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When you’re an empty nester with adult kids, you’re always looking for meaningful ways to spend time with them. I know I am! So with our 25-year-old musical theater actress daughter, Becca, working at a theater in Virginia this holiday season, I was on the lookout for something fun we could do together remotely. Thanks to cabi, I found it! (And I got some of my Christmas shopping taken care of along the way!)

On Becca (above): Elsa Pullover

On Suzy (above): Printed Lean Legging & Never Say Never Sweatshirt

You may remember in my post on 6 Ways to Shop cabi, I told you that one of the coolest ways you could shop with a cabi Stylist is a Personal Styling Session. It’s an ideal option if you’re preparing for something like a special event or vacation or if you would be more comfortable shopping one-on-one than with your girlfriends in a larger cabi Fashion Experience.

I’d already participated in a cabi Virtual Styling Experience with friends, but my daughter’s performing schedule precluded her from participating, so I decided that a Personal Styling Session just for the two of us was a perfect idea. It would allow us to connect long-distance over two things we both love: fashion and cabi. I also knew no one would be as honest with me about my style choices as my daughter 😳😂!

About cabi’s Personal Styling Session

woman over 50 wearing cabi printed lean legging and never say never sweatshirt

Printed Lean Legging | Never Say Never Sweatshirt

I know you all know I love a graphic tee with a great message! I think “Never Say Never” is an awesome motto for women over 50. If you’d told me 10 years ago what my job would be today, I would never have believed you, because I would have been WAY too afraid to put myself out there and give it a try. Starting ENB was such an act of courage for me!

During a Personal Styling Session, your cabi Stylist will meet with you one-on-one (either virtually or in-person) to help you with your personal styling needs. From building a capsule wardrobe to prepping your upcoming vacation looks, your Stylist customizes the time just for you. (If you don’t already have a cabi Stylist in your area, you can connect with one HERE.)

Becca and cabi

Elsa Pullover (Becca loved this sweater!)

You may remember that I told you in my very first post cabi post that before I started Empty Nest Blessed, I shopped almost exclusively with cabi! In fact, I almost became a cabi stylist instead of a blogger! I first fell in love with the brand when Becca and I were asked to host a cabi Fashion Experience in our home as a fund-raiser for her Christian school. It was the first of several we hosted, and to my (initial) surprise, Becca fell in love with cabi too!

Of course, not every cabi piece is age-appropriate for a high school girl—or even a 25-year-old, for that matter! But, because cabi’s styles are such classics, each season, there are pieces that appeal across generations—or even that some people might consider more age-appropriate for younger women than older women.

So, long story short, Becca jumped at the opportunity to do a Personal Styling Session with me! We scheduled it for early December.

How a cabi Personal Styling Session Works

The first thing our cabi Stylist did was have us both download the cabi Tap app. From there, we each created a personal profile, which included our size information as well as any recently purchased cabi items. Then we gave our cabi Stylist access to our profiles so that she could learn more about us before our session.

Our Stylist asked us to look through the cabi fall styles on the cabi Tap app and “favorite” anything that appealed to us. That would help her know which items to pull and share during our styling session. The day before our Styling Session, she sent us a Zoom link so we could log in at the right time.

During Our cabi Personal Styling Session

After introductions, our cabi Stylist, Amy, chatted with us in order to get a better feel for our lifestyles and fashion needs. Then the fun began! She showed us the pieces we had favorited, making suggestions along the way about how items could work into our lives or work back with cabi pieces we already owned.

screenshot from a mother/daughter virtual cabi Personal Styling Session with a cabi stylist

Our cabi Stylist, Amy, gave us great styling ideas. In the screenshot above, she’s showing us the Daydream Dress (which I had favorited), styled as a jacket. I would never have thought of that! (BTW, the cute pink jacket Amy is wearing in this screenshot is the Cheeky Topper.)

screenshot from a mother/daughter virtual cabi Personal Styling Session with a cabi stylist showing a piece close up

Since our Personal Styling Session was virtual rather than in-person, there were a few times that we asked for a closer look at pieces in order to better discern the color, texture, and details. Amy was happy to give us a close-up view, and a few times, she even slipped on a piece to give us a better idea of what it would look like on an actual person. In the screenshot above, she’s showing us a closeup of the cozy Campfire Pullover, which was an item Becca liked.

The mother/daughter aspect was so much fun, and our session was full of comments like, “Mom, NO! You can’t wear that!” and “Ohhh, that looks like YOU!” Thankfully our Stylist Amy has daughters close to Becca’s age, so our sassy back-and-forth banter came as no surprise to her! 😂

At the end of our hour-long session, there was absolutely no pressure to purchase. We signed off with our Amy, and immediately FaceTimed each other. Then (as mothers and daughters tend to do) we dissected the entire experience! 🤣 We talked about which pieces we liked, which might be good for gifts, etc.

We wanted to have that discussion quickly while everything we’d seen was fresh in our minds. We made purchasing decisions that were within our budget, and the next day, I emailed our order to Amy. She placed the order on our behalf and let us know that we should contact her directly for returns or exchanges if anything didn’t work out.

What We Bought

Shimmer Poncho

It’s hard to tell from these photos, but this fun poncho has a little shimmer built right into the fabric! (Just like her mom, Becca is a sucker for sparkles!) Becca wanted me to be sure you noticed that it comes with a removable turtleneck attachment. She’s wearing it without the turtleneck in the left photo and with the turtleneck in the right photo.

When Becca was home over Thanksgiving, we went through my existing cabi closet, and I promised her a few items that I knew would probably look better on her than on they did on me! We’re about the same size, but she’s a little curvier on top than I am. So here’s what she’s snagging from Mom:

She also wanted my Bookclub Cardigan and Cuddle Dress, but I wasn’t willing to part with them! We both already own cabi’s classic M’Leggings, and wear them all the time! We purchased Becca’s back when she was in high school, and they’ve really stood the test of time.

Becca’s Buys

  • Bookclub Cardigan – This is such a versatile piece for any age!
  • Elsa Pullover – Yes, Becca loves pink as much as her mom!
  • Shimmer PonchoThis cute poncho has a pullover design with side buttons for added shape.
  • Trifle Top – This pretty sheer top has a button-up design with ruffle detailing throughout. Sheer anything is in! Pair this with a cami that you already own!

Suzy’s Buys

  • Printed Lean Legging – Patterned leggings are so on trend right now, and this pair is versatile and feminine.
  • Never Say Never Sweatshirt – Our Stylist, Amy, suggested I style this with the Printed Lean Legging and the Bookclub Cardigan, which I already own.
  • Serenity Tee – I’ve found cabi’s basic layering pieces to be some of my favorites, and this pretty ivory tee is a style cabi brings back in different colors every year.
  • Calm Infinity Scarf – This faux fur infinity scarf will be so cute during the holidays—and beyond! I can’t wait to wear it with the Selma Dress and the Cuddle Dress.

On Becca: Trifle Top | Bookclub Cardigan

On Suzy: Serenity Tee | Printed Lean Legging | Bookclub Cardigan

We wanted to give you a great example of a cabi piece that works great at any age! The Bookclub Cardigan is that piece! I’m wearing it with the cream Serenity Tee and the Printed Lean Legging, and Becca’s wearing it with the Trifle Top underneath and her own jeans.

You can check out all of the 2021 cabi fall styles HERE.

Like many mothers and daughters, Becca and I have always loved shopping together. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do it much lately! This was such a fun mother/daughter experience, and we had the best time. Many thanks to our fantastic cabi Stylist, Amy, for sharing her expertise and personalizing our experience!

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