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Gingham comes around every spring, but you’re not crazy—the gingham trend is bigger than ever this year! Gingham has come and gone through the decades, but this year it’s really hot! This year, you’ll see gingham everywhere, from tablecloths to dresses, and curtains to shoes. Did you know there is even a gingham scent? Believe me when I say we’ve put together the most adorable collection of gingham, from dresses to decor!

What’s the origin of the gingham trend? Where did the picnic print originate? Different countries have adopted this print over time for practical, decorative, or religious uses. In Indonesia, for example, it symbolizes the battle between good and evil. It was believed that where two colors overlapped, it was a symbol of reconciliation! In India, a little gingham cloth, called a gamucha, has long been part of everyday life. Workers use it to mop sweaty brows or even spread it on the ground to take a nap!

Vibrant dyes from plants used in India are responsible for the bright colors traditionally used for gingham. In the 17th century, these colorful fabrics were traded with England and made their way over to America. Once here, the happy small chequered pattern was universally embraced.

woman wearing draper james pink and white gingham sweatshirt and white jeans standing in front of bushes with a flower in her hair

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In addition to sharing how to style the gingham trend, we’ve also collected some adorable gingham decor to freshen up your home for spring. It’s sure to bring an instant smile to your face! We found so many cute variations of gingham, which is proof of how well-loved the print really is. How much gingham is too much gingham, you ask? That’s debatable, but I think you know where I stand on the issue????!

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How to Wear the Gingham Trend

You really can’t go wrong with this print, although you may want to avoid mixing different colors and styles of gingham. It doesn’t need to be combined with other bold prints, since it makes enough of a statement on its own. If you want to match your mask, I say go for it! Comfy matching sets and pajamas are fun too!

woman wearing draper james pink and white gingham sweatshirt white jeans pink allbirds tree runners standing in front of a hedge holding a pink flower

Pink & White Lightweight Gingham Sweatshirt | Pink & White Gingham Face Mask

How you style gingham comes down to what you are most comfortable wearing, and how much. If you’re not ready to commit to a full outfit, consider adding gingham accents with accessories and jewelry! In the past, the thought was that gingham was geared toward younger girls (or even children!), but let me assure you that that is no longer true. Believe me when I say that no one is too old for this timeless print.

My favorite way to style the gingham trend is to wear a gingham top with a pair of white jeans. It’s such a crisp and clean look! Or, throw on a dress and call it a day!

woman wearing draper james gingham and white sweatshirt and white jeans and yellow jambu sneakers standing on a front porch viewed through an iphone
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The Gingham Trend + the Hot Spring & Summer Colors

With the gingham trend’s resurgence, we see the classic gingham print and more contemporary and fresh designs. Not just that, but rather than just keeping with the colored and white check, you’ll find multi-colored gingham! How fun is that?

In my recent post on the 2021 spring & summer style trends, I told you about several colors that were going to be big this year. Let’s check out how to wear the gingham trend in these hues.


woman wearing draper james pink and white gingham sweatshirt and white jeans sitting in a blue chair holding a bible

Pink & White Lightweight Gingham Sweatshirt | White Crop Skinny Jeans | Similar Earrings

Pink truly is the color this year…hooray! I love pastel pink and white gingham tops and dresses. The newest look? Bright pink and white gingham. Case in point: check out these bright pink shoes and this short sleeve top (which I added to my cart while I was working on this post)!

Navy Blue

woman wearing draper james navy and white gingham sweatshirt and white crop jeans with navy allbirds tree runners standing with luggage behind a car with the trunk up

Navy & White Lightweight Gingham Sweatshirt | Cropped White Jeans | Navy Sneakers (less expensive Amazon alternative HERE) | Earrings | Luggage | Personalized & Customized Pink Carry On Bag | Personalized & Customized Gingham Computer Case

We are seeing a ton of this classic color for gingham, which is so perfect for summer. If you want to wear the gingham trend, but do it in a more subtle way, navy and white is the combination for you! I think it’s very patriotic and it reminds me of everything nautical. I love the clean contrast of navy and white, especially with white jeans or white shorts. Pair navy and white gingham with my favorite red lipstick or red stud earrings for an all-American look.

Pastels, Brights, and Multicolored

I am getting all the warm weather vibes from these pretty pastels! But I gotta say, bright blues and greens are such unique and fresh options too! And if you’re really looking for a look that will stand out in the crowd, try multicolored gingham!

Black and White

If you’re a lover of classic style, then black and white gingham definitely the color combo for you. If you want to embrace the gingham trend, but not look too trendy, this is the way to do it.

When it comes to size, you’ll probably see more of the smaller checks, but the larger buffalo checks are becoming more popular! For a bolder look, opt for larger checks in black and white, like this dress and skirt.

The Gingham Trend + the 2021 Spring & Summer Trends

As you know from my Spring and Summer Style Guide, thanks to Zoom, exaggerated tops with ruffled collars, ruffled shoulders, and puffed sleeves are everywhere this season.

Detailed Tops

Want to rep the gingham trend in this year’s freshest way? These pretty detailed tops will add a touch of femininity to your warm-weather look!


Looser-fitting gingham dresses with softer hemlines are trending this year in the dress department.


Let’s face it, the right pair of shoes can be a total outfit maker! If you like to keep your outfits simple, consider embracing the gingham trend with a pair of shoes! Oh, you’ll get all the compliments!

If you read my 2021 spring & summer shoe trends guide, you know I talked about of-the-moment styles like the ones I’ve listed below. Is it any surprise that you can find all of them in gingham?????


If you aren’t comfortable wearing a lot of gingham, choose an accessory to freshen up your wardrobe for the season. Even a simple closet staple can turn into a spring or summer outfit by adding a touch of gingham. From head to toe, I think I covered every option! I even rounded out the middle by finding a gingham belt!


Pair any of these gingham pants and shorts with a pretty white or solid-color shirt.


Gingham makes a flattering swimsuit print because the small checks are slimming.

Around the House

I love that gingham can be dressed up for a special outing but also worn as loungewear. It’s so versatile! Wear it as anything from pajamas to aprons to bathrobes!

The Gingham Trend + Decor

Aside from gingham clothing, you’ll find gingham decor and other items everywhere you look right now! Gingham decor instantly brightens up the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, and these personalized notecards and Easter baskets are a sweet way to show love to your precious ones this season!

After putting together my Spring and Summer Style Guide for this year, I noticed that the biggest trend this year is that what we’re wearing this season reflects how we feel. Happy prints like gingham remind us to stay optimistic and to hold onto hope for the brighter days ahead. That’s why I decided the gingham trend needed its own dedicated post!

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Grab some gingham and let’s go, girls! How are you going to embrace the gingham trend this year? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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