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It’s time for another Splurge or Save roundup…..New Year’s Edition! We wanted to get this post out before the holidays, but we just ran out of time! Still, these posts are usually reader favorites, so we decided to go ahead and publish this post. After all, it’s always fun to compare designer-inspired looks and hard-to-beat prices, and with the after-Christmas sales going on, lots of our “splurge” items are now on sale too!

Our designer-inspired items below are not counterfeit items (That would be illegal!), but rather, they’re similar items that do not have the designer logo. Sometimes they’re made from lesser-quality materials, but not always! Also, you should know that not all of the items in this post are designer dupes, some are just similar, brand-name items at major savings! For example, I found this identical quilted jacket for $60 cheaper than the original (which of course comes in more color options).

It’s hard to believe the savings that you can score by opting for a lookalike over the actual designer logo! I like to shop from both the Splurge and the Save items because some of the Splurge items are savings in themselves. With all of the post-holiday deals going on, if you do decide to splurge, often you’re still saving!

As always, click on any pink text link or image in this post for more information or to shop.

Splurge or Save – Cozy Cardis and Loungewear

Splurge or Save – Shoes

Splurge or Save – Handbags and Wallets

Early 2022 Faves!

Some of my faves on the list below are actually on the Splurge side, including my go-to faux leather leggings from Spanx, and the “S” initial pendant necklace. Sometimes, you just have to splurge!

Gift Ideas

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean the gifting stops! With birthdays, baby, and bridal showers on the horizon (and more!), know that the designer lookalike items below will make great gifts for your precious ones! For example, well-priced eyeshadow pallet is inspired by the ever-popular Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Also, these silk pillowcases are my favorite, or you can opt for the more affordable satin ones instead, which are still great for your skin and hair.

Whether you decide to splurge or to save, I hope this post helped you start off 2022 in a fun, light way! I’d love to know if you’ve come across other great designer lookalikes as you shopped around during the holiday season, so please leave a comment and spill the tea!

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