options. In fact, I was super impressed with everything in the Kate & Laurel shop on Amazon. Check out my chic tray HERE and browse the entire shop HERE.

13. Collapsible Backpack

In my recent post about our Disney Trip, I shared THIS awesome ultralight portable backpack with you. I thought it was worth mentioning again, since some of you may have skipped that post. (Understandable if you’re not heading to Disney soon!). This little daypack collapses into its own zippered pocket for portability. It has a large main compartment, a front zipper pocket, an internal zippered pocket, and 2 mesh side pockets. I put my water bottle in one of the mesh side pockets and my sunscreen in the other when we’re on the go! It’s been all over the world with me.

I hope you feel SO in the KNOW, my friends! Coming up this weekend, I’ve got another installment in my Tackle Your Tech series. I’m going to be teaching you something easy, quick, and really fun! Plus, I’ll have all of the ENB weekly bestsellers, all the good scoop from the week, and of course, a rundown of all of the best weekend sales. I don’t want you to miss it, so if you’re not subscribed to my newsletters, you might want to consider it. You can do that HERE. xoxo

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