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Happy fall, y’all! It’s hard to believe that September is upon us. Bob and I went to Lowe’s last night to pick up something and we almost fainted because they had the Christmas decor out in force! It does seem that when September hits, the holidays just race along behind them at breakneck speed. Here at Empty Nest Blessed, we’re already adding things to our Holiday Gift Guide, and we’ll begin working on it in earnest in October! Last year, we had over 700 items in our gift guide, in ten categories!

I had so much to share with you for this month’s SO in the KNOW that I had to edit myself! I’ve already put some things aside for October’s SO in the KNOW, and definitely added a few to the holiday gift guides! Here’s what I’m learning and loving in my empty nest this month.

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What I’m Learning

Vacay, You Say?

If you’re an empty nester, I hope September and October mean that you’re taking a vacation! Typically, prices plummet, crowds thin out, and availability increases. We’re heading to our beach condo in Sanibel Island in a few weeks! October is our favorite time to go because the humidity drops, the traffic thins out, and there’s no waiting for tables at our favorite restaurants!

Looking for vacation ideas?

Home Maintenance Help

I don’t know about you, but for us, sometimes the household tasks and maintenance projects can seem overwhelming! Half of the time we don’t even know where to start! Sometimes we put off projects too long, and the cost of finally making things right ends up being more than we wanted to spend. Anyone relate?

Consumer Reports to the rescue! They just launched a new app called Upkept, which is designed to help you manage home maintenance! It helps you know what to do and when to do it, giving you a plan to keep everything in tip-top shape. It automatically schedules (and gently reminds you about) tasks throughout the year and gives you step-by-step instructions and expert tips to help you do things properly. It even tells you when it might be best to let a professional handle things. 🙌 For more information, go to

Be a Lifelong Learner

No matter what stage of the empty nest you’re in (new empty nester – long-time empty nester), you don’t ever want to stop learning and growing! Interested in continuing your education? Here are two great options:

  • GetSetUp offers live classes geared toward older adults. Classes are taught by older adults and kept small to ensure everyone can actively participate. You can browse their current class offerings HERE.
  • OLLI is the nickname for the Bernard Osher Foundation’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. OLLI offers a diverse repertoire of intellectually stimulating, non-credit courses and educational activities, specifically designed for lifelong learners who are 50 years of age or older. They fund 125 programs at college campuses around the country. To learn more, click HERE.

What I’m Loving

1. The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook – Need some new inspo in the kitchen? It can be challenging to adjust your cooking when the kids leave the nest. This book has breathed new life into my dinner prep! It’s got 650 recipes and it’s a New York Times Bestseller for good reason.

2. Joy Creative Shop’s TO DO Today Notepad – I just had to give you a close-up view of this precious notepad! If you’re on a journey to set your mind on things above every single day like I am, this simple pad is the practical little tool you need in your arsenal. With spots for the Bible verse you’re trying to keep in mind, a simple prayer you want to continually pray, and even a spot to record the things you’re working on letting go of, this pad will bless you daily. It makes a great gift! I’ve already given one to my sister-in-law and my daughter-in-law!

3. Best Strapless Bra, According to BeccaDespite the fact that her mother is flat as a pancake, my daughter has a great figure! She’s a singer, dancer, and actress, so a good bra is an absolute career necessity for her! She’s tried many strapless bras, and when she came home raving about Third Love’s 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra, I knew it was worth sharing. (Not to mention the fact that, if she’d spent $65 on a bra, I knew it was worth it.) Third Love offers sizes from 30B up to 42D, and returns are always free. According to the Third Love website, 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! That’s largely due to the fact that women experience SIX bra sizes changes in a lifetime! Take their Fit Quiz HERE.

4. OPI Nature Strong Lacquer – OPI just released a healthier nail polish! That’s right! The 30 shades in their new lacquer line are 9-free, cruelty-free, naturally sourced, and feature plant-based ingredients. The brand promises a long-lasting, high-shine finish. Check them all out HERE.

5. NectifirmThis is one of those products that have made a noticeable difference for me! It’s one of the products that the Derm Docs at the Dallas Center for Dermatology & Aesthetics put me on when they designed an ideal skincare regimen for me (typical for all women 50+) back in January. (I shared it with you in THIS post.) Skeptical from the beginning, I can tell you that using it morning and night has improved the skin tone, texture, and tautness of my neck skin. Honestly, I wish it weren’t so, because it’s not the cheapest product in the world! But it works, y’all.

