Going Casual With cabi (While Still Looking Oh-So Chic)

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woman on front porch wearing cabi m'leggings and Rococo Pullover with fucshia sneakers

I’ll be real with you! Cozy, casual is my favorite way to dress. cabi is known for chic, pulled-together outfits that will take you from brunch and shopping with friends to date night or an important work event. But it’s also great for casual, everyday looks! In today’s post, I’m showing you how to go casual with cabi (and snag all the compliments in the grocery store, the dentist’s waiting room, or the post office)!

woman over 50 looking backwards over her shoulder and wearing cabi recline tee and cinch skinny jeans sittring on a brick staircase outside

Recline Tee | Cinch Skinny Jeans

Tis the season for family, friends, faith, and fun! Tis also the season for shopping, cooking, eating, and errands! 😂 With cabi, there’s no reason you can’t look fabulous no matter what you’re doing. In fact, sometimes, that compliment you get in the grocery store from a stranger means more than the one you get from Aunt Mabel on Thanksgiving Day! 🦃

woman on front porch wearing cabi m'leggings and Rococo Pullover with fucshia sneakers

Rococo Pullover | M’Leggings

Casual With cabi

cabi makes it easy to take your casual, everyday grocery grab look and make it chic! All you do is mix and match interesting pieces in interesting ways, layer up for climate variability, and you’re good to go! Here’s how I did it.

Casual With cabi: Build a Chic Foundation

Recline Tee | Cinch Skinny Jeans

I am in love with this v-neck Recline Tee! Of course, I love green, so I snagged it in this Heather Olive hue, but it also comes in a gorgeous Dark Sapphire shade. It has a shirttail hem, raglan sleeves, and best of all, a drawstring back to flatter your figure!

I told you how much I love the Cinch Skinny Jeans back in THIS post, but let me tell you again!

  • Threadbare Distressed – I love the distressed/deconstructed look, but personally, I’m not a fan of the giant holes in jeans where my skin shows through! These Cinch Skinny Jeans give the same effect, but with a little more modesty.
  • HIgh Rise + Wide Waistband – Just keeps everything tucked in and secure! 😂 Ifyou’re like me, there’s all kinds of extra skin hanging around down there! (Thanks KIDS!)
  • Loads of Stretch – There’s enough stretch to make movement easy, but not too much. (i.e. You won’t be tugging them up all afternoon!) These have been my go-to jeans all fall. See this photo and this one! I am seriously in love!

Casual With cabi: Add Some WOW Pieces

woman over 50 wearing cabi recline tee, cinch skinny jeans and holding the book club cardigan standing on a brick staircase by a black railing

Recline Tee | Cinch Skinny Jeans | Serpent Belt

If you only buy one thing from cabi this year, make it the Serpent Belt. It’s a splurge, but it’s an outfit maker for sure! It’s exceptional. It’s leather, with whipstitch detailing around the edges and a three-ring buckle. As with all cabi pieces, it’s beautifully made, with fantastic quality that will last for years!

Snakeskin print is here to stay, so this is an accessory you’ll have and wear for a long time! It’s become the accessory I reach for over and over again. See me wearing it a completely different way in THIS post.

Casual With cabi: Layer Up

Recline Tee | Cinch Skinny Jeans | Serpent Belt | Bookclub Cardigan

Casual With cabi: Think Outside the Box

woman on front porch wearing cabi m'leggings and Rococo Pullover with fucshia sneakers

Rococo Pullover | M’Leggings

cabi brings a version of the M’Leggings athleisure bottoms back every year! Yep! These fan-favorites are actually among the first cabi pieces I bought many, many years ago! This year’s version of the M’Leggings is slightly more updated than the version I’m wearing, with an on-point asymmetrical crossover design at the hips. Click HERE to see it.

The girly attached skirt makes me feel more modest wearing tops that end at my waistline because they don’t expose my rear end, and they have a heavier knit. People stop me all the time when I’m wearing it to ask where I got it! I guess I’m not the only one who struggles with feeling a little overexposed when I wear leggings without a long tunic to cover my rear!

Rococo Pullover | M’Leggings

I’ll be honest; this Rococo Pullover kinda had my name written all over it! When I put it on for the first time, Bob said, “That sweater looks like you!” Don’t you love it when you find a piece that is so you? I love the hot pink floral intarsia pattern. (Intarsia is a knitting technique where fields of different colors blend into one another, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.)

This Rococo Pullover was probably originally designed to be dressier than I’m wearing it here, but that versatility is one of the things I appreciate the most about cabi! I think it would be gorgeous with cabi’s Dinner Trouser, and even the Dinner Jacket on top to give a suiting effect.

Casual With cabi: Check Out More Casual Pieces

If you’ve been hanging out here at Empty Nest Blessed for a while now, you’ve probably realized that, although I do my best to share a variety of looks, the casual but cute style I shared today really is my favorite! I’m not a fan of the messy look, but I do like my outfits to be comfortable and thoughtfully pulled together.

cabi makes that so easy!

Here are a few of my other favorite casual cabi pieces!

  • Lean Legging – A ponte knit legging with a wide waistband and pockets at the hips.
  • Printed Lean Legging – A pretty floral print leggings with a high, wide waistband. (Love this one!) 
  • Ease Turtleneck – An oversized, boxy, and super soft long-sleeved cowl neck turtleneck in a bright yellowish hue.
  • Hangout Tee – A soft orange ribbed long-sleeved tee with stripe detailing at the hemline and flattering inverted pleats at the back.
  • Love You Tee – A boxy, long sleeve black tee wth an embroidered pattern of two hands creating a heart shape.
  • Peekaboo Tee – A slim-fitting long sleeve crew neck tee with a subtle (modest) cutout just above the bust.

As I said, one of my favorite things about cabi is that each piece in the line is versatile and can be worn in multiple (often unexpected) ways! In fact, that’s one thing that is so great about the cabi brand. As I told you in THIS post, there are actually a whopping SIX ways to shop cabi, and most of them involve a personal stylist that will help you think creatively about the different ways to wear each piece! To find a stylist near you, click HERE.

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