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About a week ago, I did something I’ve never done before. I attended a virtual fashion show! More specifically, I had an opportunity to take part in a cabi Virtual Styling Experience with the other #cabiSquad 2021 Fall Ambassadors. Plus, we each got to invite a friend!

If you’ve been following my journey with cabi this fall, you already know how thrilled I am to be a cabi Ambassador and you also know how many different ways there are to shop cabi. You probably also know that one of my favorite things about the brand is the wide variety of styles they offer—from dressy to cute & casual (my fave).

Best known for their in-home styling experiences, last year cabi started offering cabi Front Row—a virtual styling experience—as a fun way to join your gal pals (no matter where they’re located) and shop together.

cabi Front Row

screenshot of guest attending cabi front row virtual styling experience

The cabi Front Row experience felt a lot like sitting in the front row at a fashion show with some favorite girlfriends! During the virtual styling experience, everyone joins via cabi’s exclusive video conferencing platform. You can see one another (just like a Zoom call), and you can chat with each other about your favorite cabi pieces as they appear via video on the runway.

During the event, you watch short videos showing the pieces from the current season styled on a diverse group of women of different sizes and shapes. (Bonus: The videos provide great styling ideas as you see how cabi creatively puts the pieces in the collection together.) Your cabi Stylist guides you through the entire show, calling out various features of pieces and sharing personalized styling tips.

screen shot of cabi stylist leading cabi front row virtual styling experience

Before Front Row

Before the show, it’s important to register on the cabi website and complete your cabi profile. That gives your Stylist an opportunity to see your size, body type, and style preferences in order to tailor the experience for you. You can also upload your shipping address and credit card information in advance, which makes checkout a snap!

Features of Front Row

I loved so many things about this unique virtual fashion show experience, but probably my favorite was getting to use the interactive chat feature to ask my cabi stylist specific questions and message the other guests! My special guest was my pal Jill Grimes, who I know you’ve heard me talk about before! She is a physician and the author of The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook, which is a book I always recommend to parents of college students. During the show, we kept messaging each other things like, “That dress is so YOU!” and “You have to get that_______! It would look amazing on you!”

I also really loved having the ability to add “favorite” pieces to my profile during the show. My cabi Stylist kept reminding us, “Favoriting is FREE!” throughout the show, which was really helpful. In each runway video, cabi included each individual clothing piece the model was wearing right below the video. So I was able to easily “heart” my favorites. That automatically added them to my favorites list on my account!

Hangout Tee | Cinch Skinny Jeans

Once the Front Row show was over and I was ready to shop, I had access to all of the pieces I’d favorited during the show in one convenient spot. I also had access to my personal cabi closet, which contains images of the cabi pieces I already own. This was so helpful as I tried to think through what I considered buying. It gave me an opportunity to visualize how potential new purchases would work back with what I already own.

Cuddle Dress

After Front Row

After the cabi Collection presentation runway videos are finished and you’ve “hearted” your favorite items, your cabi Stylist will activate the shopping experience. You’re able to access every piece of clothing you favorited throughout the virtual style experience. You can also go back through the entire cabi Collection Look Book to review all of the pieces from the current collection. Everybody goes at their own pace, and the stylist is right there so you can ask questions. The checkout process was simple, and both Jill and I had a great time!

Basket Weave Pullover | Serpent Belt | Dinner Trouser

Suzy’s Tip: I thought it would be fun to show you this big, boxy, dropped shoulders Basket Weave Pullover worn belted with cabi’s Serpent Belt! When you’re belting any loose-fitting top, you want to be sure to arrange the gathers in strategic places! After all, who wants to add bulk at the sides by putting extra fabric there? Instead, once you’ve got the belt cinched, artfully place the gathers at the very front and very back. Instead of adding bulk, the vertical lines created by the gathers actually create a slimming optical illusion by drawing the eye to the center and down. 🙌

cabi Sizing Tips

I think cabi tops and jackets tend to run a bit big. On the other hand, the pants and bottoms usually run a bit small. If you need to return or exchange things, it’s easy and free! All you do is email your Stylist. I decided to return one of the bottom pieces I’d purchased because once I tried it on, I didn’t like it on my body, I wasn’t sure what to get as a replacement. I was able to email my Stylist and ask her to take a look at the items that were already in my cabi closet and make recommendations. This was so helpful, and she pushed me outside my comfort zone a little bit, which was awesome! (“Suzy, I’m not sure you need another skinny jean in your closet! How about this instead?”)

You can shop the entire cabi Fall 2021 Collection HERE. If you have any questions about the cabi Front Row experience, click HERE or leave me a comment!

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  1. Suzy, thank you SO MUCH for bringing me along as your guest! I’ve honestly never been a big shopper or fashion show person…so I want to share for all the other infrequent shoppers like me, this CABI virtual show is a FABULOUS & truly efficient way to learn about current styles & fashion, plus a really fun way to improve & enhance your wardrobe! Highly recommend!!

    1. Jill,

      You are such a joy! I loved it and sharing it with you made it extra fun! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have bought the amazing Selma dress (not pictured in this post, but linked HERE: I love it, of course! I’m so happy you had fun!


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