6. Amazon Huggies – As we told you in our 2021 Fall Accessory & Shoe Trends post, with the necklace stack trend coming in hot for fall, small gold hoops in all different textures are the “it” earring look. “Huggie” earrings are small and sit close or “hug” the ear, and they’re usually pretty and detailed, but also dainty and simplistic. You can find them almost anywhere, but Amazon has a great selection. Check them out HERE.

7. All-Natural Oil-Absorbing Face Roller – Long a fan of blotting papers (I tap them under my eyes to keep mascara from smudging.), I’ve longed for a more natural, less-wasteful approach! Enter Revlon, with this naturally oil-absorbing volcanic stone roller! It feels like a massage, won’t mess up your makeup, and it’s reusable! All of the women in my family are getting this in their Christmas stockings this year!

8. FOLEX Instant Carpet Spot Remover – Since we have carpeting in our bedrooms and rugs on some of our hardwood floors, I’m always on the lookout for a good carpet cleaner. I heard about this one from a friend! With 57K+ 5 star reviews on Amazon, there’s no wonder it’s Amazon’s best-selling carpet spot remover. This is a good one to have and keep on hand to help when you’re keeping the grandkids or the granddogs!

9. Supergoop Sunless Tan – A sunless tanner + SPF40? Yes, please! It’s a moisturizing spray lotion, and I love the natural-looking, buildable tan it provides. It’s a water-resistant clean chemical sunscreen, and it’s safe for all skin types. My only caveat is that the spray can get kind of messy (or maybe I’m just a messy sprayer!). I would recommend spraying it into the palm of your hand and applying it into your skin that way.

woman riding pink bike

Pink Bike | Similar Cup/Cellphone/Key Holder | Off-White Puff Sleeve Tee (up to 40% off with code MOREFALL) | Neutral High Rise Shorts | Similar Tan Sneakers | Gold Huggie Earrings | Gold Tennis Necklace | Gold Texas Pendant Necklace

10. BikeCupHolder – A few weeks ago I posted the photo you see above and I got lots of questions about my pink (But, of course!) bike! But I got even more questions about the pink cup/cellphone/key holder on my handlebars. Mine came with my bike, but I found a very similar one right on Amazon. (But, of course!)

11. Exfoliating Cloth The fun loofah poufs we all love to use can harbor loads of bacteria! A better choice? This 35″ long nylon exfoliating cloth. Ball it up in your hands to make your own pouf, or spread it out and use it on your back. (It feels soooo good!) Once a week or so, stick it into a lingerie bag and wash it on hot with your towels. (Bob loves it too!)

12. Custom Travel Bag Another great gift idea at a great price point! Personalize this cute travel bag for a girlfriend, teen, or young adult. Lots of color options and lettering/icon options as well. Click HERE to check it out.

13. Empty Besting by Kristi HussNeed some empty nester inspo? Look no further than this encouraging book! Mom of quadruplets (Yes, you read that right!), Huss became an empty nester in a big way, all at one time! Seeking advice from people who inspired her to handle the transition well, she sought out the advice of “empty besters” who shared their wisdom in her book. So good!

I hope you feel SO in the KNOW after reading this! I’d love to know what you’re learning & loving in your empty nest this month! Love me a comment below or send me an email at [email protected].

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  1. Hi Suzy! Thanks for another informative post!! Folex is a lifesaver for carpet stains!! Glad you discovered it! And, I just ordered the book you recommended. Even after a few years of empty nesting, I still struggle with my purpose, so this looks like a fresh perspective….I had 4 children in 5 1/2 years, so not quite quadruplets, but they all left me within just a few years!
    Happy Fall to you, too! I just can’t bear to put the summer stuff away when it’s still warm here in ATL, but once October officially hits, I break down and put the pumpkins out and keep them all the way through Thanksgiving!
    Blessings, Betsie

    1. Betsie,

      Thanks so much! I’m so glad you love Folex as much as I do! I think you’ll really enjoy the book! Let me know your thoughts on it, okay? Happy Fall!


  2. Greetings from Alpharetta (Atlanta)!
    Becca is right about that Third Love strapless bra—I own 5 or 6 of them and they are the best!
    I love fall vacations! We just celebrated our anniversary in Highlands, NC. If you plan a beach vacation, keep an eye on the hurricane forecast!

    1. Andrea,

      Wow! That is a ringing endorsement of Third Love! I’m so glad. I’m definitely going to order my next bras from them!

      Great fall vacation tip! Thank you so much.


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